Beata Yakovleva-Ives

Beata Yakovleva-Ives

cambodian ♦ adopted ♦ goofy
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Curved 11 Inch Rigid Blackthorn Wand with Basilisk Skin Core
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Full Name: Beata Yakovleva-Ives formerly Khun Thea(variant of Kun Thea; good deed/sweet smelling) Phan (to overflow)

Beata changed her name when she was adopted by Gary Ives and Elisa Yakovleva before the two filed for divorce. Bee had a tragic accident that causes her anxiety and flashbacks. It was encouraged that she give herself a new name to symbolize starting anew.

Date of Birth: October 12, 2032

Basic Appearance:

Personality: Bee is a very upbeat girl despite tragedies in her past. She has learned to cope with her issues using humor and dance. If she is around you, she will always wear a smile because she feels that she cannot be vulnerable to just anyone. Therefore, she is picky about who she chooses to be her friend. Bee will be generally kind to everyone, but when her sarcastic and anxious nature comes out, that means she trusts you. Bee is ambitious, and wants to be successful in life, even if she does not know exactly what that is yet. It is important to her to be a successful witch because her biological parents are not longer alive, and they wanted nothing but the best for their daughter.

- Gary Ives adoptive father
- Elisa Yakovleva adoptive mother
- Carson Ives adoptive brother
- Koun Phan yonger brother
- Nisay Phan biological father
- Jorani Thy biological mother


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- Strong willed
- Devoted
- ambitious

- anxious
- regretful
- selfish
- reserved

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