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Arinna Desai

ari's sis
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Half Blood
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Knotted 10 Inch Rigid Acacia Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core
It was one crisp Saturday afternoon. Arinna was up in the North Tower, drafting a letter for her brother, Ari. She had just finished her classes and taken a break before attacking her homework. She planned to get them done after dinner. She was perched on the window sill of the tower. There was no need to fear of falling since there was a charm placed on the tower to prevent them from falling. She finally finished drafting the letter and whistled for her brother's owl which was passed to her when she went to Hogwarts. Giving the envelope to the bird, "Ari Desai.", she instructed before letting the owl take off from the window. She watched the bird flew until it became a speck in the sky.

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