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Name: Chyou [Chee-yo]

Name meaning: Autumn

DOB: 14/Oct/2011

Birthplace: Big Bear, California

Area of Residence: Mount Cook, New Zealand

Blood Status: Pure Blood

Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

Educated At: Salem& Durmstrang

Occupation: Full time mother and Scitorari

Favorite Person Devlin

Favorite Color: none

Favorite Food: Plain Lettuce

Favorite Drink: Black Tea

Pet: Lady the owl and Lucifer the cat

Wand: Ivy Wand 13" Essence of Gargoyle Tooth

Hair Color: Black/ Brown (dyed)

Eyes Color: Dark brown

Height: 5'4 || 162 cm

Weight: 101 lbs || 56 kg

Calvin Jin, the father of Chyou was a successful businessman
who often traveled causing him to neglect his family.
While Wu Gong, the wife of the Casanova Calvin owned a potion shop
back in Beijing before moving to the United States.
Wu Gong discovered the unfaithful conducts of the husband of hers when Chyou was two and a half.
Little did Calvin know that since Wu Gong knew the sin that Calvin committed,
she too jumped into the same pool and cheated on her husband from time to time.
Little Chyou was abandoned, she received no love from her parents.
Not too long Wu Gong got pregnant with Calvin's babies; Collin and Cherry.
Right after the twins were delivered, Chyou witnessed her own father poisoning her mother.

Nervously the little girl took two little steps backward and crashed on the fragile vase behind her.
At once Calvin noticed Chyou and attempted to put the little girl's fate the same as her mother.
Chyou was lucky enough to be able to hide from her father dark in the forest.
For three straight days she survived in the cold, damp,
unfriendly forest all by herself, crying, starving, freezing.
Calvin on the other hand was taking care of the case,
making sure that no one knew what happened,
with the help of his Death Eaters friends.
On the fourth day, Calvin came to fetch her,
pretending to be a hero who found his long lost beloved daughter.
Three and a half years old Chyou Jin learnt that the world is a cruel place.
Since then, she can never forgive her father.

One word to describe Chyou: a grenade.
She has the entire load on her shoulder and she got no one to share it with until she met Devlin.
The smell of blood calms her down causing her to crave of putting other people to an end.
Revenge... Sweet, sweet revenge... That's been her goal since she was three.
She finds muggleborn disgusting mainly becuase her father cheated on her mother to a muggleborn.

Since a very young age, Chyou has always shown her
great physical and magical strength and this caught Calvin's attention.
Eliminating her is impossible as she is loved by the Scitoraris.
The only possible option for Calvin's to keep the truth
from leaking is to bribe Chyou with money.
Them two are the only ones who knows about the dark secret.

Chyou attended Hogwarts Scotland and was a Slytherin
until she moved to Durmstrang in her second year, She wanted
to study more of dark arts and Hogwarts didn't provide that.
Chyou was known as one of the psychopaths in the school due to her cold, unfriendly, creepy nature
although she has never found the idea of hurting innocent ones as fun,
it's a waste of her time.
Anger management has always been her weakness hence she isolates herself to avoid any argument.
One random fun fact about Chyou: she's a vegan


Chyou Jin Howard

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Calvin Jin (Father, 57 years old)

Gong Wu- Jin (Mother, deceased)

Collin Jin (Brother, 23 years old)

Cherie Jin (Sister, 23 years old)

Devlin Howard (Husband, 29 years old)

Lycus Jin Howard (Son, 11 years old)

Augustus Jin Howard (Son, 11 years old)

Vladimir Jin Howard (Son, 10 years old)

Sybil Jin Howard (Daughter, 9 years old)

Juno Jin Howard (Daughter- 8 months old)

Rupert Howard (Father in law- 48 years old)

Rachel Huberta- Howard (Mother in law- 48 years old)

Donavon Howard (Brother in law- 36 years old)

Annabelle Starr Howard (Sister in law- 35 years old)

Freya Howard (Niece, 18 years old)

Colette Howard (Niece, 14 years old)

Kerryn Howard (Niece, 14 years old)

Dakota Howard (Sister in law, 35 years old)

Danton Howard (Brother in law, 29 years old)

Kay Norton- Howard (Sister in law- 29 years old)

Danielle Howard (Sister in law, 29 years old)

Dancel Howard (Sister in law, 23 years old)

Dorothy Howard (Sister in law, 23 years old)

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