Elizabeth Fletcher

Elizabeth Fletcher

Thrill Seeker || Twin of Harper Fletcher
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Knotted 18 Inch Flexible Hazel Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
12/2037 (12)
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Elizabeth Fletcher

December 15, 2037 (Age 11)
Mixed Blood Witch
Born in Wellington, New Zealand
Currently Resides in Wellington, New Zealand


Elizabeth has long brown hair that falls straight past her shoulder blades, down her back. She has deep brown eyes always full of adventure and thrill. Various scars, bumps, and bruises can be found on her skin, each with a tale she is proud of. Standing tall for her age at 4 feet and 7 inches, she is just slightly shorter than her twin brother. Elizabeth is very athletic and can often be found in clothes ready for adventure or going to the gym.


Elizabeth has a very strong personality and is not afraid to speak her mind. She can be very persuasive when she needs to be and very charming. Sometimes she comes off as overbearing when she is stressed, but often will apologize for her mistakes.

She is very driven and not very patient. Elizabeth loves being challenged and taking risks. Growing up, she often found herself getting in trouble when taking on risky challenges, but could always sweet talk her way out. That is unless she was injured.

Family Life

Elizabeth has a very tight-knit family. The Fletcher's stand by each other no matter what. She was born to Olivia Fletcher (Half-Blood) and Dale Fletcher (Muggle Born), following her twin brother Harper Fletcher (Mixed Blood). On May 19, 2048, her father passed away after being in a magically induced coma for 8 months. With the pressure of raising the twins on her own, her mother works long hours.

The Fletcher family has one dog, a Coton de Tulear named Snowball. Snowball is 2 years old and can do a lot of tricks. Elizabeth would love to get a pet rat or snake. She would love an exotic pet or one that loves adventure like her.

Olivia Fletcher (Munn)
11/8/2017 (31)
Widowed to Dale Fletcher
Dale Fletcher
Muggle Born
11/16/2013 (Deceased)
Married to Olivia Fletcher
Harper Fletcher
Twin Brother
Mixed Blood
12/15/2037 (11)
Roseanne Munn (Reed)
Grandmother (Maternal)
7/22/1995 (53)
Married to Samuel Munn Sr.
Samuel Munn Sr.
Grandfather (Maternal)
7/29/1993 (55)
Married to Roseanne Munn
Maisy Fletcher (Flower)
Grandmother (Paternal)
9/20/1995 (53)
Married to Nicolas Fletcher
Nicolas Fletcher
Grandfather (Paternal)
4/30/1992 (56)
Married to Maisy Fletcher
Samuel Munn II
Uncle (Maternal)
1/23/2015 (34)
Married to Candace Munn
Candace Munn (Wilson)
Aunt (Maternal)
Muggle Born
1/6/2017 (32)
Married to Samuel Munn II
Rachel Fletcher (Martin)
Aunt (Paternal)
Mixed Blood
5/20/2021 (27)
Married to Thomas Fletcher
Thomas Fletcher
Uncle (Paternal)
Muggle Born
11/21/2019 (29)
Married to Rachel Fletcher
Lucas Fletcher
1st Cousins (Paternal)
Mixed Blood
3/3/2040 (9)
Vincent Fletcher
1st Cousins (Paternal)
Mixed Blood
6/4/2041 (7)
Kara Munn
1st Cousins (Maternal)
Mixed Blood
3/14/2038 (11)
Samuel Munn III
1st Cousins (Maternal)
Mixed Blood
2/2/2040 (9)


Coming Soon


Dale Fletcher was born in Hamilton, New Zealand to Maisy Fletcher (Muggle) and Nicolas Fletcher (Muggle). Nicolas Fletcher received a job offer in York, England, prompting the family to move. After arriving in England, Thomas Fletcher was born. Dale Fletcher was found to be a wizard and was sent to Hogwarts in England, he was later joined by his younger brother. While attending Hogwarts, he met Olivia Munn and they started dating during their 6th year.

Olivia Munn was born to Roseanne Munn (Muggle) and Samuel Munn Sr. (Half-Blood) in York, England. She was the first born, followed by her brother Samuel Munn II. They both went on to attend Hogwarts of England.

Olivia Munn became Olivia Fletcher when she made her vows to Dale Fletcher on September 23, 2036. Promptly after their wedding, the moved to their newly purchased home in Wellington, England for Olivia to pursue work. The following year, Olivia became pregnant with the twins Elizabeth and Harper Fletcher. The pregnancy went smoothly and the twins were born a week before their due date on December 15, 2037.

On September 12, 2047, Dale Fletcher was found in York, England in a magically induced coma. The cause is still unknown and leans towards wand backfire. He stayed in St. Mungo’s, England. The twins tragically lost their father to the magically induced coma on May 19, 2048.

