Cleaning Time

It was almost night time but Shanon wasn't tired at all, rather than to sit alone in one she insisted to start cleaning the corridor. As she was cleaning she can't help but to think of Sterling her only love. Suddenly she didn't notice she was cleaning floors with her tears, she might be a ghost but still she feels as she was alive one more time. Staring blankly at the floor she saw shadows of different passing by. She then scrubbed the floors until she can see it shine.

Wondering when will she be free from her past, she stopped for a while to have break from cleaning. It's been ages and she did was to clean, serve and to make everyone happy but What about her?What about Shanon's happiness. It's quite impossible for her to find true happiness, now that her loved once are gone. Suddenly she remembered if her sister Emily had children, but its been over a decade. "Maybe a grand grand grand grand grand grand daughter?" she insisted curiously. It was a silly idea for her to think of that she chuckled. Anyhow she was always being inside the castle while reminiscing his beloved Sterling.

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