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Tholomyes Fontaine

struggling artiste | former head boy
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Knotted 9 1/2" Flexible Pine Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
Tholomyes would’ve never thought he’d actually be one of the so-called starving artists that were depicted often in muggle media, but as he worked on his artwork, and struggled to keep steady side work, he very much was coming towards being a starving artist. He did often get very wrapped up in his work, to the point that additionally he just forgot to eat, though Emma did keep him going, did keep him from forgetting too much. His side job wasn’t much fun, but it was infrequent enough that he got plenty of time to work on his art. School had prevented himself from dedicating as much time as he had wanted to it, but now, it was better. He was able to work, take the occasional class and really find his style. The teen was painting in Brightstone, the magical town, sitting on a stool, with his easel in front of him. The former head boy had been working to improve his general style, which was why he spent a lot of his time practicing drawing things like brightstone, or drawing Emma, just anything that could help him find what he preferred to do and what style he liked best, even occasionally experiment with enchanting the painting too, so much freedom to him currently. Theo had a tea on the ground beside him, and was drawing lightly with a muggle pencil on the canvass, he liked being out of school, it did give him such freedom.

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