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D'Artagnan was absolutely happy with his life. He was officially courting Vader now, charmed every day by the man. He still adored Ava, loving her like a sister, and he felt like they were really one big, happy family. He and Vader had the kids today. With Plum in a stroller, babbling softly and playing with the soft fabric books he'd brought, Dart was rocking the stroller gently with his foot, one arm around the back of the bench and just keeping a vague eye on the twins. "This is oddly nice," He offered with an easy smile, looking to Vader.
Being with D'Artagnan was entirely different from being with anyone else. He was charming, and kind. He was polite and open. Everything that Vader wanted in a boyfriend. He also seemed to just really like him, which was always a plus. It helped that Dart had the approval of the kids and of Ava. He felt comfortable in his presence in a way that he didn't tend to be with others. He was watching the kids and sitting, leaning into Dart on a bench. "Yeah?" he said. "The kids are good kids," he agreed. They were easy to look after.
Dart chuckled. "They take after their mothers good spirit," He replied easily. "Though I think Aurora hangs the moon on you," He teased gently, giving Vader an almost playful smile. "Can't say I blame her, though," He leant in, whispering into Vaders ear. "She isn't the only one," He breathed, flirting.
Vader gave an easy smile, Ava was a good mother. He was keeping his gaze on the children, watching as they played, and his eyes went to Aurora, giving an almost bashful expression before glancing at Dart and blushing deeply. "You don't have to flirt with me, you already have me," he teased the man back, wanting to make light of it, so he wouldn't feel nearly as bashful.
Dart chuckled, kissing Vaders cheek. "Darling, it is my entire job to flirt with you," He teased. "Can't go and let you forget how wonderfully amazing of a man you are." He brought his other hand over and offered it out to Vader. "I could try forever and I still wouldn't have enough time to tell you how much I adore you," He murmured.
Vader wasn't sure if it was possible to blush more than he already was. He couldn't even cover his face to hide all of the embarrassment. He pushed Dart lightly but took his hand when he offered it to him. "you are sappy," he replied with a soft tone, so it was at least clear that he did not mind it. "I love you too," he said, and after a moment he leaned in and kissed Dart chastely, but was grinning easily.
Dart laced his fingers with Vaders, kissing him back easily. "Mm, you know you love it," He teased. "I'm a ridiculously sappy, sentimental man, and you love how sweet I am," He gave him an easy smile. "And I love how shy you get, the way the tips of your ears light up when you blush," He teased. "I think you're ridiculously adorable and handsome and so very, very hard to resist." He brought Vaders hand up and kissed the back of it.
Vader did honestly for a moment as Dart spoke thought he might melt into a puddle from all the affection. he was just such a sweet person. He blushed deeply at the teasing, and leaned in to be able to kiss his cheek. "Do you think you'd be interested in moving in with me?" he asked gently. Wanting this to be more, to be even more real than it already was.
Dart chuckled at the question. "I would love to," He replied immediately. "It might take a bit more to actually pull together, though," He mused, looking to the children. "You and Ava should stay close," He ran a hand through his hair. "So either somewhere with two houses side by side, or perhaps..." He looked to Vader. "What about one of those places thats been remodeled for more than one family? Like one of those really big houses that have been split in half basically, and we'd take one half while Ava and the kids took the other?"
Vader hadn't given it too much thought, but what Dart was saying made sense. He had for once been a bit impulsive, not overthinking it, and this was Dart filling in those pieces. Being kind in thinking about Ava and how Vader wouldn't want to be too far from the kids, they did seem him as a father. "You'd be okay with that?" he asked gently, of course Dart was the one offering and they'd need to get Ava on board, but he was the one with the least skin in this. "I'd really like that, but you don't have to....we can figure some other situation out if you wanted us to have more space,"
Dart chuckled, moving his arm over Vaders shoulders. "Vader, I've spent enough of my life alone. I would love to have my dearest friend and her adorable little monsters close by. Especially because they're absolutely adorable with the love of my life," He teased, giving Vader a playful wink.
Vader gave a smile, a shy one, blushing at the kindness of Dart's words. He knew that he and Ava were a package deal and a package deal that came with kids. Kids that were no biologically his, and though he had volunteered to be in their life, they hadn't. "You're sweet to me," he said softly, leaned in and leaning his head against Dart's shoulder.
Dart chuckled, his hand shifting up from Vaders shoulder to play idly with his hair, still rocking Plum in her stroller gently with his foot. "I know," He teased. "You'll just have to get used to it," He kissed Vaders temple, an eye still on the twins. He chuckled as they seemed to be throwing themselves into another sand castle. "What would you want to bet that Aurora's on something or the other related to Wonderland?" He asked, smiling at the thought.
