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There was no reason for Miro not to believe that in being part of the Gryffindor team, he was by default friends with all the other players. He assumed that by being a team the camaraderie alone was enough for them to be friends outside of the pitch, that in flying as one with the common goal of winning the quidditch cup had bonded them as more than strangers, even if he didn't know a thing about each player outside of the positions they had tried out for. It didn't change that Miro thought of everyone else on the team as his friend, if not a friend than at least a mentor he could learn from. So in this belief it was no surprise that with his usual confidence border lining on arrogance that Miro didn't hesitate to approach Joshua Lynch, one of the team's chasers, at the Gryffindor table that morning for breakfast.

"Hey Josh, it's a great morning!" Miro announced, not needing an invite before practically slamming his satchel on the table in front of him as he sat down. His morning energy and excitement for the day ahead was obvious in his demeanor, really he couldn't not be excited for a new day at Hogwarts when he was part of the quidditch team. It made all the parts of Hogwarts he didn't like, his classes and subsequent failing of them, worth the stress because he had quidditch to look forward to. "What you having for breakfast today?" Miro asked, curious to what one of the older players would have chosen to eat for breakfast, and in that same moment thinking it would be smart to copy Joshua, if it meant the same breakfast would allow him to be a better quidditch player.​
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Josh was glad to be back at school. He was happy to see his friends again and especially play quidditch this year. His break sucked if he was being honest. He only managed to hang out with a few of his friends during the break, his other friends not really keen on wanting to hang out, so if he was being honest, he was glad to be back at school and he couldn't believe he was saying that.

Josh sat at the Gryffindor table, having some breakfast, though it felt very early in the morning, and he wasn't all that impressed he had to wake up so early before classes, he much rather sleep in a little longer. The Gryffindor was still tired as he sat and slowly had his food, when all of a sudden, he felt more awake when he heard something being thrown onto the table and someone instantly sitting down next to him excitedly. He realised it was one of the younger players that had joined the team. "Hey... yeah, such a great morning" Josh mumbled a little, tiredness still lingering on him. "You're Miro aye?" Josh said with a tired smile, hoping that he got the name of his new teammate right. "Oh... Nothing special really, just some boring cereal to keep me up I guess. Not doing a very good job of it though" Josh said with a chuckle as he hadn't felt the energized boost yet. "You got an idea of what you wanna eat for breakfast?"
Miro watched Joshua with wide eyes, smiling as he observed the older student and wondering how he could seem so cool himself. Joshua seemed so effortless in his confidence, whether it was from a carelessness of being tired didn't matter to Miro as he still thought the other Gryffindor was way cooler than he could ever be. Moving his satchel to one side, Miro tried to hide how happy he was that Joshua knew his name even if he was sure he made it obvious when he introduced himself to the team in their last practice. "Yeah, that's me!" He exclaimed, squaring his shoulders and puffing out his chest in what he hoped seemed confident and cool, at least enough so that Joshua wanted to be his friend. "Oh, cereal, really?" He then asked rhetorically, looking from Joshua to the bowl of cereal in front of him and noting in his mind what kind of cereal it was. He then looked to the breakfast options in front of him, reaching to get himself a bowl and for a container of the same cereal he quickly poured into it. He then picked up a jug of milk, pouring it also into his bowl and picked up his spoon, beginning to eat the cereal quickly so he could catch up and eat at the same pace as Joshua. "Do you always have cereal?" He asked as an afterthought with his mouth full, too excited that he was having breakfast with one of his teammates like he was really part of the team to really care about his manners.​
Josh was pleased with himself when he got the name right, it wouldn't have been good if he had gotten his new teammates' name wrong. He watched as Miro grabbed the same cereal, a little confused at first, but maybe it was just because he might've liked that cereal too. But Josh wasn't going to question it. He shrugged at the boy's question. "Nah I eat different stuff too, just depends on what I'm in the mood for, to be honest" Josh says with a small smile, the early morning tiredness slowly going away ever so slightly. "Sometimes I'll eat some fruit and yogurt or like pancakes or waffles too. Just really depends" Josh says with a shrug. Breakfast was always his favourite time of the day to eat. There were always so many choices to decide on what to eat. "You enjoying being on the Quidditch team so far" Josh says with a smile, hoping that maybe that would be a good conversation starter with the boy.
Miro nodded as he ate his breakfast, kicking at the empty space between his feet and the floor underneath his seat and nodding along as if what Joshua was telling him was everything he wanted to hear. In many ways it was, because he had never thought too much about his breakfast and only really ate whatever was in front of him in the moment that he didn't think was gross, which usually consisted of anything with so much sugar he was bouncing off the walls for the next few hours. Joshua's answer was similar but not entirely, because he talked about only eating what he wanted to, what he felt like that morning instead of what was simply there. Miro tried to remind himself to remember this for tomorrow's breakfast even if he knew he would likely forget it.

