Beaubelle Alaina Waldgrave

Beaubelle Waldgrave

Librarian | Friendly | Lonely
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Looking)
Straight 12 Inch Sturdy Larch wand with Phoenix Tail Feather Core.
Trophy Showcase:

''There is no friend as loyal as a book.''

Full Name:
Beaubelle Alaina Waldgrave
Date of Birth:
April 14th, 2031
<SIZE size="150">Current Age:
Twelve Years Old
Place of Birth:
Bibury, England
Current Residence:
Bibury, England
Basic Appearance:

Beaubelle has long white blonde curls and bright blue eyes.
She dresses up very girly with a lot of dresses and can have a bit of a country look.
She likes to dress up nicely but is not really certain about her looks, she doesn't think she is pretty.
She puts on a light make-up with events but normally she doesn't wear anything.
She is a pretty and cute girl and has a young appearance.


Beaubelle is a very shy girl. She doesn't like much attention because she is insecure about herself.
She always thinks first before she does something, and always thinks about what somebody else would think of her.
She really loves reading and it doesn't matter which book it is, she just likes to get lost in a book.
Beaubelle plays the guitar and she sometimes sings at it but only when she knows that nobody is in the neighbourhood.
She is a loyal girl that never would hurt anybody,
she can be really friendly when somebody is that to her and when she feels comfertable with that person.
But she is not a person that just walked over to somebody to talk, she doesn't dare that.
Beaubelle is afraid to get bullied, so she always does what somebody asks of her.
She doesn't like to break rules, but if somebody makes her do that,
she would do it because she can be afraid of somebody.

Parents and Siblings:
<SIZE size="50">
<SIZE size="50">

Sanna Waldgrave née Rosenberg & John Richard Waldgrave: Parents

Liam Bryant Waldgrave & Noël Elliot Waldgrave & Lovisa Alicia Waldgrave: Siblings

<SIZE size="150"><SIZE size="150">Other Family:

Adela Greta Rosenberg née Johansson & Mans Erling Rosenberg & Agnes Greta Davenport née Rosenberg & Bryon Maxim Davenport & Agnar Berulf Rosenberg & Brigithe Signe Rosenberg née Nielsen: Aunts and Uncles

Sofia Gabriella Rosenberg & Gabriel Evald Rosenberg & Giselle Saga Rosenberg & Novalie Emilia Rosenberg & Gabriella Clarice Davenport & June Crystal Davenport & Lauren Elin Davenport & Camilla Livia Davenport & Therese Victoria Rosenberg & Alice Gabriella Rosenberg & Olivia Brigithe Rosenberg & Luna Myra Rosenberg : Cousins</COLOR></COLOR>
Blood Status:
Half blood
<SIZE size="150">Interests or Hobbies:
Beaubelle likes Reading, Writing, Playing guitar and Books.
- Intelligent
- Hard worker
- Musically

- Shy
- Insecure
- Influenceable

Favourite place to be:
The library and her room at home


Jerara Tapsell


Odette Giselle Harper
Hogwarts House:
She is sorted into Ravenclaw House
Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
Beaubelle wants to get high grades and become more confident about herself.
Best school subjects:
She likes History of Magic and Astronomy
Worst school subjects:
She doesn't like Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions
Plans for your future:
Graduating and to become a Healer
<COLOR color="black"><COLOR color="black">

Your Patronus:
If Beaubelle would've been able to conjure a Patronus, her Patronus would be a rabbit.
Your Patronus memory:
If Beaubelle would've been able to conjure a Patronus, it would be the memory of meeting Jerara.
Your Boggart:
Beaubelle her Boggart would be a bully.
Mirror of Erised:
If Beaubelle would look in the mirror she would see herself with a few friends that are loyal to her.

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