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Andy Hydran

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</COLOR>[ul][li] Full Name: Andrew (Howi) Preston Hydran</LI>
[li] First Name Meaning: Andrew Manly, Courageous, Brave</LI>
[li] First Name Origin: Greek
[li] Middle Name Meaning: Priest's Town
[li] Middle Name Origin: Old English
[li] Native American Name Meaning: Turtledove
[li] Nicknames(Andy, Howi): These are names used to identify Andy as an individual. Rarely does he use the term 'Andrew' or 'Howi' in introductions. He prefers the name 'Andy' because it is shorter than the original.
[li] Nicknames(Princess Andy, Scaredy Cat): These are names that are used to insult Andy. He doesn't like these names and takes great offence to them whenever they're used in regards to him.
[li] Name of Spirit Animal: Arcas
[li] Spirit Animal Species: Spider
[li] 'Powers' Associated With Spirit Animal: Artistic genius, ability to see patterns and sense trouble from a distance. As a spider you are artistic, intuitive and independent-maybe even eccentric. You can become so absorbed in your endeavours that you lose track of the outside world and the people in it. But what you get in return is magic. Pure and simple.
[li] Spirit Animal Overview(IC):"Spirit animals are like... personal inner guides, they are supposed to help us become who we are meant to be, a better us, a stronger us. Our spirit animal is supposed to be very close to us, and we are to never utter their name to anyone as it is a sign a disrespect and it harms the spirit animal emotionally that you do not hold the privacy of their name as strongly as they do. You are to also never identify you spirit animals gender or form, as that is also very personal. My spirit animal and I are not very close, since it happens to take the form of something I fear and they are forever telling me to be stronger."

[li] Date Of Birth:Two Thousand and Sixteen, January, twelfth
[li] Current Age: Fifteen
[li] Gender: Male
[li] Sexual Orientation: Asexual. Andy has absolutely no interest in either gender, therefore it is difficult to identify his sexual orientation.
[li] Place Of Birth: Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
[li] Blood Status: Half Blood
[li] Educated At: Hogwarts New Zealand
[li] School House: Ravenclaw
[li] Feelings Towards This Outcome: Andy does not mind the fact that he is in Ravenclaw, in fact, he is rather happy. Most Ravenclaw students, to his knowledge, are not too scary and he is not scared of the colour blue and he likes birds.
[li] Current Year: Fifth Year
[li] Marital Status: Single (Not Looking)
[li] Reasoning?: Andy is incapable of handling complex relationships.
[li] Favourite Past time: Brooding
[li] Favourite Colour: Andy doesn't have a favourite colour, but he can tolerate the colour periwinkle more than others.

[li] Hair Colour: Light Blonde. Andy's hair could be described as a few shades off white.
[li] Hair Length and Texture: Soft and quite fluffy. Andy's hair often defies gravity because he is constantly rubbing it, making it usually have static electricity in it. The thinness of his hair does not help darken the colour, in fact, it just makes it look paler. Andy's hair can reach to his chin, but it is usually sticking up in various directions.
[li] Eye Colour: Light blue. Andy's eyes are a pale sort of blue, making them appear to be a mix of blue and light grey.
[li] Height: 5'3. Andy is quite short for his age.
[li] Weight: 96 pounds. Andy is underweight for his height.
[li] Scars: Scars can be found on Andy's legs from adventures as a young child. These scars are basically healed over now, though in the correct lighting it is possible to distinguish them from his pale skin.
[li] Skin Tone and Description: Andy is a very pale boy. This comes from lack of sunlight and inheriting his mothers fair skin. Andy's skin is soft as he takes remarkable care of himself, the rare moments he spends outside only gives him a light tinge of red. Andy has very few freckles and these are usually found under his eyes and on his forehead.
[li] Dress Code: Whilst on school grounds, Andy wears the Ravenclaw robes regularly. Outside of school, Andy usually dresses rather formally. He swears by button up shirts. He is always wearing long pants, and is never seen without a form of footwear on.
[li] Appearance Overview: Andy looks quite small and weak, especially for his age. He regularly shows signs of worry on his facial features and is nearly always shaking for one reason or another. Andy is usually switching his attention to various objects he has found interesting. Otherwise, Andy will sit in one place for many hours and just do nothing but think.

