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Ailsa Murray Evans

Ailsa - In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ailsa is: Devoted to God. The name Ailsa is also a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Ailsa is: From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde.
Murray - In Irish the meaning of the name Murray is: Lord of the sea. The name Murray is also a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Murray is: From the sea.
Evans - In English the meaning of the name Evans is: Son of Evan. Evan is the Welsh form of the Hebrew John, meaning God has been gracious, or God has shown favor. Shakespearean Meaning: The name Evans is a Shakespearean baby name.

Ailsa's first name was always Ailsa's mother's, Mhairi's favourite girl's name, it had always been her favourite name, and she had always wanted to have a young girl that was just like her, she had once known a girl in her home town, who had had a similar name and had just thought it was a beautiful name. After Kalvyn had been born, Mhairi was desperate to have a girl, and was overjoyed when Ailsa was born, and that Jeremy in agreement that she should be called Ailsa. Ailsa doesn't really know the story of where her name was from, all she knows is that her mother always like it. Which is essentially it, but believes that there has to be more to it, since both her brother and her younger sister have names with a lot more meaning. Despite not really knowing about the origin of her name, Ailsa has always enjoyed her name. She likes that it's a little different. It's a little more complex and it's just not that common. She likes the way it rolls of the tongue. Ailsa would never change her name for anything, and believes firmly that between her and her sister she has the better name.
Murray is the surname of her mother. While Ailsa's parents are married, Mhairi has always known that she didn't want her children to lose part of who she was. Which was why all three of them share the same middle name of Murray. It's not that interesting, and Ailsa can never understand why her mother chose to do that rather than make the name something like Murray-Evans, which makes a little more sense. Ailsa has never minded having her middle name being something that she shares, but she doesn't think she'll ever understand the motivation that caused her mother to chose that sort of name, in that sort of fashion to have as a middle name. Ailsa doesn't really ever tell it to people, so it loses a little of it's importance. Or the importance that her mother was trying to give it by making sure that all of the kids had it. And explaining to them that it was her maiden name.
Evans is her father's name, and it is an old family name, which is incredibly common. She has always loved her surname. While it is so popular and many people do have it, she has always enjoyed it. It has never bothered her that she knows little of how her family came to get that specific name, and is more keen in the fact that she'd really want to be able to keep it. She hasn't ever given much thought to what she'll do about it if ever she was to marry. Mostly as she doesn't want to have to give it up. Evans is a big part of her life, and she would rather keep it than change her surname to something else.

Ailsa has always believed that her already short name means that it is difficult for her to have a nickname. She has been called Ilsa before, which sounds closer to Elsa, but, she would argue that it was just a mispronunciation of her name rather than anything else. She did have a few friends in school which called her Ai. It was not a nickname that she particularly liked, she dealt with it, and while in the beginning it really frustrated her, but as more people used it the less annoying it became until she actually really found that it didn't bother her. She would respond to it with ease. However that was always at primary school, and now older she doesn't think that nicknames are really something they use. She uses nicknames for others a lot, though doesn't think the people who are older should. Ailsa knows that this is a little bit of double standards, but it hardly stops her.

16 year old, Ailsa had always loved birthdays, while growing up she was the middle child, and always had to deal with the fact that she believed herself the least loved child of the lot, she always loved her birthday. She wasn't the type to have a list of things planned well in advance, but she liked the day, she loved opening presents, while she knows how to act shy when people sing her happy birthday, Ailsa really loves all the the attention. She tries to always have a party for her birthday, but at the very least she makes sure that everyone realises that it is in fact her birthday. At school it is obviously a lot more difficult for her to be able to celebrate her birthday with a party. She has always enjoyed parties and things like that, which is why she didn't really like the idea of boarding school in the beginning, magical or not, because she really didn't know about what birthday's and things like that would be like. But, as an 14 year old girl, Ailsa loves her birthday.

30th November 2024, Ailsa was born in London, England. When she was born, her family was still living within England's capital. Ailsa was born in St. Mungo's in London. She was a little bit of a tricky birth, mostly because her mother was sick with a flu at the time, and had a really high fever when her water broke. They feared that it might harm the baby, but aside from being born a little over a week late, the baby was born healthy, Ailsa's mother on the other hand suffered a lot and ended up having to stay in hospital for a little over a week. Ailsa was not allowed to be too close to her mother in the days following her birth, but was allowed to go home with her father while her mother was still in the hospital. Mhairi believes that this is why the two are not as close as they could be. While Ailsa does not agree that the two are not close she has always felt like her sister just got along with her mother a lot more than she had ever done.

As Ailsa is only 15 she does not have any profession aside from being a student at Hogwarts. Although at this age, Ailsa's preferred profession for when she does eventually leave school would be to be a quidditch player, but she's been having second thoughts about this career path as she moves up the school, as much as Ailsa enjoys sports she really enjoys defense against the dark arts and she likes the idea of being able to make the world a better place, though she doubts she could ever be an auror.


Name: Mhairi Evans
Birth: 15th March 1996.
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Professor.
Blood status: Mixed-blood

Name: Jeremy Evans
Birth: 29th March 1996
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Ministry official.
Blood status: Muggleborn

Name: Kalvyn Evans
Birth: 28th April 2021
Relationship: Brother
Occupation: HS, Ravenclaw
Blood status: Mixed Blood

Name: Eilidh Evans
Birth: 29 September 2027
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: Beauxbatons
Blood status: Mixed Blood

Father - Jeremy Evans, Muggleborn wizard, attended Beauxbatons. Born in America on the 29th March 1996, works at the ministry in London. A hard working man, with brown hair and green eyes like Ailsa. Jeremy was born and raised in America, his parents died when he was still quite young, and his eldest sister took the family under her wing at this point and took charge of it all. The family was very close, but when it was discovered that Jeremy was like his sister and was of magical there was a divide between those with magic and those without it. However, he attended school in France, and loved it. He was mostly taken care of during the holidays by Elliot and the pair grew to be very close, but obviously they grew apart too as they grew up. Jeremy had always loved animals, and pursued a career in that field, which drove him away from England therefore Mhairi but eventually he moved in with her. He had intended to return to America and stay with his sister a while, but due to the fact she was pregnant with her second child he moved in with Mhairi, and the pair grew incredibly close. They started dating shortly after, sort of falling into it, and then one night Mhairi got pregnant, they had been planning to marry, and while he hadn't proposed a lot of the plans were ready to go, so they were easily able to get married. It was this point that Jeremy chose a move stable job that allowed him to be close to his small family. Jeremy was a smart wizard, but he was overly academic, and always preferred the outdoors, much like Ailsa. He is very happy with his family, he wishes he was closer to the eldest two sisters, but he know that his being magic and them not has really driven them apart.

