Blind Leading the Blind

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As Elliot deadpanned a joke, Maddy burst into giggles along with him. Slightly hysterical giggles, perhaps, but in between the terror that had definitely been fun . . . and it was the fun Maddy was going to focus on. "Oh, who cares! A real secret passage, and we found it! How AWESOME is that!" Now that they were safely out, Maddy was already thinking about the stories she could tell about this day. She'd definitely have to write to Sebastian, and probably tell just about everyone else she knew. Well, maybe not that many people. It wouldn't exactly be secret then.

Maddy nodded absently, still scrabbling around the wall. "Duh. This is the end we know where it is, so we gotta know how to get in at this end." She chuckled at the idea of using it to go to class. "Nah, that wouldn't work. But I gotta show my brothers. This is too cool not to share!" She grinned, hoping he would agree. Surely he would agree. "Wanna help? You found the other entrance." Hopefully he would, because if she was honest with herself Maddy wasn't really confident in her own ability to find the entrance.

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