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Basic Information

Name: Chase Blade.
Birthdate: 16th of July, 2007
School Year: Graduated
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Half Blood
Hogwarts-House: Ravenclaw

Appearance and Personality

Chase is 6'0, with bright red eyes, he has blonde hair, tan skin but not to tan, he has a number of marks on his back, that were caused from his parents friends, who were set with the task and raising him and his brother when his parents left him when they wanted to go out and explore the world. The people they were left with were of Muggle Heritage, who began hitting him and his brother when they was young. Chase is inquisitive and likes to ask as many questions as he can, but he knows when he should and when he should not. As a Death Eater, Chase is actually quite a roughless person, and the only members of his family that he gets along with because of this are his father, and his sister.

He is the type of person who doesn't care what people think of him, and he uses that to his advantage a lot, specially when he goes out on missions for the Death Eaters, or if he just wants to go out and torture a poor soul for the sake of it. Chase tends to work by himself, and doesn't like to interact with others very often, because they tend to cause problems with him and will try to steer him off of the path that he has already chosen for himself.


Chase was born into a more poverty stricken family then most others, and before long, he began to notice how much that would really be able to affect his life, and the lives of the people around him. When he was only young, and just after his little brother Alex was born, they were sent away by their parents to live off with Muggles, while they went out and explored the world, leaving the two of them to suffer. Chase had never been able to forgive his parents for his, but he soon learned that most of the initial planning and whole idea of them being left behind, had been all his Mother, and he hated her for it.

Soon after Chase started school, he was contacted by his father, and he informed him of two newcomers into the Blade family, people he had never even heard of before. His new brother-in-law, Marcus Blade, and sister, Mikayla Blade. Chase didn't care much for Marcus, because he wasn't directly related to Chase. However, Mikayla, was actually a cool kind of person, and she was the only member of the family, apart from Gregory, whom he confided in about his wishes to join the Death Eaters when he was older, and she was supportive of it to say the least.

Towards the end of his Seventh Year at Hogwarts New Zealand, Chase met the person that he hoped he would be able to be with together, and the person who gave him the biggest reason to become a Death Eater then all of them. Eden Koshiba. It wasn't long after the first meeting of them, that they both realised that they had undeniable feelings for each other, and they both knew that they would be better off with each other, regardless of what everyone else thought of them, and it seemed as though it was frowned upon by a lot of people for Chase to have done what he was doing.

Chase and Eden continued to be together for the next two years, during which Chase joined the Death Eaters, and his first full out torture, was to a person by the name of Maddiie Fields, which then led to the torture to insanity of Professor Melodie Lowe, which was a bad move for Chase to make. She was landed in St. Mungo's, and then he eventually found her when she was let out, in order to finish the job that was started. This did not end well, and Chase was soon thrown in Azkaban, to be awaiting trial. He did not like this, because it also ended things between him and Eden.


Chase is a very strange person. He is interested in things that Death Eaters do, and he is even interested in politics. Hand-to-hand combat, and magical combat are things that interest him to no end. Chase believes that you should always be able to defend yourself in more then one way, lest the only way that you know should fail you. Chase knows more then enough when it comes to both magical combat, and non-magical combat, so he is fairly confident that he would be able to handle anything, as it comes.

Chase Blade

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Family of Chase Blade

Gregory Blade
38 Years Old - Unemployed

Gregory is an ideal father for a Death Eater, and is very supportive of what Chase is, and has chosen to done with his life. Gregory is the type of person to look for revenge, and stop at nothing to achieve that revenge. He is not happy at all with how Chase is in Azkaban, and wants nothing more then to make Melodie pay.


Alice Blade
40 Years Old - Unemployed

Alice is a motherly type of person, and Chase used to love her. But, when Chase was growing up, and had just turned 9, she sent him and his little brother Alex to live with Muggles, because she deemed her son as a 'natural leader, who would be able to take care of himself and his brother'. Chase hates her guts.​

Alex Blade
Younger Brother
13 - Third Year Slytherin

Alex is the kind of brother who stands up for what he believes in, and will stop at nothing to right his own wrongs. He doesn't like Chase's choice to become a Death Eater, and is very vocal about it. He doesn't like the fact that he is leaving his entire family behind, and not listening to anybody else because of it.

Mikayla Blade
Younger Sister
14 - Home Schooled

Mikayla is the ideal sister, that Chase wishes he had always had. She is accepting of whatever he chooses to do with his life, and is willing to help him if he needs things to help him with. She doesn't get along with Alex, or Marcus, and Chase is the only member of the family she likes completely.

Marcus Blade,
Younger Brother-In-Law
17 - Seventh Year Gryffindor

Marcus is a major flirt, and Chase hates that in a person. Marcus is probably the least liked throughout the whole Blade family, and he isn't even a true Blade in the eys on the whole family. Chase wants to try and get rid of Marcus as quickly as he can.

Chase and Eden

Chase and Eden were a couple that could not be broken apart, and were in love which seemed like it would be limitless, but, everything changed when Chase was sent to Azkaban and they were no longer able to see each other. They broke apart, and have not seen each other since. Chase still loves Eden to this very day.

Listed below are the rp's for Eden and Chase.

Her secret place
Chase and Eden meet for the first time and something amazing
A Night with Eden
Chase and Eden meet up to spend the night together but
something goes wrong.
Skipping Rocks
After almost getting in a huge amount of trouble Chase and
Eden decide to spend the day relaxing.​

The Countdown Begins
While hanging out around the castle Chase asks Eden to marry

A walk to remember
A few hours before graduation Tohoru shows up and asks for
Eden's hand. She says no but is this the last we will hear
from Tohoru?
A moment of peace
Eden and Chase tell each other things that they have told no
one else.
Oh, you know, this and that...
Chase and Eden spend there last moments together at Hogwarts.​

The Koshiba House
Chase meets Haruhi, Eden's mother and asks permission to marry her.​

Meeting with father
Chase asks Edens father for her hand in marriage.
Chase invites Artemis along for Eden's birthday will these two
girls ever be friends for the sake of Chase?​

The Koshiba House Part 2
Chase and Eden get some interseting news from Lilith and Alex.​

Parting is such sweet sorrow
As Eden gets ready to return to school Chase and Eden wonder
how there going to handle being away from eachother for so

Forever Yours
Letters between Eden and Chase while they are apart.
Its been to long
Eden and Chase meet again after being away for a while but can things just go back to how they left it?​

Just breath
Can Eden and Chase get back to how they used to be or will
they forever be apart?​
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More than to long
Chase and Eden see each other again after being apart and
things are back to how they should be.

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