Corrine Lagos

Corrine Lagos

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Corrine Konstantina Lagos

I. What's in a name?
Name: Corrine Konstantina Lagos
Corrine (Pronounced Ker-in not Core-EEN) -a byname of Persephone in Greek mythology; From Greek, meaning "maiden, girl"
Konstantina - feminine version of the name Constantine; Greek origins and means " Constant", "Consistence" or "Consistency".
Lagos - nickname for a timid person or a fast runner, from Greek lagos hare,

Other Names: Most of her family calls her Rin. Her father calls her CK and hes really the only one who does.

II. Vitals
Birthdate: April 30th
Sign: Taurus
Age: 16
Hometown: A wizarding town located near Kalamata, Greece
Height/Weight: 5'6 / 115 lbs
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Bright blue
Hair color and style: Natural: Dark brown, Dyed: Dark blonde
a little past shoulder length with bangs that reach to her eyebrows.
She often wears it held back with a clip or in a braid.
Race/Ethnic group: White/Greek

A. Details, Details, Details
Scent: Corrine loves the smell of watermelon and uses a bodywash of this scent
Clothing style/frequently worn clothes: Corrine enjoys wearing dresses on a daily basis, but shell wear pants when it is convenient or necessary. Corrine's mother didnt allow her to wear heels until she turned 14. Now, Corrine alternates between a kitten heel and flats for lessons. She wears higher heels for dances.

Other distinguishing physical traits: Corrine has a small gap in between her two front teeth; Corrine likes to keep her nails long and often keeps them painted
Verbal tags: Corrine speaks with a very slight Greek accent. Her parents come from money and very old wizarding families, so they forced their children to learn several languages as they traveled often, thus resulting in her not having as heavy an accent as she might otherwise.
Corrine is rather loud when shes excited or irritated, but speaks at a fairly normal volume the rest of the time.

Physical imperfections or something would most like to change:
Corrine would like to fix the gap in her teeth, but her parents have challenged her to learn the spell herself. They are hoping shell outgrow her desire to fix it prior to learning the spell necessary to correct her teeth.

III. Education/Skills

Years of schooling: Corrine attended a private school for wizarding families in her area. In this school, the children did learn basic knowledge that non-wizarding children would learn (language, mathematics, history) while also preparing them for life as elite wizards and witches. This was mostly etiquette type training and learning the rules and customs of various wizarding communities as none of the children were old enough for wands.

Corrine is currently attending Hogwarts New Zealand and has been sorted into Gryffindor House

Skills, Abilities, and Talents: She is a fairly good wizard chess player thanks to her brother.

In 2045, Corrine took 2nd place in Honeydukes first Chili Chocolate Chomping Championship and won a large bag of pick n mix.

IV: Personality

Personality Type (Include Archetype:( Ambivert the middle ground between an Extrovert and an Introvert

Admirable personality traits (strengths) Adventurous, Curious, Friendly,

Negative personality traits (weaknesses) Snooty, Opinionated

Quirks or eccentricities (off beat manner of behavior, dress, or speech that is peculiar to a person and distinguishes them from others): She enjoys wearing colors and styles that might be considered eccentric to others.

Things that make angry: Not getting her way, Snooty people,

Method of handling anger: It depends on the situation. If shes angry at herself, Corrine will typically try to do something active to release her anger. For her, this is painting. Specifically, shell get a huge canvas and some wizarding paints and throw them around.

If shes angry at someone else, Corrine will tell the person even if it results in an argument. Shed prefer to get it out than to keep thinking about being so angry at the person.

Things that embarrass: Finding out that her crush knows she likes him
Method of handling embarrassment: As Corrine isn't easily embarrassed, she doesn't handle it well. She is known to turn beet red and to react defensively when put in this type of situation. She also has an irrational desire of wanting to be swallowed by the ground or being vanished.

Fears: Corrine is afraid of thestrals. She's never seen one, but the idea of them being around without her being able to see them freaks her out.

Method of handling fear: Corrine is a hide her face behind her hands yet peek through them kind of girl. When she is afraid, she seeks out comfort. As a child, this meant stealing into her parent's bed during a thunderstorm. As an older child, this meant hugging her favorite stuffed dragon. He's in the bottom of her trunk, but she doesn't know what the other girls would think if they saw her hugging a stuffed toy at night, so she leaves him there and takes him out when she's completely alone.

Bad habits or vices:

Prejudices: Corrine is fairly ignorant when it comes to muggleborns, so she is halfway between being utterly fascinated by them and being insulting towards them. Its not that she dislikes them. Its more that she only knows what she has been taught by her community.

Pet peeves or gripes:

Sense of Humor:

Philosophy of Life: Corrine doesn't eat meat if she can help it.

Physical illness or affliction:

Hobbies/Interests: playing wizard chess, sneaking into the kitchens, avoiding essays

V. Favorites
Favorite Foods: Pie,

Favorite Books:

Favorite Color: Green, Blue

Favorite Place:

Item(s) special to character: Her stuffed dragon

Person/friend close to character: Xena Dragonslayer is her closest friend

VI. History
Description of home, home life, and economic status: Corrine grew up in a large two story house, high ceilings, paintings and sculptures in most rooms, large bookcases, a lot of open space. She's always had her own bedroom. Her family have money and are into the arts, so her home was decorated in a manner that would suggest she has money. The family hired a witch to come to the home once a week to clean, and they would hire additional personnel as needed for events.

Brief family history:

Mother: Marilee Lagos (nee Vitali)
Mixed blood, Novelist

Father: Jaysen Lagos Sr
Mixed blood, Art Dealer,

Sister: Leandra Lagos
Mixed blood, Beauxbatons alum, International Magical Cooperation,
Born: 2017

Brother: Jaysen Lagos Jr
Mixed Blood, Hogwarts Scotland Alum(Ravenclaw), Professional Wizard Chess Player
Born: 2023

Sister: Thea Lagos
Mixed Blood, Hogwarts Scotland (Ravenclaw)
Born: 2026
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