[li] Good Habits: Having an Inquisitive Mind. Though this is the reason for all of his problems, Andy's highly curious name is what helps him maintain his sanity. Thinks Things Through. Andy is always analysing a situation to check for danger and potential problems. This helps him maintain a safe existence. Sometimes he fails and is subjected to social interactions. Things he hates.
[li] Bad Habits: Brooding. Sometimes all Andy can do is sit quietly and think. This can be bad because he usually thinks about all the things around him that could somehow manage to cause him harm. Worrying. Also described as mild paranoia. Andy is always looking out for things that would hurt him, and half the time he has grossly mistaken something as a threat. Easily Frightened. Andy is scared of basically everything, this is because he is Pantaphobic: Fear of everything. Stubbornly Independent. Andy knows his multiple fears are unnatural, but he doesn't listen to reason and chooses to deal with it himself. He's failing.
[li] Favourite place to be: Andy's favourite place to be is in his bedroom at his home in Wellington New Zealand, it is 'worry-proof' and where all his favourite things in the world are; His bird, his photo of his mother and his father.
[li] Extracurricular Activities: Andy does not partake in extracurricular Activities for one main reason: He's too scared to.
[li] Current Job: Student.
[li] Heritage:British ½, Native American ½
[li] Graduation: 2034
[li] Four Words To Describe Andy: Patient, Loyal, Calculating, Fearful.

[li] Boggart: His Mother's Body.
[li] Likes: Peace. Solitude. Brooding.
[li] Dislikes: Small Children.
[li] Fears:
[ul][li]Animals. Andy's fear of animals goes from fleas to whales and everything in between, including humans.
[li]The Elements. Including fire, water, metals, earth, and various plants. This also includes anything having to do with the elements. So swimming, fire juggling, etc.
[li]Insects and Arachnids.
[li]The Weather. This one is not as bad as the others, but also includes the outdoors as a whole.
[li]Most Colours. This fear is more of a discomfort for colours, rather than a right out fear of them.[/li][/ul]

