Exceeded Expectations

West King

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West King couldn't believe that he was visiting his daughter at Brightstone to lecture her on her behavior at school. Bubotober pus, what made her thinks that was a good idea? Had West taught her nothing about respect and knowing when to be silent instead of joining in. In Primary he'd always known his daughter drew people to her, she was like he was in school with more social graces. She had always been popular, and forcing her to make the right decisions was never an option. She had to make them on her own. "Pho you aren't even listening to me." The man stopped walking. "Listen, I know that you thought it was funny, I know it's harmless, but you got in trouble at the school. I don't want this to be like your primary years where they end up making me transfer your schools because of your behavior." His pre-teen daughter rolled her aqua orbs. "After I buy some ingredients I'll let you out on your own, but for now we are going to - umf." West had been so busy paying attention to his daughters grumpy, freckled face, he hadn't even bothered to watch where he was going. He nearly toppled the person over and moved quickly so as not to.

"I'm so sorry!" West responded quickly, feeling embarrassed he had been so clumsy.

Asphodel King

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Asphodel couldn't help but feel like her father was taking what happened too seriously. It wasn't as if anyone got hurt, except maybe that professor - and it was a knee jerk reaction. Pho had arms crossed over her chest, looking at the ground as he spoke. She kicked a rock slowly, allowing it to scatter a few feet in front of her, and when it was done rolling she would kick the pebble again. Her father worried too much she felt, it wasn't as if she had a large crowd of friends pressuring her, she had made the decision herself to do so. "Dad..." She started to protest. She didn't want to have to follow him while shopping. However she was inturrupted by her father's clumsy nature, and looked up. "Oh f***." She muttered, before turning to see the path to the park. "I'll be at the park dad! Have a good day!" She spoke while he was distracted, ignoring him calling after her as she took off away from her father and the woman whom she'd kicked in the shin only weeks prior. No way was she getting caught up in that.

Olive Layton

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Since finding out that Monty had not only fainted but been spending the last few days in the Hospital Wing, the young Potions professor was feeling more on edge that she had been since starting at the school. It was unusual to see the substitute in his classroom, and Olive felt the guilt at not realising the day they went through the family tree, that he'd been apprehensive for more reasons that just because of her presence. She'd taken a trip out on her own, away from the school and away from Leda, trying to think about what she could do to help her newest friend.

Dressed in her simple outfit, Olive walked down the cobbled path in a train of thought, and noticing too late that she was being compressed between a crowd and two incoming people, she barely had any time to warn the man that was about to walk into her. "Woah," she let out a small laugh, arms out to steady herself, letting the crowd beside her past until she turned back to the man. With a quick glance down, Olive caught sight of a face of a student that understandably didn't want to wait for long to hang around, and she tried to keep the smile fixed on her face as she recalled the events of a few weeks ago. "Asphodel?" she asked, but by the time the words left her mouth she was gone. "Sorry," she turned her head back to the man before her, "I didn't mean to..scare her off." she finished with a slight frown of her eyebrows.

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