"What's your favorite breakfast?" Miro then asked between mouthfuls, as he waited for an answer reaching to pour himself a glass of orange juice. He chugged some of the juice, wiping away any pulp on his face with his sleeve before he answered Joshua's question. "Oh, it's amazing! I love being on the team, it's my dream!" He exclaimed, smiling wide. "I do wanna keep up with everyone though, do you wanna practice flying sometime?" Miro added, returning to eating his cereal as he hoped Joshua would agree to practice with him one day. It would not only cement the friendship he thought he had with the older Gryffindor but also give him a chance to practice more in the hope of improving so he could be a better player for the rest of the team. Miro was dedicated but he also understood he was young and and still relatively new to flying, so he would take any opportunity he could get to improve.​
Josh thought for a moment, thinking about Miro's question. It was in fact a good question. He wasn't sure. There were too many options to pick from, especially since breakfast was basically his favourite mealtime. "That's a hard but good question. Hard to decide, I think either waffles or pancakes, What about yours?" Josh said to Miro, returning the question after a long thought. He knew it probably wasn't the healthiest pick, but they were both really yummy, so he couldn't decide on it. Josh smiled at how excited Miro was to be on the team. Josh remembered how excited he was when he had joined the team. Josh nodded at Miro's question. "Yeah, sure. Practice helps a lot, especially if you wanna keep up with everyone. Plus practice is just as fun as the games"
Miro nodded to show Joshua he was listening, all while looking to his cereal and continuing to down spoonfuls of it. He always ate too quickly and it was something his dad constantly reminded him with, to slow down when he simply wanted to get all the food he could in his tummy as quickly as possible so he could return to having fun. Food was delicious and Miro loved eating sugar but if he could choose between eating and playing outside, and of course practicing quidditch, his answer was obvious, and food in comparison was something he always wanted to get over with. "Oh yum, pancakes are good. I love waffles too and french toast with lots of syrup. My dads grow berries and stuff in the garden and it's really good when we have berries to eat as well." Miro was word vomiting a bit but he hardly cared about slowing down his speech in the same way he didn't care about slowing his eating.

Having finished his cereal, Miro picked up his bowl to drink what was left of the milk, placing his bowl back down on the table just as Joshua mentioned they can practice together. He looked over to the older Gryffindor with a wide smile, clapping his hands a few times in excitement. "Yay, I do want to practice a lot. If we can use the beater gear we can just fly because you're really good at flying and I wanna get better." He said happily, hoping he would get the chance to fly with Joshua sooner rather than later. "When did you first join the team?" Miro then asked, wondering how long Joshua had been part of the quidditch team for, whether he had tried out in his second year like Miro had or if he tried out a bit later.​
Josh listened to Miro speak as he ate his breakfast, nodding in agreement with what the boy was saying even if he may or may not have zoned out once or twice, but he hoped the boy didn't notice. "French toast is also a good choice," Joshua says with a nod, before taking another bite of his cereal. "Oh wow! Do you have a big garden" Josh continues to say, as he managed to pay attention at that last bit, before eating his cereal again.

Josh quickly nodded in agreement. "Sure, that sounds good. We can totally practice as much as you'd like. Just lemme know whenever you feel like it and we'll do it, as many times as you'd like" Josh says with a smile, as he patted the boy on the back gently but bro-y like. The older boy smiled at Miro's question. "Well, I was an alternate like you since second year" Josh says with a smile, as he fist-pumped the boy's shoulder. "I was an alternate for ages though. It wasn't until last year that I officially made it on the team" Josh says with a smile. Even though the boy was an alternate for most of his time at Hogwarts, Josh didn't mind it at all, he still managed to be on the team after so long.
Miro had to admit he wasn't sure how to answer Joshua's question about the garden at his dad's house. He thought the garden was big enough to play in and grow fruits and vegetables, and it was definitely bigger than the gardens at some of his friend's houses, but he also knew it wasn't as big as a farm or an orchard and it was nothing compared to the Hogwarts garden. As cool as he was sure it would be to live on a real farm he knew the garden wasn't big enough to be a farm. "I dunno, I think it's normal sized, probably." He tried to explain to the best of his ability. He really couldn't explain how big the gardens at home were without showing it to Joshua, and while it would be fun to have a cooler and older quidditch player visit him in the holidays they weren't currently on the holiday break. They were instead at school and would be for a while.

Miro was thankful Joshua's answer to his question about practicing and being the team distracted him from his thoughts about school, the momentary frown that washed over his face soon turning back into a smile as he responded. "Yay, we gotta practice the next time it's sunny then!" He said enthusiastically, unsure when that would be but knowing when it was sunny enough and the skies were clear he would absolutely bother Joshua about it later. "That's so cool, so you tried out when I did. I hope I make the proper team one day too." Miro added. He was more than happy with a spot as an alternate for the time being as it gave him a chance to improve and keep up with the rest of the team, but in the future he would have loved an official spot on the team given he was able to get good enough at playing as a beater to be considered.​
Josh nodded his head as Miro responded to his question, though the question Josh had asked may have been a stupid question to ask. But he was trying his best to make conversation with the younger boy. The sixth-year nodded in agreement to what the boy had to say. "Sounds good! We should totally do that then" Josh said happily, happy to make time for practice. He wanted to try and get better at what he was doing. "Don't worry! I'm sure you will! Who knows, maybe you might get into the team officially before I did" Josh said happily to the boy. Josh felt like he had to somewhat look out for this boy, and he didn't know why, but he was enjoying Miro's company either way. "Was beater the position you always wanted to go for? Or were there other positions you wanted to try as well?"
Miro reached to chug more of his orange juice, nodding along as he listened to Joshua's words. When it was his turn to answer Miro moved to wipe some of the pulp from his face with his sleeve, smiling a moment later as he considered Joshua's question. "I just hope I can practice enough to be good enough to be properly on the team, no matter how long it takes." He said simply, his words being more humble than his attitude, but then again his attitude did make him feel better than everyone else because he was in some way part of the team and at the same time he felt he needed to improve to continue being on the team, in a weird way making him feel better than everyone else but not good enough. It was a weird feeling he hoped would change one day, so he didn't worry he wasn't good enough at flying to keep up with the rest of the quidditch team. "When we learned flying and stuff I just thought we flew in try outs and the captain chooses the position, so I just practiced everything basically." Miro explained first. "Then as I practiced I realized it was fun to hit things and I felt like I was better at it than the other stuff so I chose to try out for beater." He added with a nod of his head, always finding it fun to try and hit the bludgers even if he often missed during practice because he was still new to flying.​

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