Everly Thyme Harrington

Everly Harrington

Feisty | Bright | Colourful
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Sexual Orientation
To Young to Care
Oak Wand 14 3/4" Essence of Raven Feather
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Full Name:
- Everly Thyme Harrington

Date of Birth:
- April 20th, 2036

Current Age:
- 8

Basic Appearance:
- Pale white skin with bright red hair.


- Edward Harrington: Father, A Mixedblood Wizard. 46
- Sarah Harrington: Mother, A Muggleborn Witch. 44
- Maggy Harrington: Sister, A Mixedblood Witch. 10
- November Albertson: Cousin, Muggleborn Witch. 14


Area of Residence:
- The Harrington's live in a hidden area near Lake Wanaka, New Zealand on the South Island. This is about an hour and half drive from a small wizardry community across from Queenstown. The closest a muggle driving on the road might come to their house is by stopping at the Lake Wanaka lookout, a small pull-over section on a bend in the road to see the lake and mountains. Their house is south of this location nested between two mountain ridges, a small ravine runs under their house and in Spring it goes from a trickle to a roar of water coming off the top of the mountain as the snow melts. The house itself is protected by magical charms from muggle view. The house itself is a mix between modern build and cabin feel.

Blood Status:
- Mixblood.

- Her mother's side of the family is American with more ancient ties to a variety of European countries, with much closer ties to Ireland and Scotland. Her father's side is a New Zealand family with native blood as well as ties to Spain.

Special Abilities:

Interests or Hobbies:
- She loves painting, ever since her mother gave her finger paints when she was a lot younger. Most of her work now isn't the best but one day she could be a pretty good painter. She also draws, but she prefers going straight into a painting

Additional Skills:

- Charming, Sensitive to Others, Imaginative, Passionate, Curious, Artistic

- Fiercely Independent, Unpredictable, Easily Stressed, Overly Competitive, Fluctuating Self-Esteem

Describe your character in three words:
- Sweet, Non-traditional,

Favourite place to be:
- Currently: Home

- Her sister
A few friends of some of the other magical families from New Zealand

Hogwarts House:
- tbd

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
- tbd

Best school subjects:
- tbd

Worst school subjects:
- tbd

Extracurricular Activities:
- Music

- 2054

Current Job:
- Student

Plans for your future:
- Go to Hogwarts and do well learning and make a lot of friends!

Your Patronus:
- tbd

Your Patronus memory:
- tbd

Your Boggart:
- tbd

Your Animagus:
- tbs

Mirror of Erised:
- tbd
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