Evan Faire

Evan Faire

Hufflepuff Ghost
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Trophy Showcase:
Name: Evan Faire

Date of Birth: February 14th, 1911

Blood Status: Mixed

Basic Appearance: Evan is tall, thin and meek. He will often stare at the floor when speaking to people. His heart is larger than any portion of his body (in theory). His eyes, in life, were brown.


Evan was born to a muggle mother, Ivette, and a Wizard father, Clifford. They lived in a small home just outside of Dover and though they could not afford much Evan grew up a very happy and healthy child.

Evan was an amazing student in Hufflepuff house. His grades were more often than not A's because he was too busy helping others study for their exams rather than studying for his own.

Evan graduated a mediocre student academically but with a strong self of sense and a loyalty to others which was unsurpassed. He soon became an apprentice at St. Mungo's. He figured a life of healing would be the perfect career choice for somebody such as himself. He enjoyed being a "medi-wizard" once he was finished being an apprentice. In 1950, still childless and without a love interest, he moved to New Zealand. Britain at that time had just pulled itself out of a war and he could not bare to see the many hearts of muggle men and women whom he could not help and many of whom would never see their loved ones again. As such he moved to New Zealand (having caught wind of a need for medi-wizards in a solely wizarding community). He prospered there for many years until he died in his sleep one night. He had chosen to remain on earth for the purpose of helping the living in any way he still could offer.

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