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Ivy Wand 13" Essence of Gargoyle Tooth
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The Basics
[Character's Name:]
Avory Taylor Brandt Other aliase: Avory McKenna.
[First name:] Avory: Wise
[Middle name:] Taylor: To cut
[Surname:] Brandt: To burn
[Character's Birthdate:] 16th April 1997
[Hometown:] South of England
[Current Residence:] New Zealand
[Current location:] Doesn't stay in one place for long so she doesn't have one.
[Blood Status:] Half Blood
[Wand:] Ivy Wand 13" Essence of Gargoyle Tooth
[Hogwarts House:] Slytherin, HS
[Occupation:] Scitorari Member
[Martial Status:] Divorced (Axel Zhefarovich)

Shoulder length, wavy blonde with light brown highlights
[Eyes:] Hazel
[Height:] 6'
[Style:] Example 1
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[A Little Deeper
Sly. Dark. Observant. Resourceful. Reserved.

[History:] Avory was brought up in a life of luxury. As an only child she was used to getting what she wanted from a very young age, and knew nothing else for most of her live. Both her parents were high up in the Ministry and lived well. Her father and mother, Jacob and Hilary McKenna, were both highly respected Aurors and loved by everyone the came into contact with, apart from the odd Death Eater they had to kill or arrest. Jacob and Hilary were both half bloods that were in Ravenclaw together when they attended Hogwarts, Jacob being a year senior to Grace. So obviously when Caroline was sorted into Slytherin they weren't too pleased, but proud of their only daughter and only child, nonetheless.

Avory never knew her parents as well as a normal child would. Due to their demanding job, Avory was brought up by baby-sitter after baby-sitter, stranger after stranger. Avory learned to ignore the baby-sitters trying to play with her, or be nice with her and soon became confined to her bedroom most of the time. Whenever she did come outside she liked to tease and torment some of the local muggle children, and wizarding ones too, either way, it was fun. The children were too afraid to tell their parents how they got all these bruises and cuts and constantly came into the house crying, but children fall and bump into things when they are outside playing, so the parents didn't take too much notice.

Within her community Avory appeared to be the perfect child, due to her parents mostly. At all the "get-togethers" her parents would have Avory would always put on a show, singing, playing the piano and some ballet, all things Avory wanted to learn but quickly gave up when she became bored of it, which happened quite a bit. Avory always liked to play the perfect child act in front of her elders, it was easier to get what she wanted that way.

As soon as Avory went off to Hogwarts she became to got more aggressive towards her fellow classmates, constantly getting into fights, over nothing really, one girl would look at her the wrong way, I mean, they would call her names and make her cry, or at least that's what the teachers believed. Throughout her seven years Avory climbed the "social ladder" with everyone wanting to be friends with her, or at least, not her enemy. The Professors all saw her as an exemplary pupil who excelled in all her classes and exams.

Despite the great life Avory always felt something missing, something that she came close to having when she tormented her fellow classmates. When not tormenting, she would find herself sneaking into the Restricted Section of the library, which started just for the sake of rule breaking. She would read numerous books on the Dark Arts. Then in DADA class she would be fascinated by the works of the great Dark Lord and his followers, and she soon realised that she could emphasise with their goals, she dreamt of becoming a follower but the group had long been disbanded or gone into hiding. Although, in the shadows, were a group that called themselves the 'Scitorari' and some had the same beliefs as the old Death Eaters, and if she couldn't be a Death Eater she would join the Scitorari.

When she eventually graduated in 2015 she told her parents of her dreams. Obviously they weren't pleased one bit and tried to talk her out of it, but once they wouldn't budge she killed them. Her first kill, her mother, was easy, easier than what she expected it to be, and she loved it even more than she expected too, the second one was even better. She quickly fled the country and went to New Zealand with all of her parent's money.

She set up in a small flat, not her taste but grew accustomed to it. She stayed low for a few years, not appearating or even using her wand, which she "lost" somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, only going out when need be, not sure if and when the whole ordeal of her parents would blown over. One fateful day she got word that the case had been closed as a couple of her parents enemies had finally gotten them. Now Avory is out to fulfil her goals, along with a new wand.

Growing up with two Aurors as parents, Avory overheard them talking about possible Scitorari members. Particularly in the last few years of her education at Hogwarts, she started to take note of their names. After she came out of hiding she decided to track them down. At the start she was unlucky in her search for a definite Scitorari member, but eventually she found one who she informed of her wish. After proving herself worthy, she finally got accepted and received the infamous ouroboros ring which all members received.

While in New Zealand Avory would take part in some 'missions' and on one fateful mission she met Axel Zhefarovich. Of course Avory knew of the Zhefarovich family, every self respecting wizard interested in the Dark Arts knew who they were. The two were immediately attracted to each other. The attraction turned into lust which eventually turned into love. Axel already had three children at his young age so when Avory fell pregnant it was no surprise. A year after their first son, Aleric, was born Axel proposed to which Avory accepted and in the romance fell pregnant with twins this time. On March 2nd, 2025 the two were married and their twins were born a few months after. Life was great until Avory messed up on a mission and was close to being caught. She began to distance herself from her family, which pained her greatly, but she wanted them to be save. When Axel filed for a divorce, something she knew was coming, she changed her name and fled, never staying in one place for long and is still moving around to this day.

[Mother] Hilary (nee: Kelly) McKenna
[DOB] May 9th 1960
[DOD] July 7th 2015
[Blood Status] Half Blood
[Occupation] Auror
[Education] Ravenclaw, HS

[Father] Jacob McKenna
[DOB] June 1st 1957
[DOD] July 7th 2015
[Blood Status] Half Blood
[Occupation] Auror
[Education] Ravenclaw, HS

[Ex-Husband] Axel Lastor Zhefarovich
[DOB] November 25th 1993
[Blood Status] Pure Blood
[Occupation] Unemployed
[Education] Slytherin, HS

[Son] Aleric Kyrix Zhefarovich
[DOB] May 22nd 2024
[Blood Status] Mixed Blood
[Occupation] Too Young
[Education] Too Young

[Son] Adriel Gordon Zhefarovich
[DOB] November 11th 2025
[Blood Status] Mixed Blood
[Occupation] Too Young
[Education] Too Young

[Daughter] Astrilda Thyone Zhefarovich
[DOB] November 11th 2025
[Blood Status] Mixed Blood
[Occupation] Too Young
[Education] Too Young

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