Closed Debate 1: Listening From Azkaban

Yevheniy Kharchenko

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Yevheniy Kharchenko had been in Azkaban for about nine years now, the time passed painfully slowly and he still had possibly another six years before he was out again. The thought of which was something he was eager for. Yev was well enough behaved in this prison, there were too many other people or opportunities to not, and in part being as sober as a jay bird for nine years had certainly softened some of Yev's harsher tendancies or some of the violent ones. All the decisions he'd made while drunk were not decisions he would make now, he'd put more thought into them of course. At the very least being in jail was not hard for Yevheniy, once he'd sobered up, it had been fine, there were no dementors any more so it wasn't like he was relieving his worst memories all of the time. It was just boring.

So, when Yevheniy had been given a recent Daily Prophet article which had declared the start of a new political cycle, it had perked him up. he wouldn't be out in time to engage with any of it, but it was likely whomever came into power would possibly free him, and if they were sympathetic he could certainly get out at the 15 year mark instead of the 18 year mark, which, oh boy that could be interesting. Yevheniy had read over the candidates, growling quietly at the name of Briar-Cullen, she'd been on his trial. The other names were less familiar to him, newer people, younger people. Three ministry officials, an auror, and a curse-breaker. All bland candidates. Ioan Finch would've absolutely sold them all out but at least he'd had some bite to him. At least he had represented them, perhaps only the curse breaker was someone on their side, or sympathetic to the Scit side.

When the first debate had rolled around, he'd asked for a radio to be able to listen along, and with a few others had been able to sit and listen, while of course being properly guarded. The woman who stated, the muggle born, was very political, status quo, the second, seemed to mirror. The curse breaker, at least differing and the werewolf, god, he scoffed what a woman. The auror had the most interesting thing to say and was torn apart for it, but there would be no way that an Auror could be made sympathetic to his cause, to his justice. But they were all politicians, boring bland, recycling the same sh1t Claudia had peddled. He hoped his scits, the scits were out in the streets causing disruption, but he knew even those people had all been for the status quo, content with their cushy lives and playing with the idea of properly dismantling the ministry. They were as much all talk as any of the politicians speaking, and he knew for all the softening he'd done since being in prison they should watch out, because he wasn't going to be there forever.


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