Mother - Mhairi "Murray" Evans, mixed blood witch, attend Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. Born in Edinburgh Scotland, raised in Sussex on 15th March 1996. Works as a professor at the wizarding school in Iceland. An incredibly smart witch, brown, almost black hair with brown eyes. She is youngest of three children, and has two older brothers. She was always the baby of her own family, and was incredibly spoiled growing up, which she has tried to do with her own children. Mhairi was raised in Edinburgh for most of her life in the very wealthy magical area on the outskirts of the city. She was born into money and always resented the sort of position that it put it in. However, both of her own parents were self made people who didn't have much growing up and ended up making their fortune and provide their three children with everything they could want in life. Mhairi was always an incredibly bright girl, she had a natural curiosity about the world, but was humble and careful. She never attended primary school, and was home schooled until it was time to go to Hogwarts, where she really excelled. Hogwarts was an easy school for her, and she passed all her classes with ease, but decided that she didn't really want something dangerous or high pressured, so she chose to teach, loving how nice it was, and how good it felt to be able to teach the younger generation about things. She and Jeremy met by chance, when both ended up in Florish and Blotts during the last summer before their seventh year, they ended up fighting over one book in the store, and in the end split the price and spent the day together reading it. They kept in contact throughout the year and ended up meeting again after they'd both graduated. They went their separate ways until Jeremy moved back to the UK at 22 and ended up living with Mhairi and the pair grew close until she fell pregnant at 24, the couple got married later in the year, while Mhairi was still not really showing. Mhairi studied and eventually got a job in the magical school in Iceland, which was the point where the pair moved to Sussex to really start their family. Ailsa had been born early in that year.

Brother - Older, Kalvyn Evans, currently attending Hogwarts Scotland, Ravenclaw. Born in Sussex on 28th April 2021.
Sister - Younger, Elidih Evans, too young to attend school yet. Born in Sussex on 29 September 2027.

Ailsa's family is relatively large, on her father side, he had three older siblings, all of them female. The eldest of the family is Katelyn Gray who was never overly bright, but incredibly beautiful, she married Kevin Gray a doctor who works in a private hospital in Northern Georgia. They have two children, Thomas, and Erin. Neither of whom are of magical blood. Ailsa doesn't see them very often, and they do not know anything about the face that Ailsa is of magical blood.

After that is the second eldest of the family, Crystal Dzienny, who was not so interested in school, and much more interested in preforming arts and things like that. She is a very good singer, and now privately tutors kids who want to learn to sing, she married Jeff Dzienny, whose family own a restaurant that he now runs. They have three kids, Joshua, Eva and Harley. The family lives in San Diego California, and all three kids are of muggle blood, though for a while Crystal suspected that Joshua might be magical. All three are not very interested by education, and much more in the preforming arts like their mother.

Lastly, Elliot Archer, who Ailsa's family is closest to. She was a bright young witch who did very well in potions. She married fairly young, to a muggle, Branson Archer. The couple have two children, Tybalt and Lydia, they had a third older son, who died when he was 11. The family used to live in America, but have since moved to Australia.

Both of Ailsa's grandparents on this side are dead, they died in a car crash in 2005. The pair were very loving and caring, muggles and worked incredibly hard to provide for their family, but it had been driving at night, that the car had veered off the road, and crashed into a tree which killed the pair instantly.

Ailsa's mother has two older brothers, the older of the two, Calum Murray, is a mixed blood wizard who currently lives and works in England with his wife, Dove Murray he attended Hogwarts Scotland, Gryffindor. They live in Manchester, but both work in the ministry in London. Calum works as part of the The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and his wife, Dove "Longman" Murray who also works at Gringotts along side the goblins. They have two children, Nicole Murray, 24, currently finishing her studies to become a nurse after having spent a good many years travelling the world, and Kieran Murray, 20, who has gone to muggle university to study history.

The younger of the two brothers, Rhuraidh Murray, is mixed blood, who attended Hogwarts Scotland, Gryffindor. He always bounced between jobs and places. He left school and became a healer, married his first wife in the summer of 2015 to a muggle. He never told her about what he did or the fact he was a wizard it was only after the birth of their second child that he told her, at which point she filed for divorce since the relationship had been crumbling and this was her way out. The two children they had split their time between the two houses, the oldest of the two, Aiden Murray, 20, who has decided to take a few years out, and is a round the world trip. The younger child, Joseph Murray, 18, who is in his final year of studies at Hogwarts Scotland, Slytherin, intends to get a career in politics when he leaves school. Rhuraidh remarried in the winter of 2031, to a young nurse, Zara "Milner" Murray who worked in the same magical hospital as in in Edinburgh, where his family now live. They have two children, with a third on the way, likely to be born in the summer of 2037. Patrick Murray, 5 and George Murray, 3.

Both parents are still alive, but are currently living on the Isle of Man, and do not often leave their home.

Ailsa has no pets, although she would really love a pet dog. She understands however that living at boarding school will mean she can't have a dog. A dog is the only sort of pet that Ailsa has ever wanted. She has never been interested in other pets. She isn't allergic to any, or anything like that, Ailsa has just never thought that anything other than a dog would be good for her. She doesn't see how cats are useful or as good as dogs.

Mixed blood, due to her having a mixed blood mother, and a muggleborn father.

Ailsa has grown up around magic her entire life, despite the fact that they lived in a largely muggle area, the house well protect and safeguarded from muggles, which gave her a certain degree of separation from the muggles. She did attend school with muggles but, has always held herself in a higher regard. She doesn't have a thing against muggles, nor does she hate them, she just prefers not being one. She would well pretty bad for anyone that she met that was not a magical, feeling that they really missed out on something that's great and fun. She's always seen magical people as being a little bit above non-magical people, but never in the way that some are. She doesn't really care about them, unless she's grown particularly close to any of the them. Which is unlikely for the most part. Knowing that she would be going to magical school, means that she always kept a little distance between herself and them. Despite that, Ailsa has always been proud of her magic, and really just feels bad for those without it.