Vader leaned into the way Dart was playing with his hair. He just felt content, watching the twins as they played. "Oh absolutely," he agreed, Aurora's fascination with the world of alice in wonderland was very interesting to him. "I'm sure they're saying we're the mad hatters out to destroy their castle," he joked.
Dart laughed lightly. "Why is she so into that story in particular, anyway?" He asked. "Alice in Wonderland is cute, for sure," He watched the twins. "Is Nico into it as much as Aurora is? Or is he just along for the ride?" He asked, looking to his boyfriend, curious to how much the man knew about the inner workings of the twins that bore his name.
Vader gave a little shrug, "We did read it to them a lot," he said softly. "But I think she just likes the fantastical element of it, and with kids it is possible that in a year she won't care for it at all," he mused, though with her obsession he wasn't sure if that would be the cast. "He's entirely along for the ride and nothing else," Vader laughed. "He's quieter in general," there was something in his tone as if he was worried a little for Nico.
Dart listened to Vader, and almost spoke, but Plum started fussing. He sat up, taking her out of the stroller and bringing out her bottle, settling in to feed her. "Hey, it's alright," He tried to soothe the man, hooking his foot behind Vaders to keep the contact. "He's got a great support system- the twins are inseperable, and he has you, and Ava, and I suppose he'll have Noelle around now, too. He'll be okay, I promise." He reassured the man.
Vader watched as Dart brought Ava out of the stroller to give her the bottle. He nodded gently, and just smiled. he knew that being close to siblings didn't mean much when you got to school. He was sure the twins would end up together, but he still worried. Kids could be cruel. "Oh yeah," there was a nervousness in his tone, he liked Noelle, but he often worried about the man taking his place as the father figure to the kids. That they might opt to call him dad over Vader. But he just went silent, opting to not say anything more on any of it.
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Dart saw the look in Vaders eyes. His arms were full, so instead he hooked his foot around the mans. "Hey, it's alright," He murmured. "You're irreplaceable. Noelle can't be to them what you are. They may grow to love him someday, but you'll always be their father. Just look at the adoration in that little girls eyes and tell me she doesn't worship you." He tried to reassure Vader, scooting a little to press in more against his side.
Vader looked down at their feet and to the ground in front of them. Not really looking at him as he spoke as he was assured. Dart was right, he knew he was right about it. But they couldn't know what Noelle would want, if he would want to play a bigger role, if he'd want Vader to step back. At least with Plum, there was no way that Vader could say no. He was Plum actual biological father. "I know," he said softly, but he still wasn't really looking at Dart as he spoke. "I know, and I'm being silly, but you know how my mind is,"
Dart smiled softly. He pressed a kiss to Vaders temple, pulling away the bottle as it emptied and shifting Plum to burb her. "I know. And if you can't have faith in yourself, maybe it might help to have faith in Ava instead. Did she ever tell you what the major catalyst to her fall out with Phillip was?" He asked, remembering the stories Ava had told him of her school life.
Vader sighed softly and leaned into the kiss before giving a tight smile. "I'm sure it was about us, her and I," he replied. Though it might make others feel better, Vader was a little awkward at the idea of Ava putting him first. Even though he knew he'd put Ava first. He just was luckier in that his current partner was also good friends with her.
Dart smiled softly. "He demanded she leave you. He couldn't be bothered to spare any time for her, but was so jealous he wanted her to abandon you." He chuckled. "Ava is a sweetheart. She stomped on his foot and left him there by the lake." Having successfully burped Plum, he leant forward and put her back into her stroller. "I don't think you give yourself enough credit, Vader," He murmured, sitting back and reaching to take the mans hands in his. "I don't think you let yourself really believe how deeply, truly Avaria and I love you."
Vader frowned a little, imagining how lonely his life would be without Ava. How out of control it would be without her as the grounding force. He wouldn't have the kids, wouldn't have all of things which made his life good. But he glanced at Dart and he wanted to believe the words, he knew that the man was being serious, but he couldn't believe them, not really. On the tip of his tongue was the question of how could they. How could they deeply love him when he was at every turn a mess. "Maybe I'll believe it tomorrow," he replied, trying to get away from his own negative thoughts and just assure Dart a little that he was getting there with believing it.
Dart smiled and reached up to cup the mans face, tryin to pull him in and kiss his temple. "It's alright," He murmured, curling a bit more around him. "I'll believe it for you until you can yourself, and then we'll believe it together." He promised. "And Ava will adore you from the tips of her toes for as long as she draws breath," he chuckled.

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