[li] Goals: Finishing his Wizarding education.
[li] Your Animagus: Some sort of small bird, most likely a dove or robin.</LI>
[li] Your Patronus: Emu.
[li] Your Patronus memory: A memory of his mother. Any of them would be his best bet.
[li] Dementor: The Death of His Mother.[/li][/ul][ul]<LI>[li] Personality:
Worry-wart: Andy is a worry-wart by nature, he always has something to be worried about, whether it be the weather or his families health. Andy tries his best to stop worrying, but he is not sure how to stop worrying, so he lives with it and takes steps to try and prevent his worrying nature from showing frequently.
Family Oriented: Andy has a huge family complex, he loves all his family and would do anything for them, though not all his family feel quite the same way about Andy. Andy is very passionate about his families safety and they are often the subject of all his worries and concerns, as he is to them. Even though Andy's father pays him little to no attention, Andy can't help but love him and never stops trying to speak to him, though his efforts are one-sided and always fail.
Fearful:Andy has many fears and they tend to control his life. He has difficulty ignoring them and it is nearly impossible for him to get rid of them. Many people have told him to 'chill out' but Andy is incapable of doing that and though he does try, he has yet to succeed.
Patient: Andy is very patient and does not like to rush, nor does he rush people. He likes to think things through carefully and he believe that requires patience. Andy finds it easy to be patient and has never lost him temper because of this.
Intelligent:Andy is quite an intelligent boy, he is well educated about things and likes learning. He enjoys reading, writing and reading again, he is often doing something that requires a little brain power, he has been known to just sit and think about educational problems (such as math, science, etc.) and try to find answers to them. He often tries to use his vast knowledge to calm himself down and to tell himself that things will be okay, but this rarely works and he usually realises how scary and how correct he was of something.
Low Self-esteem: Andy has little confidence in himself, mostly because of his many fears and the thoughts that run through his head. Andy looks and feel like he is inferior to everyone else and does not think he deserves to do much in life because of how mentally and physically weak he is.
Ambitious: Andy is ambitious, he is always striving to do better and to be better than he already is, but he is held back by his low self-esteem and fear of change, he has a hard time achieving things because he believe that someone else deserves it more than him and he knows deep in his heart that no matter what he does, his father won't be impressed.
Loyal: Though Andy is small, weak and fearful, he is also very loyal to people he trusts, if put in the situation, he has the ability to overcome his fears long enough to help someone he cares about out, though after doing so he will fall back into his normal, fearful and worrying state of mind.[/li][/ul][ul][li] <COLOR color="black">Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
[ul]<LI>[li] About this Zodiac Sign: Capricorns are very ambitious people, they always have something they are pursuing and they want their lives to be fulfilled and important. Capricorns are extremely patient and will wait a long time for something they want, when the opportunity arises, they will plan their steps carefully to others, they might appear hesitant. Capricorns have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration. Capricorns are very cautious but this only to survey the situation before leaping in, they will never make a hasty jump in. They accept change but introduce it slowly so they can get used to it and incorporate it into their life. Capricorns tend to see life in black or white, definitives only. There are no grey areas for these are areas that are not understood and this makes Capricorn feel uncomfortable.
[li]How it affects him: Andy is an ambitious boy, he dreams big, but does not always think he can achieve all he wants to. Though his dreams might appear small or simple, they are very important and serious to Andy. Andy is a very patient person, he is quite happy to wait for long periods of time without doing anything because he likes to have thing fully organised before he jumps in blindly to any given situation, he believe that the more prepared you are, the better you will be. Andy is very serious and finds it easy to concentrate on things, no matter the environment, though he might slip up at times when near one of his fears, with enough patients, he can concentrate on anything. Andy is cautious and double checks everything before moving on, he prefers to know what happened where and how it happened and how it could have been different, though this trait has caused him a lot of pain. Andy can accept change and learns to deal, though he prefers to have time to adjust to different situations, instead of just leaping blindly into new situations. Andy sees things simply, what could have been, and what has been. Though some people believe this to be quite naive and silly, Andy prefers to see the whole picture for what it is and finds it easier to just focus on these two things to get an appropriate opinion.[/li][/ul]
[/li][/ul][ul][li] Element: Fire
[ul][li]How it affects him: The element of fire gives Andy determination and passion, it makes him want to be better at all times and give him the ambition to continue being better. His added determination helps him withstand trails and helps him stand up for his family. The element of fire makes Andy have a temper, though it is buried under his shell of calm, it makes him have a protective edge in whatever he does and makes him passionate about things that are close to his heart.[/li][/ul][li] Chinese New Year sign: Monkey
[ul][li]About this Chinese New Year Sign: They are curious and clever people who catch on quickly to most anything. They appreciate difficult or challenging work as it stimulates them and makes them think. Monkeys are curious creatures as well. Some people call them nosy. Others call them interested. The Chinese say they are just downright curious. Although gifted with a strong intellect, creativity and intuition are nor their fortes.
<LI>[li]How it affects him: When Andy was younger, he was a lot like his Chinese New Year Sign, fun-loving, adventures, clever and imaginative. Though he still has these traits, they are suppressed by his fears, worries and his other stronger personality traits.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]