Sussex, England.

Since she left school she moved in with logan in new zealand

With a Scottish mother and American father, this makes her half and half. Though she'd identify as English having always lived in England.

While Ailsa has only lived in one place it is not the one place that she would love to live. It's not even New Zealand. Ailsa at a young age ended up going to Oslo, Norway with her family, and she was blown away by it's simple beauty. The way it was nicely simple, the hotel they stayed in has always stayed with her. The light covering of snow, and everything. She has only been once, and it was in winter, but she honestly thinks if there was only one place in the world she could live it would be this place that she spent very little time. She has never thought about moving there seriously, mostly since she doesn't speak the language, and doubts she could play, but it has always been a pipe dream of hers to live in such a place.

FIRST HOME: A small apartment in South London. When she was born, her parents had both gotten their first real jobs, and so they were only really beginning to make any real money and had enough saved up to be able to move to a much bigger place. Outside of the city, where they were able to fill their home with more magical objects. Ailsa doesn't remember much of this place, not more than she's been told about it. They once stood outside it during a family trip to London, but it wasn't the type of place that they had ever intended to stay in. It had two bedrooms, a small living area with a kitchen and a small bathroom. It only had single glazing, and was pretty old. It was on the second floor. The place itself was not that modern, and while clean, didn't have much in it. There wasn't much space for Ailsa's parents to work with.

Straight, while too young to be falling for anyone, or having crushes, Ailsa is fairly certain that she is straight. She will grow to be curious, but never curious enough to try anything. She will always been very interested in men.

During the Yuleball of her fifth year at Hogwats, Ailsa once again attended with Logan, although this time, unlike the last ended so much better and they shared their first kiss, which Ailsa would also attribute to them finally starting on their relationship, a tentative but slow and lovely one. At this point Ailsa knows that she loves Logan, and would do anything for him. She would never see herself with anyone else. He is the most important person in her life currently.

Only up until recently had no crushes on anyone, but since spending more and more time with Logan, she's developed a small crush on him, although Ailsa keeps persuading herself to not do anything about it because of what happened during the beginning of their fourth year, but she does really like him and would really like for them to get together at some point.

Following a bet which Archie made with Orwell, Ailsa's first kiss was to Archie in his way of settling the bet, she had never put much importance on first anythings, and therefore never had any desire for her first kiss to be someone she was dating. Sharing the kiss with Archie in her mind was pretty disgusting, but she knew it was as disgusting for him as it was for her.

Ailsa has kissed Logan, it was her first real french kiss which they shared at the Yuleball of fifth year, and she had to admit that his lips and the feel of his kiss was definitely a hundred times better than the short kiss from Archie. She would never want to kiss anyone else.

Due to her young age, she has never been in any relationships.

Due to her young age, this is not something that could've happened.

Not happened yet.

Ailsa Evans was born under strained circumstances, her mother had been unwell with a pretty serious flu to the point where the doctor's at St. Mungo's hospital in London believed that some harm may come to her. So Ailsa's mother was induced into having Ailsa, during a period of time where her temperature had peaked. It was all a little bit crazy and the pregnancy itself took far longer than it would normally given the fact that Ailsa's mother was pretty out of it at the time. Ailsa was born a few weeks earlier than she was supposed and despite everything was born healthy and with a hearty pair lungs on her. Ailsa was born to two magical parents and into a family where she had one older brother. Ailsa was the first daughter and was pretty spoiled. That was until her little sister Elidih was born just over two years after. Ailsa grew up in a fairly standard home in England. She attended muggle primary school and began showing signs of magic at six years old. Her older brother who attended Hogwarts in Scotland had be quite removed from the family as a whole, and Ailsa would describe their relationship as odd. Ailsa had never really been too interested in education, but both her old brother and younger sister had always loved going to school and learning. Ailsa was much more focused on sports, and developed a keen interest in quidditch very early on.

When it was Ailsa's turn to go to Hogwarts, she didn't really want to attend Hogwarts in Scotland. She knew that her cousin, on her father's side had gone to Hogwarts New Zealand, and after a brief conversation between the two Ailsa's father decided to listen to what her daughter had been asking for and sent her to Hogwarts in New Zealand. Ailsa wasn't sure what to expect but has really enjoyed her time in Hogwarts so far. She was sorted in Gryffindor house, like her mother's brother had been. Ailsa and this uncle had always gotten along pretty well, and she was pleased to have been sorted into the same house as he was. She was also happy because her cousin, Tybalt was already a Gryffindor and knew if things went wrong that she had him to fall back on. Ailsa had a pretty normal first year, by the way things go. She didn't try-out for the team, but did meet her eventual friend, Archie Renner. They didn't really get along to begin with in the slightest. Ailsa who had always been very competitive because of her siblings saw him as an adversary. It did end up with them ending up in the hospital wing after a minor scuffle. This feud lasted until the beginning of second year.

Her second year at hogwarts passed without too much fuss. She attended classes and did things as part of the school. Joining the Gryffindor quidditch team as an alternate, pretty pleased with herself when she managed it. As from that, her second year at Hogwarts was one where nothing of any real note happened. During her third year, things continued much as they'd had before, but she had a new friend in the shape of Archie's new best friend, Orwell, she wasn't too keen on the guy to begin with but eventually came to warm to him. During this year as well, Ailsa began to struggle in her classes she worked very hard in them but still struggled in them, which lead to her taking to studying in the late hours of the night. Ailsa continued to play quidditch for the team and towards the end of the year she met Logan properly. Her fourth year at school would've passed without incident had what happened to Logan not happened, she feels very strongly for him, and in the end attended the Yuleball with him, while this didn't end in the way she might've liked it, Ailsa still enjoyed herself with him during the time they did spend together. It wasn't until midway through fifth year that they actually got together.

Can I clear my conscience, ,
if I'm different from the rest ,

Ailsa's hair has always been a light brown colour. She occasionally has darker brown hair, depending on sunlight, but unlike her sister's hair which used to be blonde and has changed to a much darker colour, to then be appearing to go lighter again, Ailsa's hair has stayed pretty much the same her entire life. Ailsa's hair is pretty fast at growing, and she's frequently getting it cut. She lets it usually sit at shoulder length, but has been known to let it grow to be much longer than that. It's naturally fairly curly, but that depends on how she washes and drys it. If she choses to wash it and let it dry naturally without brushing it or anything, it sits pretty wave, but should she chose to brush it while letting it dry, her hair will end up much straighter than normal. Ailsa is a pretty active kid so her hair is usually held back in a bun, or a French pleat, but she has a off center parting, giving her the impression of a small side fringe. Ailsa has always loved her hair, while at this point in her life she can not do much with it, she really enjoys it. It's part of her as much as anything else is.

