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13 (4/24/2048)
If there was one thing Elodie had absolutely gotten from Byron, it had to be her newfound love of reading. She loved mysteries, thrillers, fantasy worlds that were somehow similar but yet so different than her own. She'd gone to the library to find a new series, having just finished Eragon. It had been a fun read, she'd enjoyed it. She was browsing the shelves, and stopped to pull out a copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, admiring the pretty cover before flipping it over to read the premise of the story. Elodie had to admit she didn't really know much about the Greek pantheon, but perhaps if this was a good series it might be worth looking into. She drummed her fingers against the cover, looking over to the non-fiction section of the library and debating on if she wanted to do some more research on the Greek Gods before she got pulled into this series, or if it might give her a bias going in.
Lucy was visiting the library for a bit of light reading. Usually she liked to study there, but she also liked to just browse the shelves, looking for something interesting. Previously she'd found a dictionary of historical slang which had wasted a good couple of hours for her before she remembered she had a class to go to. She was determined not to do that again as she browsed, finger trailing over the spines of books as she took in their titles. She turned a corner, made down another aisle and found a fellow student with a book in her hands. "Oh!" Lucy said in surprise, then quickly recovered, a smile forming on her face. "What have you got there?" she asked curiously, forgetting the usual courtesy of saying hello.
Elodie looked up when she heard a voice, smiling. "Oh, hello," She greeted, and showed the book. "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I'm trying to decide if I should just try it or if I should study the Greek Pantheon first," She admitted with a chuckle. "What do you think?" She asked, offering out the book to her new companion.
Lucy considered the question. She'd heard of Percy Jackson from her cousin Rosalind, but hadn't read it herself. She knew vaguely that it was themed around Greek mythology, which Lucy knew bits and pieces about but not a whole lot. "Hmm, that's a good question," Lucy said, considering it. "It might be fun to compare how accurate the book is?" she said after a pause. "If you like that kind of thing. Or it might be fun to compare after you've read it. It's kind of chicken and the egg, isn't it?" Lucy said with a light laugh.
Elodie laughed lightly. "That's what I was thinking!' She countered, looking back to the shelves. "Hmm... we could do an experiment?" She asked, looking back to her new friend. "One of us can take the book, and the other takes this one," She pulled out a book on basic Greek mythology. "And after we're done, we can trade and then compare notes?" She asked, before offering out her hand. "I'm Elodie, by the way."
Lucy felt a small burst of excitement. "Yes!" she said, a little loud in the quiet library. She adjusted her volume, looking a little sheepish. "Yes, that'd be really fun! I'll read the Greek mythology book, if you like," Lucy said. "Oh, I'm Lucy. It's nice to meet you, Elodie. Are you a big reader then?" Lucy asked, wanting to know more about her.
Elodie giggled herself, and tucked Percy Jackson in her arm, holding out the other book for her new friend. "Nice to meet you, Lucy!" She smiled brightly. "You could say so, I love reading. Do you like to read as well?" She asked, motioning for a nearby table where they could sit and chat.
Lucy received the book, admiring its cover. "Nice to meet you too!" Lucy said with a smile. She liked meeting new people, especially pleasant new people, which Elodie obviously was. "Oh, I wouldn't say I'm a, um, voracious reader," Lucy said, unknowingly pronouncing the word 'voracious' slightly wrong. "But I like reading occasionally. During the school year it's mostly textbooks though," Lucy said, her tone dipping as she thought about schoolwork again. She really wasn't looking forward to exams. "My younger cousin likes to read a lot more than me. She loves fiction and that sort of thing. What do you tend to read?" Lucy asked.
Elodie smiled and moved to sit, hoping Lucy would follow after her. "I can understand that- reading can be so much fun, but there's still so much more to do, as well," She settled into her seat, smiling. "Oh, I like mysteries! And adventures. Fantasy," She offered, considering. "I like books that are more complex, that make you think."
Lucy took a seat, joining who she hoped was now a new friend. The idea made Lucy feel excited. "Mysteries are cool!" Lucy noted. "I've read one or two of those Agatha Christie stories before. They're kinda old-fashioned but the twist is always good." Lucy considered what Elodie said about books that made you think. It was an interesting point. "What's your favourite book then? Or is that a bit too tough to answer?" Lucy half-laughed, knowing how some people got about books.
