Amara Vernamina Madden

Amara Madden

Ex-Police Officer ♦ Auror
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Looking)
Sexual Orientation
Curly 14 Inch Flexible Yew Wand with Thestral Tail Hair Core
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The Basics
Character's Name:
Amara Vernamina Madden
Character's Birthdate: March 24th, 2019
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Wand: Curly 14 Inch Flexible Yew Wand with Thestral Tail Hair Core
Educated At: Ilvermorny
House: Wampus
Position in the Ministry of Magic: Auror
Black, with some unnatural color for highlights
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'6"
Style: Jeans with a shirt, never girly. She prefers jackets and low cut tops.
Other Distinguishing Features: She wears a little make up, and she also has several scars on her arms from many fights.
A Little Deeper
Amara is closed minded, and tends to be suspicious of everyone she meets at first. She doesn't trust anyone and won't for a while. She is motherly at times, and fiercely protective of her family, since it is small. She is also loyal and laid back. Amara is friendly after she opens up, but it takes a while to get to that point.
Special Talents/Abilities: Amara is trained in weapons, close combat and dueling.
Amara grew up in a single mother household, supported by only Lucy Madden. She kept a close eye on Otis, who was born a little after their father was killed, who he was named after. Amara sacrificed a lot of her childhood, growing up too early so that Otis had the childhood that he deserved. They both went to Ilvermorny and were sorted into different houses. This caused her to rebel and hate the fact that she felt that she could not protect her brother. Amara may have rebelled, but soon, she found a new passion, which was to make those that separate families from one and another pay with prison time, or jail time. After graduating, she joined the police academy and passed with flying colors. After a few years, she moved to New Zealand where she would find her place, with her brother at her side. She applied to be an Auror since she thought that she needed to get back into the magical world.

Lucy Madden
Born May 1997
Education: Ilvermorny
Occupation: Healer

Otis Lucas Katsaros
Born April 1999
Died December 2020
Education: Durmstrang
Occupation: Historian

Otis Heron Madden
Born May 2021
Education: Ilvermorny
Occupation: Unknown

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