Ailsa is very tempted to dye her hair. She's always been a very curious sort of person, but her hair, while she loves it dearly would be greatly interested in testing other colours in it. She doesn't know what she'd suit, and doubts that she'd be able to pull off blonde or anything like that, but she would be tempted to dye part of her hair in various colours, like red or green. She isn't fussed about it, but she thinks that she should wait until she is both older and when her hair is much longer. She wants to have her hair dyed, so it gets progressive darker towards the tips of her hair. Ailsa has not approached her parents about this, mostly since she believes that they will be very against it, but she knows that she won't always have to do what her parents tell her.

Ailsa's eye colour is very like her siblings, in which they are all various shades of green, and Ailsa has the lightest of all the green eyes. She has always had fairly light green eyes. They have a little bit of yellow if someone looked close enough, but her eyes are very much green. She has always loved her eyes, they sort of stand out, but of all her siblings she believes she has the nicest eyes. She loves her eye colour, and while would be interested to see what she looked like without them, realises that she would much rather have her eyes over any other type of eyes ever.

Ailsa has several small birth marks dotted throughout her body, but most are fairly faint and most wouldn't be seen if the person wasn't really looking for them, she has never been bothered by her lack of birthmarks, though would sort of like if she had a couple more that were visible. Hers are mostly dots rather than anything else. Ailsa thinks most of the time that she would like to have more and bigger birthmarks she's actually really happy with what she actually has currently, and would likely actually really hate it if she had anything more than what she's got already. It's all fine well on others, but she doesn't think she would be able to deal with it if it was her.

Ailsa has never been a large person, as a young baby she was a little on the chubby side, but she lost most of the weight as she grew taller. She's always been a very active child, and therefore has quite a lean build. She's neither particular tall or short for her age. She is perhaps not as tall as most her age, but it is likely that she will grow a lot in the years to come. Ailsa has never been bothered by her body shape. She has had the advantage of being incredibly sporty and being good at keeping active. She does eat a lot of junk food, but is the type to immediately run it all off. She doesn't really have a problem with people of different shapes and sizes, believing it as just a way of life. She doesn't care as long as they don't try preaching to her. Ailsa is however pretty pale, never been that good at tanning, or anything like that. She has long eyelashes and small dimples when she smiles, something that she gets from her mother's mother. Ailsa has a fairly normal body type for someone of her age, though it's a little more lean than most.

Ailsa's strong suit has never been anything to do with the sciences, she was never very good at them in school, and this was carried on to her knowledge of what her blood type is and what this then means for her. She has never needed any blood, or had to give any blood. Her parents just had her tested as a baby, just so that they knew. It's standard, but they've been sure that Ailsa knows it. Though she doesn't know what it means, and would be likely to forget in a stressful situation, but her parents feel safer is she knows her blood type, and that the has the knowledge somewhere in the depths of her mind. Ailsa isn't in the slightly bothered by that at all.

Right Handed
Ailsa falls in line with the rest of her family on this occasion. The only one of them to not be right handed is Eilidh who for some reason while watching Ailsa learn to write thought that she was supposed to learn with her left, and then mimicked her writing using her left hand. Ailsa has always been right handed. She knows that it's the stronger of the two hands, she believes that it's the hand which will serve her better in quidditch. She has never thought to even try with her other hand. It has never been an interest to her to try to write with her left hand, and so has never actually tried it. She is a generally curious kid, that has never had any interest in trying to learn to write with her other hand. Ailsa would believe in trying to improve her other hand for quidditch, but that would be the only reason.

To Come.

Having grown up in England, Ailsa has a very clear english accent. It's not an overly harsh accent, mostly softened by her mother's slightly scottish accent, and her father's American accent, which has lost a lot of it's touch because of the fact he's lived so far from it for so long. She has a strange mix of accents growing up, which explains why hers is just a soft english accent rather than the usually accent that can be found in the Sussex area. Ailsa feels that she stands out pretty clearly while in New Zealand, but she doesn't mind it so much. Since, Ailsa has found that a lot of people in Hogwarts have different accents. While the vast majority have a clear New Zealand accent, there are still many with other accents. An array of different accents.

Ailsa is only able to speak english, she has tried on a number of occasions to learn to speak french, but every time it had been awful. Ailsa has never been gift in school, she can get by, and that's about it. She doesn't really try that hard admittedly, but she also doesn't think she'll need to learn anything else. Ailsa can speak a few words of french, and say the phrase that she doesn't know any French. The only language that Ailsa would even be interested in learning is Norwegian, mostly because she would really love to move to the country at some point in her life, and would want to be able to communicate with those around her, rather than being the girl who was unable to learn the language.

Ailsa has never been allergic to anything. She has never had an allergic reaction to anything that she has ever tasted or tried. It always appeared that she would always be fine. Her brother has a few food allergies, but those are manageable. She has none and is really pleased about it. While nervous about it, because of her brother, she has always been very eager to try all food, and would find that she could not be so free with what she eats because of the fact that she would be allergic to something. Which would ruin her fun.

Ailsa doesn't really have a personal style yet. She dresses in whatever she can find. She's not fussed about looking her best, nor is she interested in spending the time to try to find something that was perfect for her shape. She's too young to care about what others think about her, so this extends pretty easily to the clothes that she wears. She likes to dress casually, and has always preferred clothes that are lose on her. But, since most of her clothes are still at this point picked out by her mother, she knows that she really has very little control over what she wears. Ailsa likes jeans more than anything, but has found, as she's grown that she actually really likes wearing skirts too.

