Fleur Worth

Fleur Worth

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Full Name:
- Fleur Elena Katherine Worth

Date of Birth:
- July 14th, 2030

Current Age:
- 10

Basic Appearance:
- Dark brown hair, right now it's cut short.

- The girl doesn't understand the word no either, growing up in a rich family. Her parents had everything prepared for her arrival and her siblings after her. If she had wanted a horse, her parents gave her a pony she would be content and learn to ride the pony. Fleur might think everything will be handed to her, but she will learn quickly that things at school won't be that easy for her.

- Father - William Worth. A man of many words and a great height as well. He comes from the long line of the Worth Family, a magical family who has been intermarried with muggles in the past. He himself married a Witch, his sweetheart from his days at school. He attended Hogwarts as well and graduated from the Ravenclaw House with high grades. After graduation he pursued a career in the British Ministry of Magic. His family has been apart of the Ministry of Magic since it's founding in the 1600s. A few of the Minister's for magic are related to the Worth family as well. He works within the Department of Magical Games and Sports at the Ministry.
Mother - Maeve Reale. A beautiful woman who looks very much like Anna-Jo herself. Her hair is typically more on the reddish side however. The Reale family is very much like the Worth family. Both have been judged throughout the years based on their intermingling with muggles. They are looked as traitors to the pureblood families, not that either family cares much. Maeve married her husband soon after graduation. She did not have much time to find a job before she became pregnant with her first daughter Annabelle.
Sister - Annabelle Worth. Oldest of the Worth Children and just finishing Beauxbatons school. She cares a lot for those less fortunate, but she never had much time for her youngest sister so her kind heart didn't get to rub off on her much.
Brother - William Peter Worth. A trouble maker at best. He is a funny sort of character who enjoys running around and having a good time.
Sister - Grace Worth. Older than she, Fleur finds more in common with Grace than her eldest sister. But she is still four years older and pays more attention to her friends and what guys are cute now.
Brother - Parker Worth. He is the redhead of the family showing their links to the Highlands and possible to Ireland as well.

- The family owns many hunting dogs and other typical pets of rich people. But she has no personal pet to herself, just a horse that by name is hers, although she does not do much to care for it.

Area of Residence:
- The Worth family lives Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. The Worth family takes residence in the Worth Manor outside the town of Whitby in the countryside of Yorkshire.

Blood Status:
- Mixed Blood

- Fleur is of the Worth family on her father's side and the Reale family of her mother's side. Both are English families both with ties to the French.

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- June 2048

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- Student

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