Artemisa Luciana Raven

Artemisa Raven

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2/2038 (11)
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Full Name:
Artemisa Luciana Nightray Raven
Artemisa - meaning perfection or gift of Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.
Luciana - meaning light and illumination

Misa - most commonly used by family members
Chia - used by her twin sister, Felicita

Date of Birth:
February 24, 2038

Basic Appearance:
Artemisa's features mainly come from her mother's side of the family, resulting in her mostly Asian features. She has dark brown eyes and long wine-red hair - bordering dark brown. She stands at the height of 56 inches and has a petite frame.

Artemisa has a bubbly and welcoming personality. Having grown up with a twin and a half-brother, she is no stranger to social interactions. She is very playful and outgoing and prefers to be with other people rather than alone. This stems from having been with her twin all this time, there was barely any time that they were apart. Misa is also no stranger to trouble. Growing up, she and her twin, Felicita, would get into all kinds of mayhem at home and would even include their half-brothers into the activities. Artemisa is also protective of her family, in particular, her siblings. They are the ones most important to her right now and she is willing to do anything to keep them happy and safe. She is also a very artistic person, preferring to draw and sketch and paint when she could, and at times, even photography - whether wizarding or muggle.

Father: Jeremiah Taddeo Raven
Artemisa adores her father and while most of the time he would catch them in trouble, he would easily forgive them making him all the more lovable in the eyes of his daughter. She also finds it entertaining however when his father would leave them alone to talk with their Uncle Liam, giving them ample opportunity to actually cause trouble.
Mother: Arianna Denise Nightray
While Artemisa loves her mother dearly, she cannot help but be more wary of the woman - particularly when she and Felicita had made some kind of mess. Their mother is a very gentle and loving woman although she was also stricter than their father. Despite this however, Artemisa looks up to her mother and aspires to be a potioneer like the woman.
Twin: Felicita Audrey Raven
Felicita and Artemisa share a very close relationship growing up. Where one is, the other is usually nearby. The two of them have cause numerous pranks, mayhem and trouble all over Nightray manor in their early years. While differing in passion, Artemisa towards art and Felicita towards fulfillment of curiosity, the twins share a love for adventure, protectiveness towards each other and aspirations to be a potioneer or something that they could engage heavily in the subject. Artemisa refers to Felicita as "Coco".
Half-Brother: Jai Yoshiro Edogawa-Raven
While Jai is older than Artemisa by 7 months and is only her half-brother, she and the boy share a close relationship, rivalling only that of her relationship with Felicita. Artemisa refers to Jai as "Roto" as they grew up. Their closeness had started as they were frequently staying for a day at Auntie Ai's (Jai's mom) house so that their father could spend time with their brother. Due to this, they had become eventual playmates until they developed the close bond that they now have.
Half-Brother: Tiziano Daiki Edogawa-Raven
Tiziano is Artemisa's legal half-brother, not biological, after her father had named himself the father when Tiziano was born. Artemisa feels very protective of the younger boy, referring to him as "Picco". This protectiveness stems from Picco being the only younger sibling that she and Felicita currently have along with the fact that they are not very far from age. She is very close to Tiziano and is frequently fighting for the younger boy's attention against her twin and older brother

Area of Residence:
New Forest, England

Blood Status:

Half-Italian, Part-English

Interests and Hobbies:
Artemisa loves art and spends as much time doing it as she can whenever she's not out causing mayhem with her sister. Misa loves to draw and sketch and even gave painting a couple of tries, all of which she is pretty skilled at. She has a collection of her artwork at home that includes a wide variety of landscape sketches, portraits, paintings, wizarding photos and muggle photos.

Growing up, Artemisa had always looked up to her mother causing her to develop a love for Potions. Of course, some of the trouble that she and her twin got into was sneaking into their mother's office and potions lab and inventing potions - thankfully they had not managed to brew something that could have killed them but there was one close call. After that incident, their mother had resigned to their interest in potions and let them spend time with her in her lab whenever she was working on what she labelled as "safe potions". This only fuelled Artemisa's love for the art.

Describe your character in three words:
Artemisa is fiercely protective of the ones she love, although her form of protection is usually in the shadows. She works hard to make her loved ones safe and happy and is willing to risk a lot just to make it happen, even herself. She would fight tooth and nail to protect them all and would even go as far as to keep them in the dark for their own safety if need be.
Artemisa does everything with a passion. She dives headfirst into everything she does and gives it her all, whether it be her art or being with family. She dares not to do anything half-heartedly which is probably why her emotions are so intense. She glows with happiness, nearly inconsolable in her sadness, burns when angered and is fierce in her protection. She gives her everything in everything she does and is why she also feels every consequence it brings.
Artemisa believes that in order to keep discovering things about one's self, that one has to be bold and brave. They have to be willing to take part in adventures, to discover new things and to take risks. And so, in believing these things, Misa also implements it within herself. While sometimes cautious, she does not let this rule over her. She lets herself be free to take a chance and make things happen, being careful to not close doors but also never throwing caution to the wind when she partakes in these adventures. She believes that one could is capable of many things if they dared.

Hogwarts House:

Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
To have fun while learning

Plans for your future:
To be a potioneer
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