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Jai Edogawa-Raven

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Jai was questioning his sanity when he had agreed to this whole thing. It was spelling out trouble right from the start. Especially considering who he had brought down here. The girl seemed pretty harmless enough if he took the time to actually observe her, but since he had met her under different set of circumstances, he had already figured out that if she wasn't by now, then she was well on her way to being a walking disaster. But she had actually taken the effort to apologize and since he had time to cool down due to their walk from the Great Hall to the Kitchens, he was starting to see that she wasn't that abhorrent. Still annoying, but it was at a level that he could deal with when calm. Besides, she was baking cookies as an apology so that counted for something. Even if he severely doubted it would be anything as close to good as his mum's or his pseudo-grandmas. He'd still give her a chance. So he led them down to the kitchens and as soon as they got there, some of the house elves had approached and Jai greeted and waved them off before sitting at one of the chairs at the corner. He thanked one of the elves that had approached him and placed a glass of milk and a small plate of oatmeal cookies on the table in front of him. He had been down here many times since entering Hogwarts and it seems that the elves had taken note of his liking for cookies in general. Well, the batch that the girl would be doing wouldn't be done for a while anyway.

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