Elodie smiled as Lucy joined her, smiling brightly. "Oh, that's really a hard choice!" She thought a moment. "I think I really have to be fondest of the Gaurdians of Gahoole series- it's something I would watch a lot, read a lot with my gaurdian," She smiled warmly, thinking of Byron and Hephaistus at home. She turned her attention back to Lucy. "What about you?"
"Oh, I've never heard of that series," Lucy said, leaning forward towards Elodie, but not overtly so. "What's is about?" She asked curiously. "I remember liking Gulliver's Travels a lot when I was a kid," Lucy noted, "but I don't know if it still is my favourite. I think I need a new favourite," Lucy decided. She really hadn't been reading many books, which was a shame. But she had a new one to look into.
Elodie smiled. "Oh, it's about an owl who wants to be a hero, basically, and his adventures," She sums it up, tucking her hair behind her ear. "It's really fun to watch, too, I really enjoyed the movie." She shifted to a more comfortable position. She nodded as Lucy brought up Gullivers Travels. "Oh, that's a fun one!" She replied easily. "Fantasy books are fun- I think my favorite fantasy type aside from the Gaurdians of Ga'hoole was the Narnia series."
Lucy looked intrigued at the idea of an owl on an adventure. She thought about the owls in the owlery - what adventures did they take on the daily that would never be spoken of? "That's a really cool idea for a story," Lucy noted. "I personally think owls are underappreciated. They do so much for us, and I suppose we give them treats but that's about it." Lucy recognised that series - Narnia. "Oh, I remember that one! I read most of it as a kid. Well, my parents read it to me and then forgot to continue at one point..." Lucy trailed off, looking a little sad for an almost undetectable second - blink and you'd miss it - before recovering. "It'd be cool to actually go through a magical cupboard and go into a whole new world. Do you think that's how muggleborns feel?" Lucy asked, no idea what Elodie's bloodstatus was.
Elodie smiled. "It was fun," she agreed, thinking of how much she'd enjoyed the series as a whole. She was sorely tempted to reread them, but that would have to wait until a later date. She really did love owls. She smiled fondly, lost in thought for a moment before shaking her out of it. "I would really love an adventure like that," She sighed softly. "But I don't think that it's quite the same for muggleborns. Perhaps a bit similar, but they don't get the talking animals or the adventure, or the challenges and joys of being the heros."
Lucy nodded thoughtfully - maybe she hadn't considered what being muggleborn was really like. It wasn't something she thought about much. In all honesty, she didn't even think she'd talked to a muggleborn about being, well, muggleborn. "You're probably right," Lucy noted thoughtfully. "It just must be so weird to not know about all of this and suddenly a whole world of it." Lucy got a little lost in her thoughts for a moment, shaking her head to come back to the present. "Though, it would be awesome if there were talking animals in the magical world. I always loved Aslan, he was so cool."
Elodie smiled at her new friend. "Oh for sure, I loved Mr. Tumnus the best," She tucked her legs up under her. "I can understand the appeal of it all- I suppoose after a while though, its just easy to see the flaws in the system." She shrugged. "Wouldn't that be nice though?" She sighed. "To always have that sense of wonder?"
"Mr Tumnus was great!" Lucy agreed readily. She did miss those books; she'd have to revisit them during the break. "I suppose every system has its flaws," Lucy said slowly, not really having thought about it. It was unfamiliar territory for her but she didn't want to appear like she wasn't thoughtful. "Wonder would be nice," Lucy said somewhat dreamily. There was something in her voice - a hint of maybe despair - but with a flavouring of nostalgia. "Do you ever feel like we're getting old?" she asked suddenly. "I know we're young, still, but I just...sometimes I really don't feel like the same girl I was when I was eleven, you know? Which isn't a bad thing." Lucy wasn't quite sure what she was even saying. She frowned slightly, looking to Elodie for any illuminations.
Elodie blinked, and considering Lucy for a moment, she offered out her hand. "Hey, Lucy, are you okay?" She asked softly. "Is there something else on your mind?" She questionned, getting the feeling that the girl had something more than just books and real life magic running through her thoughts. "You can talk to me if you really want to, I'm a good listener."

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