Andy Hydran

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Bloodwood Wand 15 1/4 Essence of Phoenix Ash
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</COLOR>[ul][li] Immediate Family:
[ul][li]Kevin Hydran, 40, Wizard.
Kevin, once fondly known as 'Kev-Kev', was an easy going and relaxed man. After his wife's death, his easy going and relaxed nature died with her and was replaced with a worrisome and quiet personality. Though Andy's father never abused him, he never noticed that his lack of appearance in Andy's life shaped Andy into the fearful and worrisome child he is today. Andy cares deeply for his father and wishes that he knew whether he felt the same way.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Amanda (Rowan) Hydran, deceased, Muggle.
Amanda, fondly known as 'Mandy', was a caring and sweet woman. Amanda died when trying to rescue a child from falling into the ocean from a cliff. The rocks she used to support herself gave way and both her and the girl went falling down. The girl survived because Amanda wrapped herself around the child and stopped her from getting the full force of the fall. Andy's relationship with his mother was a close one, he loved spending time with her and he loved seeing her happy. Andy misses his mother and wishes that she would come back to him, though he knows this will never happen, it doesn't stop him from wishing.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li][/ul][ul][li] Other Family:
[ul][li]Paternal Uncle:
[ul][li]Alexander Hydran, 38, Wizard.
Alexander is a calm and collected man who enjoys travelling and leading, he can be slightly pushy and can get a little too passionate on certain subjects, he is loud and enthusiastic he's 33 but sometimes he acts like a 21 year old and is full of energy.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]<COLOR color="#000">Elle Hydran Clairoux, 37, muggle.
Elle Clairoux was married to Alexander Hydran and is mother to Daniel Clarioux, she is a caring and likes singing and dancing, she is athletic and pushed her son to be also. She surfs and likes acting in musicals. Overall she is athletic and kind. Her and her husband decided to split and she won custody of their son, Daniel. She know lives with Daniel in France.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]First Cousin
[ul][li]Daniel Clairoux, 17, Wizard.
Daniel is older than Andy by 5 days and is the oldest of all their cousins. Daniel is an energetic person and loves the family unit. He was sent to France a few years ago and although the distance between Andy and Daniel is great, they keep in contact through letters. Daniel and Andy are confidants to each other and tell each other everything. Daniel tries to give advice to Andy on his fears, while Andy tries to give advice to Daniel about his incapacity to control his emotions. Daniel has never let Andy down and Andy loves him for that.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Michael Hydran, 41, Wizard.
Michael took his wife's last name because it was easier to pronounce than his original name. Michael is a hard working man that loves the simple things in life; he is caring and loves entertaining his daughter.[/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Paternal Aunt
[ul][li]Jacinta Hydran, 39, Witch.
Jacinta is a sweet woman that enjoys cooking and cleaning, she often sits down with a book in her hands and likes brushing her daughters and her own hair, Jacinta is always very kind to Andy and never yells at him if he does something wrong. [/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]First Cousin
[ul][li]Hazel Maye Hydran 17, Witch.
Hazel is mothering and nurturing, she is also intelligent and kind and loves Andy. Andy and Hazel are quite close and have been for years, especially because Andy usually goes over Hazel's house when his dad has had enough of him. Andy and Hazel are in the same house and run into each other often. Though she tends to baby Andy, Andy tries to put up with her as best he can.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]Paternal Uncle:
[ul][li]Jacob Kuya, 43, Wizard.
Jacob is a serious and intelligent man, though after having a few drinks is very funny, Jacob likes using magic and does do often though he also likes doing things by hand, Jacob loves his sons even though they love tricking him and play up a lot, Jacob is loyal and is a great public speaker. Andy respects Jacob because Jacob treats Andy like everyone else, Jacob is one of the only relatives that does not try to treat Andy like a child.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]First Cousin
[ul][li]Justin Kuya, 17, Wizard.
Justin attends the same school as Andy and was sorted into the Slytherin house. Justin is a sarcastic person by nature. He bends the rules when it suits him and likes to test people and see how they react. He takes insults in his stride, though being called a girl does irritate him. He doesn't trust people very quickly and can be very distant around new people. He sticks to family on most occasions, but does find himself talking to people on occasion. He is not an open person and likes to be able to pick and chose who he communicates with. When made prefect, Justin decided to make his house a little prouder and now tries to uphold the name of Slytherin as best he can.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]
[ul][li]First Cousin
[ul][li]Drake Kuya, 17, Wizard.
Of Drake and Justin, Drake is the younger twin. Drake was always the more personable of the two and was sorted into the house of Gryffindor, something he found horrifying. Because of a dispute between their mother and father, Drake and Justin found themselves in a custody battle, and their mother was winning. Knowing that his brother loathed their mother, Drake decided to live with his mother by choice and enabled Justin to remain in new Zealand. Drake now lives in France with his mother and step-family. He occasionally writes to Andy but not nearly as much as Andy would prefer.[/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li][/ul][ul][li]Pets:Bird.
Andy has one bird named Birdie, It's a female parrot and knows how to say 'Welcome my name is birdie.' and 'Birdie!' she also tends to say 'Don't worry Andy.' though Andy has no idea how she learnt this, he suspects his cousins have something to do with it.

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