Alexis Rodes King

Alexis Rodes King

The Rodes are not easy to get on your side.
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Blood Status
Pure Blood
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Curly 12 1/2" Flexible Larch Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
(OOC: So my first character is very under developed and I welcome any pointers. I'm still fairly new to all this.)

Name: Alexis Rodes King
Birthdate: June 26th 2040
Blood status: Pure-blood
Appearance: (as simple as possible)

  1. Hair: Brunette
  2. Eyes: Hazelnut
  3. Height: 5 foot 2
  4. Style: Smart casual. Preferably always in a blazer for school. Jeans and button up shirt for weekends.
  5. Other features: Tattoo on left forearm, and distinct bird birthmark on her right side ribs just above her waist.
House: Slytherin
Wand: Dragon heartstring core, 12½" Flexible, Lurch Wood, Curved

More details:
Personality: Vindictive, introverted, observant, smart-ass, always willing to learn new things, attentive to detail. Short tempered and short attention span. Book nerd since it's the only thing she's capable of concentrating on for long periods of time. Origami lover and creator. Insomniac and slightly adventurous. Rule and boundary tester. Trustworthy, but doesn't trust others easily. Quick learner.
Family: No relation to the user @Nicolas King

Parents: Dead (Former Ravenclaws)
Godfather: Former Slytherin (I don't have a name for him)
Younger Brother: Zachariah Ezekiel King (2 year age difference) - Relationship could be closer, but is not.
History: Patents died when Alexis was fairly young due to a spell going the wrong way. They had gotten trapped in their house and burnt. Alexis had been visiting her grandmother in the hospital on that day. Shortly after the accident her grandmother died. She was raised by her former Slytherin godfather although she is the child of former Ravenclaw's. Her growing up situation was not entirely ideal at first as she slept in a hammock at the bottom of a stone tower. (Feel sorry for said Godfather he didn't know this would happen). It was designed as living courts by her godfather, and was initially designed for one person living. Her closest companion and only friend is her cat, Kaiba, a present she got for her tenth birthday from her godfather. Two years after the accident they moved (Alexis, Zachariah and their godfather) into a small house just big enough so each had their own space. All she knows about her family is the bloodline she came from (being old enough to remember their family tree) and stories that her godfather told her about before she was born. The floor of the tower was enchanted by her godfather to hide the family tree. Said tower is used for potion experiments now. The enchantment was placed after Alexis had drawn every detail she could remember of the family tree.

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