Olivia Fletcher picked up long hours to support her family. The twins were accepted into Hogwarts and will be attending with their cousin Kara Munn (born to Samuel Munn II) in fall of 2049. Shortly before the twins headed off to Hogwarts, Olivia obtained a promising job at the Ministry. Elizabeth was accepted into Gryffindor and felt very at home with the house decision.

Hobbies & Skills


Climbing anything insight

Quirks & Habits
writes adventures down in a pocket notebook
prefers to skip or run everywhere she goes

Rock Climbing

Strengths & Weakness

She is always willing to face her fears despite how dangerous the situation might be.
Adventurous: She is ready to take a risk no matter the situation, but sometimes rushes in without thinking
Charismatic: Communicating with others is her strong suit and she has an undeniable charm about her.
Competitive: She never turns down a challenge and will try her best to win.

Determined: Hard-headed as can be, Elizabeth always completes what she sets her mind to.


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subjects: Flying, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology
Elizabeth is very acrobatic and athletic, which would prove useful in a flying class. Her bravery and resilience to do what is right would make her interested in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She loves nature and would love learning about magical plants in Herbology.

Worst Subjects: History of Magic, Astrology, Transfiguration
Extra-Curriculars: At Hogwarts, she would like to join the Dueling Club and Quidditch team.
Future Plans: Elizabeth isn't too sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but it will likely be something slightly reckless and full of adventure. Her childhood wish was to become an Auror, she isn't sure if this is actually something she would like to do.


Wand: Knotted 18 Inch Flexible Hazel Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
Patronus: Black Stallion
Patronus Memory: Elizabeth's last rock climb with her father when she was 9 was also her tallest. She felt the love from her father's guidance as well as the freeing feeling that came with the wind in her hair.
Boggart: Harper being dead, her worst fear is losing her twin brother
Mirror of Erised: Elizabeth sees herself on a broomstick as a beater for Kaikōura Kea quidditch team.

Fun Facts
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Flying Class
  • Reptiles
  • Pink (color)

The coolest thing ever happened today, well besides going to the hospital. I was climbing up a tree, that tall one right by the house. I made it all the way to top before I fell! That was the first time I actually made it to the top, so next time I will work on not falling.

My mom doesn't seem to happy about the frequency of trips we've had to take to St.Mungos. I got scrapped up a little on my arm and sprained my wrist, nothing too severe. I will likely have a scar near my elbow where I had to get stitches.

Anyway, I'll be back to climbing in a couple of days.

~ Elizabeth
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Elizabeth Fletcher

Thrill Seeker || Twin of Harper Fletcher
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Mixed Blood
Relationship Status
Too Young to Care
Knotted 18 Inch Flexible Hazel Wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core
12/2037 (12)
Trophy Showcase:
Mom was going through some of dad's old stuff and found some old Rock Climbing magazines. There was a quiz to find out your ideal adventure, sponsored by a drink called RedBull.

What kind of adventure should you go for?

1. What's your approach to washing?
I always wash after exercise. Hanging around in smelly clothes is not cool.

Find me a river! There's nothing like a scrub in nature.
Once a day is standard.
Twice a day - at least.
Washing? What's that?

2. You're stuck in traffic. Do you:
Dream of the beach?

Resist the urge to abandon the car and walk?
Regret leaving your bike at home?
Ring a mate?
Think about a problem you've been meaning to solve?
Use it as a chance to chill out?

3. To recharge your batteries do you:
See friends?
Read a book or listen to music?
Have a bubble bath or get a massage?

Exercise as vigorously as possible?

4. Which picture appeals most?
Image D

5. What would be your ideal holiday?

I don't care as long as I don't have to lift a finger!
A multi-country holiday - I want to see as much as possible!
Ibiza! I want to party with my mates!
I'd hit the mountains and escape to nature.
Find me a beach, please.

6. Would you rather?
Do lots at the weekend?

Relax at the weekend?

7. What's your best quality?

I always keep my word.
My sense of humor.
My intelligence.
I'm a loyal person.
My ability to talk to anyone.

8. Your idea of a bad time is:
A weekend indoors.

Other people.
Organized fun.
Putting on lycra.

Results: Go trail running!
Your ideal weekend involves an escape to the country. Your form of meditation, a run will help clean out the cobwebs and leave you feeling refreshed. Check out some of our stories below and then don your trainers and hit the trails.

The results were interesting and I think I will do just that, go for a trial run. I read some of the stories in the magazine about running. An interesting fact is strong legs and long strides help with downhill running.

Out of Character:

Running Tips

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