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Ailsa Vacarius

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Ailsa loves quidditch above all other things. She has always really loved it, and it would be one of the most difficult things ever to make her not love it. She's always loved being competitive, and being able to have fun with it. She has never been overly concerned with falling or hurting herself. Flying to her is amazing, and she doesn't understand why someone would not want to do it. She doesn't understand why a person would not even want to learn how to fly. Aside from that, Ailsa really enjoys annoying people, she likes spending time with the people she cares about but she also really likes being able to spend time with her friends and hang out with them. She doesn't always have that many friends but she likes being around the ones that she does. Ailsa loves sports, and she really loves running around, having fun. She really doesn't care much about education but really loves being able to cast spells and doing witch type things. Which really does include flying. Ailsa loves sweets, and most sugary things. If it wasn't for all the sport that she did, Ailsa would not be in shape at all. She loves christmas, and birthdays, she prefers summer over winter. But, she really loves when it's stormy and she can enjoy it from the comfort of the indoors, though she doesn't like it when it stops her from being able to play. Despite never liking the subject much herself, Ailsa has really warmed to the muggle subject maths, she's not very good at it, but she enjoys watching Logan do various maths related things even if she herself could never do it.

Ailsa unsurprisingly really dislikes those people who dislike quidditch. She doesn't understand it, and she doesn't really give their opinion the light of day in her world. She thinks that any self respecting wizard should enjoy quidditch and be able to watch it. They don't need to like playing it or even flying, but to not even be able to watch it, to her is just ridiculous. If she made friends with someone and then it turned out that they didn't actually like quidditch she'd very quickly close the door on that friendship. It would be hard for her to get passed. Ailsa dislikes long boring lectures, or classes that involve a lot of reading. She finds them dull and uninteresting. she doesn't really think that they have much of a place in her education. She doesn't like when people call her a tomboy or accuse her of not being lady like because of her loves of sports. She doesn't believe that a person needs to be one or the other. She doesn't take much care in her appearance, that makes her no less of a girl because of it. Ailsa really dislikes ice and snow, she really hates nutmeg, and has never enjoyed mince pies. In recently times Ailsa has discovered she really hates being helpless, she hates feeling like she can't protect people or save them from anything.

Ailsa has always had one set goal in her life and it was upon leaving school to play quidditch. That has been what she's wanted to do with her life for years, and while she realises that she'll need to work hard and that it'll be endlessly tricky, she wants that more than anything. Ailsa knows that a lot of people would have set things like captain as goal, but for her, it's never really been a thing that bothered her. She was always just the type that just wanted one thing. And that one thing in this situation is being able to play. Admittedly, Ailsa would like to one day maybe have a family, but for now, her goal is to play quidditch professionally when she leaves school. In a perfect world she would play and be able to live in Norway, but she's take being just able to play to begin with.

What Ailsa fears most is losing the ability to fly. Either through an accident or just through a spell which means that she can no longer fly, and also therefore no longer be able to play quidditch. She has always read horror story situations about various things that happen to players of quidditch which means that they can no longer play, and it's her worst fear. She knows that she'd find something else to do with her life, but just the thought of not being to fly, or being able to play terrifies her.

Ailsa is of course too young to be able to cast a patronus, much less one that would take on an actual form, but Ailsa believes that her patronus would be a Flying squirrel. As much as it's pretty strange, she has always enjoyed the animal and thinks that their sped, and the fact that they can only fly for short bursts is a little like her. They aren't the smartest animals but good enough to survive pretty well. Which is why she believes her patronus would be that.

Ailsa has had a pretty good life so far, but, this would easily be the day she finally persuaded her parents that she should be allowed to go to Hogwarts, in New Zealand rather than the one that her brother was at. As much as Ailsa is close to her family, she has always wanted to go to Hogwarts New Zealand rather than the one in the UK. She just thinks it's better, and she'll be without her brother. So, she can excel on her own without her brother and his achievements hanging over her head. She was just so happy about it. It was just a way of her to break apart from the family unit and have a little fun alone. Not having to follow in the legacy of her brother had surely created because of how smart and studious he is.

Ailsa has had a pretty normal life up until this point there have been few incredibly trying times for her, which makes this quite difficult, but it would likely be the first night when her older brother had gone to school. Mostly since their family at that point had been really close, and despite the age gaps between the children, everyone had been really close and for Ailsa's parents letting him go to the school was hard, their first born going off to face the world, and Ailsa remembers it being one of the longest nights mostly because of how much her mother was crying, she would not stop crying from what she remembers about this evening, and despite the fact that really it didn't involve her and by the next day things were fine, she just remembers in her young mind thinking that he'd died or something. That she'd lost her brother that while she hadn't been overly close with had been close enough to that losing him would be hard for her. She doesn't talk about this night for that very reason, but it has always stayed in her mind, which is why despite the fact that the two do not get along that well at all, she still really loves him.

Ailsa has very little to admit, to those that she cares about her honesty about herself and general things towards them is a little startling, but really the one thing she would admit to would be how she feels about her family. Ailsa knows that middle children struggle a lot with their place in the family than most but she honestly feels like she's the odd one out of her family. She would say that she feels like she's been adopted and that of all her family, she really does feel like the least loved. Her parents are overly proud of their eldest son, and overly protective of their youngest daughter, but Ailsa caught in the middle of this is neither. She is the sporty person in the family who receives very little from her family. She would easily admit that she doesn't think that it's fair that she gets treated differently. That her parents put too much pressure on her to be like her brother and yet none on her sister. Ailsa feels singled out by the family unit as the one child who won't ever really amount to anything and therefore needs the least amount of attention.

She would see herself playing quidditch. The titles and who she's playing for don't matter, she would just see herself flying and enjoying herself, because she is honestly at her happiest point when she flies. Ailsa is always happiest in the air, which is why she fears losing it so deeply. She has always loved playing sports, but seeing herself playing for a team, and helping them to victory is what she would see in the mirror. It is her hearts greater desire.

While Ailsa is still a little young to fully understand what this is, she would smell the smell of lavender first, followed closely by mint and then quill ink. Having had a small garden growing up with these items, they've always made her feel happy. She would smell the bitterness of coffee and find it amazing, as well as the strange smell that a heater gets when it heats up. Ailsa has always tried to fill her room with the best smells and her room back home has always had a very strong sweet smell of honey. For a girl who is not the sweetest person she loves the smell of sweet things. She has always had a little bit of a sweet tooth in general, but this does stretch over to the fact that she loves the smell of sweet things more than anything.

