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It was time for breakfast, and Sunny's roommates were nowhere to be seen, but that was okay. Thanks to the tour, she knew how to get to the Great Hall all by herself. She left the Slytherin common room alone and made her way up to the hall for breakfast. Sunny's steps were more skips than strides. She often wondered why more people didn't skip because it was far more efficient than walking but didn't wear you out as much as running. It made her feel happy too, it was a joyful, bouncy movement for the body.

Arriving at the breakfast hall, she joined the Slytherin table with a slight breathlessness, but still a bright smile. "Good morning!" she greeted, her gaze sweeping the table as she chose someone to plonk herself down next to.
Ignatius didn't like this whole...communal dining thing. He didn't like not having a say on who sat near him, as it seemed like anyone could just come and go as they pleased. And he certainly didn't like having to share with other people who weren't his family. It just wasn't right, and Ignatius was appalled that he had to touch implements other people used. Especially considering the way some of them behaved. Like the girl, seemingly in his year level, who rudely plonked herself down next to him without even asking. His family would never stand for such behaviour. "I don't see what's so good about it," he muttered, with a haughty scoff for good measure. "What do you want?"
Sunny had apparently plonked herself next to the best person at Hogwarts. She is far too stubborn to consider moving for the boy's benefit and didn't want to miss the entertainment potential he had, "Oh, hello there," Sunny chirped with a big smile on her face, "So kind to ask, well I suppose I want eggs, bacon... what's that in that dish there?" She asked, signalling to the large serving bowl on the boys other side. She appeared, on surface level at least, unfazed by the less than welcoming demeanour, although careful not to cross too far into patronising him, "I'm Sunny, by the way. What's your name?" She beamed, already enjoying the interaction for her own reasons.
Ignatius made a look of pure disgust. On an eleven year old boy, however, this came off more as though he had been told he had to eat all his vegetables if he wanted dessert. His parents could intimidate, sure, but Ignatius was not the best at it. Of course, he didn't realize this. "I don't know but it looks disgusting," he replied, sounding especially affronted. It actually looked like it might be somewhat tasty, but Ignatius was committed to hating at this point, throwing a sort of quiet yet extended tantrum. He folded his arms across his chest, sulking. "Sunny? That's not a real name." Remembering he did have to actually give his name in order to big-note himself, as his parents had taught him, he relented. "Ignatius Wolffort."
"Really?" Sunny questioned with genuine surprise. The food standards at Hogwarts had been consistently high, leaving her doubtful that anything could be disgusting. She rose halfway from her seat, leaning over the boy to inspect the dish in question. "Beans, it's baked beans," she confirmed with a nod, settling back into her seat. She did wonder if the boy was perhaps a bit dim for not recognising such a common food item. Nevertheless, she politely extended her plate towards him. "Would you mind scooping me a spoonful, please? I'd greatly appreciate it." She added a sweet smile.

Sunny chuckled at his remark about her name. "Well, if you think that, you'll be in for a real treat when you hear my last name," she teased, pausing dramatically before revealing, "It's Day." She resisted the urge to burst into laughter at his name. Sunny found it amusing that someone named Ignatius Wollyfart, or whatever it was as he said, would question the authenticity of her name. However, she kept her amusement to herself, opting instead to compliment his name. "Wow, that's a cool name! I bet there's only one of you," she remarked, offering him a surface level sincere smile.
Ignatius had chosen the wrong time to take a sip of his juice, almost choking on it when the girl - Sunny, allegedly - asked him to serve her some food. Him, serve her? "Wh-" he spat, before falling into a coughing fit, thankfully at least covering his mouth when he did. "Yes I mind! Why should I?" he eventually spluttered out, looking horrified at the idea of having to do something for somebody else. "You can move and get it, can't you?" he grumbled. Not in the least because she was clearly having him on, saying that was her name. Ignatius didn't appreciate being made fun of. Nobody made fun of him, especially not if they wanted to be in good with his family. "Your name is Sunny Day," he said, dully, clearly not quite believing her. He wasn't too wise to see through the false compliment, though, and relaxed a little. "Well yes, obviously, my mother and father are very important."
Sunny was alarmed when Ignatius nearly choked on his juice, "Oh dear, are you alright there?" she asked hitting his back in case that was helpful, she was sure that was what her mum would do. She dropped her hand when the boy refused to help her out, "Well, it's just a simple request," she replied innocently, seeing nothing wrong with asking, "But if it's too much trouble for you, I suppose I can manage on my own."

She nodded at her name then added, "And I have a sister called Holly," Okay now she was pulling his leg, that one wasn't true as her parents weren't insane. Or particularly important, unlike the Wollyfart family, apparently. "Oh really?" Sunny said, leaning her arm over the boy to scoop herself a spoon of beans since he'd refused to help, "Why's that then?"
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The sudden hit to his back sent him lurching forward, and Ignatius turned to the girl with a mixture of distaste and honestly, a little fear. There was something about her that was terrifying, and he felt, for the first time in his life, like he was entirely out of his depth. His eyes widened in shock. "You hit me. Nobody's ever hit me before." He didn't know whether he should hit her back, or yell for help, or what. He found himself shrinking a little in place, before shaking his head and trying to get himself back on track. Well, bignoting his family would work. "Erm, well, yes, they're important land developers..." he explained, wincing as some beans fell on his plate. He hated beans, and now he had the urge to throw his plate in her face. He shook his head, clearing his throat and taking a big, shuddering breath. "I bet you have a brother called Rainy too, and I bet you're all weird."
Sunny was surprised to hear the boy's protests about saving his life, but hey-ho, some people are just a bit precious. "Oh dear, did I hurt you?" she asked, her tone sugary sweet. She listened to the boy talking about his family and realised that he was likely extremely wealthy, a good person for Sunny to have on side. She attempted to sweeten him up by laughing heavily at him saying she had a brother called Rainy. "Oh Ignatius, you're so funny! You crack me up" She said, slapping the back of his hand gently, "That would be weird! Do you have siblings?" Asked Sunny, wondering if he would be sole inheritor to his parents wealth.

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