Evangeline Eva Campbell

Evangeline Campbell

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Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Interested in Somebody
Knotted 13 Inch Unyielding Hazel Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
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Full Name:
Evangeline Eva Campbell

Date of Birth:

May 15th, 2030

Current Age:

Eleven years old

Basic Appearance:

Evangeline has brown long hair and brown eyes. She is well groomed and likes to wear nice clothes.

Evangeline has a cold personality. She can be sly if she wants something from someone. She is usually calm and doesn't like fuss. But she has also a lot of anger inside of her, that never came out in her youth. When she is stressed out or not in a good mood, she can be very angry at a person even if they do nothing wrong. She has a lot of bottled up anger for her parents, because they never looked out for her when they were in divorce battle. Also Evangeline likes to do things on her own, and she doesn't care for others. When someone will need help with something she would refuse. You will not see her smile often, that's because she is not happy with herself and her life.

Eva Devon: Mother, Half blood witch, 31 years old, Daily Prophet employee
Richard Campbell: Father, Half blood wizard, 32 years old, Ministry of Magic employee


Evangeline has cat named Julia.

Area of Residence:
Born in London and now lives in Hamilton

Blood Status:
Half blood


Interests or Hobbies:
Evangeline likes to watch Quidditch games and to shop and sometimes to read a book.

Additional Skills:


- Independent
- Smart

- Sly
- Cold hearted
- Angry

Describe your character in three words:
- Sly
- Alone
- Cold

Favourite place to be:

Her own bedroom at home, but on hogwarts the training grounds for Quidditch.


Evangeline doesn't have friends. She is kinda a loner, but she preference for boys. Evangeline is not so good with girls.

Hogwarts House:
She is sorted into Slytherin house.

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:

She doesn't has hopes but her ambition is to get a good job after Hogwarts.

Best school subjects:
She likes Charms, Potions and Defence against the dark arts.

Worst school subjects:
She doesn't like Mugglestudies and Herbology.

Plans for your future:
Graduating and a job at the ministry of magic.

Your Patronus:
If Evangeline would've been able to conjure a Patronus, her Patronus would be a Fox.

Your Patronus memory:
If Evangeline would've been able to conjure a Patronus, her memory would be seeing her first Quidditch match.

Your Boggart:
Evangeline her Boggart would be to be burned alive in a house.

Mirror of Erised:

Evangeline would see herself as a ministry of magic employee. A strong independent woman.

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