Ailsa has never really looked up to one specific person, not in the same way that most would, but she just always looks up to the people on the quidditch teams that she goes to see. She has always loved quidditch, and while it's what she wants to do with her life, it's a little bit confusing for her at times, because she would get nervous from flying in front of that many people with that much pressure on her shoulders. She would get nervous and all that, so she has a huge amount of respect and admiration for the people who fly in the teams for the matches. She thinks that win or lose it's a huge responsibility for each person to take on, it's important, and because of that, Ailsa has always looked up to them, and said, I want to be just like them. Which is why she doesn't look up to one particular person, but more a lot of people in one profession.

Agnostic, was never actually a member of any religion.
Ailsa was not raised in a religious family, and being raised as a witch no one in her family was really that religious at all. But, she spent time with a good many friends of a number of different religions while at primary school, and has since realised that she's not so sure about there being nothing. She has always enjoyed the idea of it, but it's always been something that has played on her mind. She has never outwardly expressed this to anyone, she has never really talked about it with people, not wanting people to shut her out, or call her stupid because of it. She has always thought that people wear their beliefs too much on their sleeves, and at times, really shouldn't. Mostly as the situation that the person is in may not call for it.

As Ailsa is very young, she doesn't have any set views when it come to politics. She doesn't have an opinion on if the magical or muggle government are any good. She has never tried to understand it, mostly as in her mind it's too complex for her. Because of her young age and her disinterest in things like that. She doesn't even know which way her parents would lean in this situation, she has never asked, and nor does she ever intend to.


Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, Sagittarians possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic zodiac signs of all. Like their astrological symbol - the Archer - Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring - a love partner, dream job, vacation - and making it their own. They believe that anything is possible - and because of this belief system, Sagittarians are adept at seeking out their very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But sometimes trying to tie down these free-spirited individuals is frustrating for those around them. Sagittarians are happiest on the move - exploring new cultures and ideas and many are attracted to occupations related to travel, the media, outdoor work and philosophical pursuits. In love, their catch-cry is "don't fence me in". But once they find a partner who understands their need to retain their own sense of self and identity, Sagittarians can be the most big-hearted, generous and fun-loving companions of all.

Ailsa is a well behaved girl, she is a determined and generally gets her way. She is the middle child in her family, and does always fear that she's going to be forgotten or left behind because she's the middle child. She likes having adventures and is very argumentative when she wants to be. She prefers sports over academic stuff, but because she doesn't want to be forgotten or the least loved, she still works incredibly hard. She is a generous person, but who does for the most part, watch out for herself before others. She tends to worry a lot, but over all she's just a bright young child. She is always trying to prove herself, and will not always think about consequences before she does things. Ailsa is prone also to right now, fighting to always get her way. She doesn't like losing to others, and prefers to win. She will not always cheat to get her way, but if someone else does she will. Ailsa likes annoying people who annoy her first, which is not her best trait, but just the way that she is. Ailsa has never struggled with understanding who she is. She has never had that problem, she has always been very aware of herself. She can be a little self-conscious about certain things, and in times of high stress she'll likely panic and might even just break into tears.

I was never one for pretenders ,
everything I tried to be ,
West Sussex Nursery and Primary School

Because both of her parents worked full time jobs, Ailsa started at the nursery of the school, which began when she was three years old, and she left the school when she was 11, when it was time for her to go to high school, or really in Ailsa's case magical school.

Ailsa's primary school did not have any houses. It had people sorted based on their year and nothing else. it was a very typical school, and it was only the high school part of it which had houses. This was mostly due to the high population of students, and the ability to then be able to play more competitive sports. Ailsa didn't mind not having houses in her primary school. It didn't really need anything. And it would've in her mind been pretty pointless. Caused unnecessary tension between young pupils.

Ailsa was too young to have any real first thoughts of either the primary or nursery part of the school. She liked it a lot, and she liked the friends she had made during her time at the school. To her it was a pretty interesting place, despite it's slightly small size, and the fact that her family was likely to be the only magical people in it. It was a little tricky when she grew to the age when she started doing accidental magic, but other than a few unexplainable things, her teachers and friends never really noticed anything, and asked few questions about it. Despite the fact that Ailsa had not been overly attached to the place, she does at times miss some of the friendships that she made during her time at it. In primary school she was a little disruptive, and generally could get all the attention she liked.

As previously stated, Ailsa was never particularly studious, she liked sports class most of all, just because it was fun, and she liked sports more than she liked any other aspect of learning. She found most other parts of it boring, though she'll admit that being able to read write and count are pretty neat skills, she didn't particularly excel at anything unlike both of her siblings. She loved sports because they got to run around and have fun, learn about different sports then actually be able to try them. It was a little repetitive at times, and they didn't always get to play the sport seriously, but it was still one of her favourite lessons.

Anything that was anything to do with any of the sciences. It was not just that she wasn't good at them, but she also didn't like them. Being magical, gave her a different outlook on life she thought, so to her it was pretty obvious that somethings were easier with magic, and that didn't really motivate her to learn anything while at the school in those lessons. She was always looking to try and do something better during these classes, and it was always the lessons she got in trouble for. She just wasn't interested in what they had to teach her.

Ailsa would really argue that she had no favourite teacher. She didn't like learning, and most of the teachers didn't really like her, because they said she was wasted potential. As in they meant that if she put in even a little more work then she could be one of the brightest in the room, but because she didn't try, they would never know. Ailsa didn't like that, but it didn't motivate her to do any better. She was happy just gliding through, doing just well enough. However, her favourite teacher was not someone that taught her, but the one of the other teachers that was only at the school for two years while Ailsa was also there. This teacher was much more interested in Ailsa and she was much easier to talk to. She would even allow for Ailsa to vent to her about the trouble she was having.

This would be ever teacher that had ever taught Ailsa but, really the one she had when she was eight was by far the worst teacher she'd ever had. Ailsa knew that she was just an old strict woman, but she had it in for Ailsa from the moment she'd stepped into the room. Her brother and this teacher had gotten along so much better, and this woman knew that Ailsa was never trying hard enough, so set her more work to try, but when it was obvious that she wasn't ever going to put in more work, the professor just started to ignore her. Picking on her occasionally, and then other times just ignoring her. There was no way for Ailsa to win, so she didn't bother, not letting this teacher's frustration get to her.

With her mother being a professor, Ailsa has always been taught to never skip school, and only on the days when she had a dentist appointment or something would Ailsa ever miss lessons. She would even go to school when she was sick, just as long as she wasn't too sick. It wasn't the best, but it's put in Ailsa an attitude of no matter how much she hates it, she would definitely still go to the class. Which means that she'll likely always have near perfect attendance, but not perfect grades.

