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Professor Lawrence Hale

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Lawrence wasn't entirely sure how he got here. He had wanted to go back into magical education, and had reached out to Hogwarts on a whim. Before he even knew it, he was here teaching Divination. Which...certainly wasn't his specialty. Though he had certainly made a compelling case for how he intended to teach it, and he was only contracted for 12 months anyway. One single class of students. How hard could it be, really?

Hard enough that he was on his third cup of coffee in the staff room looking over the notes the teacher he was replacing had left, desperately trying to parse them, apparently. He sighed a little overdramatically, dropping his pen to the table a little louder than he intended, and leaned back in his chair with a groan. Probably not the best impression to his coworkers, but he figured they were all adults and likely could sympathize.
Lost in her thoughts, Cairo entered the staff common room to make herself a fruit tea. This month marked her one year anniversary at Hogwarts, the longest job she had ever held, and her favourite by far. Her knowledge of Muggle Studies came from real life experiences, giving her a sense of purpose after what she sometimes considered the trainwreck of her life. She also enjoyed teaching a subject that challenged the prevalent 'magic is the only important knowledge' mindset at Hogwarts.

While waiting for her tea to brew, a noise behind her pulled her from her reverie. She turned to see the new professor poring over some notes. Folding her arms casually, she smiled. "Hitting the ground running, I see," she remarked, nodding towards his coffee mug. "Need a top up while I'm here? I know you could magically refill it, but I believe hot drinks taste better when prepared the muggle way. Don’t you agree?" She turned back to finish making her tea by hand.
Somehow, Lawrence was somewhat surprised to be approached. He supposed it was because of his previous teaching job, a lot of the teachers seemed to just have their own groups and weren't keen to socialized beyond it. One would have thought that would have been something people grew out of after high school, but apparently it wasn't. Still, her tone sounded friendly, so Lawrence jerked his head up and looked at her, trying not to look quite as wired as he was probably feeling. Especially as his coworker was rather good looking, he thought, a little shamefully.

"I couldn't agree more,"
he replied with a genuine smile - sure, the magical world certainly had its perks and he was glad to be back amongst it, but some things just needed the human touch. "I think I might have forgotten the spell anyway." It wasn't as though he could just start using magic while teaching 12 year olds maths. He stood up, needing a break anyway, picked up his cup and walked over to his coworker. He leaned against the bench as casually as he could, extending a hand to the woman. "Lawrence Hale. Teaching Divination...apparently. Someone with an appreciation for doing things the muggle way, clearly you're the Charms professor, right?" he smirked, clearly joking.
Cairo used a teaspoon to stir her tea then tapped it on the mug before discarding the spoon in the sink. Her coworker sounded like her when she had returned to the wizarding world. "You're in the right place. The Hogwarts library has all the resources to brush up on your spells, but my advice, the Restricted Section—oh, hello." Cairo immediately forgot what she was talking about as he joined her at the counter. "Welcome to Hogwarts, Lawrence Hale," she said, shaking his hand and subtly checking for a wedding ring, it was an old trick she'd learned over the years.

Cairo found his deduction amusing and laughed, a delightful giggle escaping before she let out an unrestrained snort. She quickly brought a hand to her face, feeling embarrassed. "Alas. Muggle Studies," she replied, lowering her hand, her face a little flush in the cheeks, "I'm Cairo Keller." Her gaze lingered on Lawrence for a moment longer, finding him quite handsome, before she shook the thoughts away. "Divinations? That all goes over my head, I'm afraid. Is it a particular interest of yours?" she asked, curious to get to know him better and understand why Lawrence Hale had come to Hogwarts.

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