Ailsa only really joined sports clubs while she was at school. She was on the football team, rugby team and the field hockey team. She wasn't really interested in any of the acedemic things, so she was never interested in joining any of those things, despite her parents always trying to get her to join a few more things that didn't revolve around sports, but they allowed Ailsa to pick what she wanted to do, so she decided that she would be better suited to sports, and so that was what she did. Her parents couldn't pull her out of any because Ailsa turned out to be really good in all of them, which meant that the coaches of the various teams, really encouraged her parents to let her keep with it. It's one of the things she really misses. She can't do as much sports at Hogwarts since all they really have is quidditch, which frustrates her slightly.

Ailsa despite her being good in sports, was never given any positions of any authority, mostly due to her much poorer grades and reluctance to put much effort into her school work. Not that this ever bothered the girl. She was never interested in become the best at anything, or being the one to be picked out as responsible enough for any position.
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Knotted 13 Inch Flexible Acacia Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

Length: A strange length for a wand and a number which symbolizes misfortune.
Style: The knots of this wand's original wood remain clearly visible - earthy, this style of wand is perhaps most traditional and closest to nature.
Wood: Known to keep its magic from all but its master, wands with Acacia wood are rare to see and incredibly difficult to work with - usually these wands are only used by the subtly powerful.
Core: The animal is known for its healing qualities and unbridled beauty, so it is no surprise that wands with unicorn hair are particularly successful at performing healing spells. Wands with this core bond with their first caster, making wands with this core not good as hand-me-downs. These wands are useful with charms and transfigurations.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.

Ailsa had been incredibly excited about getting a wand, she had believed that it would be the best thing for her. She couldn't wait to hold it in her hand and feel it's weight, so when the time finally came, she was incredibly interested about what her wand would be like. When she first saw it, she had to admit that she thought it looked amazing, a good length, neither too long or too short, and it had a strange array of knots which gave the wood a much authentic feel to it than she had imagined than it would have in the end. She picked it up in her hand, and thought that she'd finally understood what those disney films used to spout about love at first sight, because it was what she felt about the wand. She loved it a lot more than she ever thought than she would. She then really loved the description of the wand and all the things that it was. She wondered why a wand with a wood that picked those who were subtly gift would be the one to pick her, but it did. She was also very surprised but endlessly pleased with the wand core. She had always loved the idea of unicorns, despite never having seen one in real life, and it's one of the animals that she can't wait to be able to see when she can pick the lesson. All in all, Ailsa was utterly blown away by the fact that it was so amazing and just felt so truly perfect.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Ailsa had of course been waiting to go to Hogwarts New Zealand, ever since she'd read about it from a letter from her cousin, but she had believed that she'd never actually be able to go to the place, so when she finally arrived at it Ailsa was utterly blown away by it's magic. By the sheer size of it, by it's beauty, by it's simplicity. Ailsa was truly amazed by it all. She knew that she'd made the right choice of coming to this school over the other. While she was breaking from the small tradition that her family had, she felt like it was a much better fit. She also believe firmly that her older brother preferred that she was at this school rather than at school with him. She was interested and curious by it all. She didn't care so much about the classes, but everything else was interesting to her.


Ailsa had been incredibly nervous during sorting. She hadn't really known where she might be placed. She doubted that she would be like her brother and therefore be sorted into Ravenclaw, but she didn't know where she might end up. She wasn't particularly hard working, which cancelled out Hufflepuff, not that she really liked the sound of such a house. She knew it left her with two choices. Ailsa wanted to be part of Slytherin house, but she was very open to the idea of being a Gryffindor, because she at least knew someone in the house. She didn't expect to be sorted into it. She knew that she was more selfish than brave. That she was more mean than she was kind. She had a short temper and liked focusing on herself, but the hat had in the end placed her with her older cousin, and in the end once she'd sat with some Gryffindors and gone back to the dorm, had been incredibly happy. Despite how nervous she had felt throughout, she was incredibly happy to have been placed in that house over the others.

Ailsa Evans could not quite believe where she was. She couldn't believe that this was Hogwarts New Zealand. All the arguments that she'd made about it. All the fights that she'd won, and finally here it was. Hogwarts New Zealand. The stone beneath her feet. The stones in the wall. All of it. All of it was that school she'd been waiting for, for years. She knew she wouldn't be able to sway her brother into transferring, or her sister into considering it over the other Hogwarts. Which Ailsa was perfectly okay with. She had wanted to go to Hogwarts in New Zealand because of how different it was to the other school, but still how similar. She couldn't believe that soon she would be sorted into a house. Her mother had been a ravenclaw and her brother was a slytherin. She knew that for her, it could go any of the ways. She was just sure that hufflepuff was the least likely of the four. It was just another house in which she knew she wouldn't do too well. They were all hard working in that house. She was only hard working at the things she actually wanted to do. Nothing else. Not ever. Ailsa was glad that she'd won those arguments, she was happy to be surrounded by those students who were to be her fellow students in the years which followed. She couldn't wait to get started on the lessons, which was odd because Ailsa was not studious. She was incredibly excited to see the pitch. To be able to get out to it and try it out. She was looking forward to being able to test out the different school brooms, since she did not yet own one. She was looking forward to joining any other sports clubs too. She was just very much looking forward to this entire experience. All the years she would have here, all the achievements she would make. She hoped to make. She couldn't wait to see what this school was really like. She couldn't wait to test the water, and push all the right boundaries. Ailsa was very excited to be there at Hogwarts, and at those thoughts, she followed the moving crowd into the great hall.

From what she'd heard was that actually in layout, the schools were pretty much the same. But, she was sure that it was the people that made it different. From what she knew, Slytherin here, was one of the best houses. The had some bad eggs, as such, but so did the other houses. It was a strong house, but then she knew that her cousin was in Gryffindor house, so that added something to that house. Ravenclaw was nice, and while Ailsa liked to think of herself as smart, she was really only good at sports, that didn't very often translate to anything other than playing well. It wasn't as her father, a real measure of intelligence. Ailsa was then left with Hufflepuff, and she thought the house would be plenty nice, she knew that it wasn't the right house for her. Though Ailsa did in part realise that a house like Hufflepuff might just tone her down slightly, so it could still be an option for her. It was difficult, she hoped the hat would do a better job than she was with this sorting business. Ailsa glanced to the headmistress as she began to speak. Ailsa, being of a slightly smaller stature made her way to the front of the crowd. She listened to what the headmistress said and then to what the sorting hat said, or well, what the sorting hat sang. She had of course known this would happen, but it was interesting to see it happen first hand. It was nice to hear singing that was both bad in her mind, but that she also didn't mind listening to. It was delaying what was to come. The exciting bit, which Ailsa felt a little nervous about. She tucked a few stray strands of her long brown hair behind her ear and then looked back up at the stage. She wondered if the professor would correctly pronounce her name, since some were a little more nervous about it than others. She knew that she wouldn't have to wait too long when the sorting hat, finally finished his song, and the sorting got under way. She watched carefully as her classmates got up, sat down in front of the school and got sorted. She was getting nervous the longer she was made to wait. She was just so thankful when the surnames hit E, and not too much later, "Evans, Ailsa".

Ailsa smiled brightly, both glad the professor had said it right, not like some pronounced it El-sa, but Ale-sa. She was also smiling because she was now walking to her fate. Ailsa sat herself on the stool and waited. It was only a matter of minutes before she was sorted, and she couldn't wait.

"Hufflepuff as your least likely house, hmm? I think it's a fairly obvious choice for you! There's something beneath the surface, but I'm not too sure how interested you actually are in exploring it... it may require you to break some rules now and then. Well, let's give you the chance at least - let's see what you can accomplish in GRYFFINDOR!"

Has now graduated

FIRST YEAR: First year was one of the years that Ailsa did a lot during. She was very interested in doing well while at the school, since she had taken so much to persuade her father to let her attend. She joined a few clubs, but did not in that year chose to try-out for the team. She knew that while it would be good, as a first year it made more sense that she wait. Ailsa made a few friends during this year, though she didn't make as many as she thought she would.

SECOND YEAR: Second year was the year that Ailsa for some reason decided to be much less out there. She tried to focus on her studies but most of the time just ended up in her dorm or on the pitch practicing or sleeping in the respective places. She joined the quidditch team as an alternate and was very happy with this. She didn't do too well in classes but tried her best.

THIRD YEAR: Third year was the year that Ailsa began really struggling with her classes she had more trouble with them then than she'd ever had trouble before. Ailsa continued to play quidditch and try to be active around the school, but she wanted to begin focusing more on her studies over the quidditch even though it was a serious struggle, and she spent a lot of time working in the late hours of the night since she discovered that she just worked better then.

FOURTH YEAR: Fourth year would've been a perfectly normal year for Ailsa had it not been for what happened to Logan, after he had been attacked things for Ailsa changed too, she continued to work towards her grades, spending late nights with him, as well as quidditch, although getting increasingly frustrated by the direction it was taking by the captain, but she developed feelings for Logan and a sense of protectiveness towards him. She wanted to rid the world of people like Chaos who would seek to harm, maim or kill muggleborns like Logan.





Ailsa was very proud of herself to have gotten to that point of her life.

Ailsa couldn't believe that it was finally her graduation, that she was to graduate. The teen was sitting with her peers, and she was to finish this part of her life. The only person that she had wanted to be at the graduation was hopefully sitting within the auidence, it was such a bittersweet moment, she had wanted to graduate with Logan but she would be satisfied to just have him see it. The teen couldn't really believe that she was at long last graduating, it seemed too surreal as a thing. She had dressed nicely, done her hair well, really made an effort for the occasion but it still felt weird, she would be leaving the school, she would be sleeping in a different room, she would be able to get a job, spending days and evenings with the boy she loved, go out and spend time away from a school, away from books and lessons that made her do so much work.

Ailsa listened to the speeches by the head people and was just happy to listen along. It was a far thing to say though she doubted that Logan would appreciate it had he actually come. The teen was then finally at the point where she would receive her certificate. Ailsa stood proudly, brushing down her clothes and had a large smile on her face, beaming with pride. It did seem like the time had passed so quickly and yet it had been a long seven years. Ailsa's name was called and she stepped forward, crossing the stage and receiving the diploma and shaking his hand before walking off the stage. There was such a moment of euphoria as she returned to her seat, it felt so amazing to finally have it in her hands to have managed it. To have finished school. Ailsa couldn't help the smile that could not be erased from her face.

In her final year of school, Ailsa began a prefect and also became co-captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team. She is very proud of her contribution to both of these places. In her second last year of school that she took on the position of vice-president of the heta omega. These positions that she received in the latter parts of her schooling, and she was proud to help there in any way she could.

First Year

Potions: E

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Flying: A
Second Year

Potions: P

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: P

Charms: P

Transfiguration: P

Astronomy: P

Herbology: P

Third Year

Potions: E

History of Magic: P

Defence Against the Dark Arts: E

Charms: A

Transfiguration: E

Astronomy: P

Fourth Year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O
Sixth year

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Apparition: Pass


Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

For Ailsa the choice of favourite class is pretty hard. She isn't sure what her favourite class is, she doesn't really like any of her classes if she was really honest about it. She does sort of like Defence Against the Dark Arts, but that's mostly for the fact they get to learn how to cast different spells. She was looking forward to being able to do more in that class. Hopefully, she thinks that with time, she'll learn to love this class or really any class so as to be able to pick out a favourite.

This is simple, for Ailsa her least favourite class is History of Magic, or even transfiguration. Both of those classes are incredibly long and boring, and lots of the time include way too long lectures. Which is why she has grown to dislike them. Her mind just shuts off from it and she'll be more likely to mess around in those classes. She just thinks that two classes that could be very interesting are made incredibly boring by the professor's running them.

It would be difficult for Ailsa to pick out a favourite professor, but she'd likely say that hers currently would be the current younger years potion professor. She knew that the man is a no nonsense kind of guy and she likes that. She also enjoys the potion making side of it, and that they get largely left to their own devices when it comes to it.

This is likely the easiest one for Ailsa to answer, ever since losing house points in Charms, Ailsa has hated that professor with a burning passion. She thinks very little of him, and would rather be in any other class than in a class with him. She realises or the rational part of her brain realises that she likely brought it upon herself but she still hates him with a burning passion. She can't wait until she's old enough to be able to have the other charms professor as her teacher.

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