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Aroha Blenheim

Bold | Adventure-seeking | Stubborn
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Mixed Blood
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Straight 12 1/2 Inch Flexible Reed Wand with Essence of Belladonna Core
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Aroha was intrigued by all the floors, in all honesty. She would happily look around the entire castle given the opportunity, but she had heard a rumour about ghosts on the sixth floor that had caught her attention. Aroha decided to bring along her newfound dormmate, Fiona, on an adventure through the corridor. It wasn't even one they were meant to be on as first years, which added to the excitement. No classes were on the floor that were relevant to them. Aroha examined the paintings on the wall, walking by them. There were so many portraits and landscapes, and all of them moving. "Do you think we'll see a ghost?" Aroha asked, as they stepped through the hallway. "I never even knew ghosts were real, and now apparently they have them here, in this castle," she said in an excited tone, rambling slightly.
Fiona was glad to tag along with her roommate on a little adventure. She had been curious about all the nooks and crannies of the castle. Everything just looked so cool to explore. Even though she had heard many stories from her own siblings, experiencing the castle was completely different. Fiona followed her friend closely. "Seeing a ghost would be so cool! Maybe we might see one!" Fiona says with a nod to Aroha. The castle seemed to be such a cool place, there seemed to be so much to explore! "Ghosts are cool though! Like what was their previous like?"
"I hope so," Aroha said in response. "They must be around here somewhere. What do they even do all day do you think? Spy on students?" Aroha raised her eyebrows comedically at that. She wondered what she'd do if she was a ghost stuck at a school. She'd probably want to freak out as many kids as possible. "I wonder that too," Aroha said as she walked through the corridor. "Say, would you rather be a portrait or a ghost? A ghost probably aye?" Aroha suddenly asked, the thought just coming to her.
"Oh gosh, what if they did actually spy on students? Do they report what all the students are doing to the professors or something?" Fiona theorised. Could you imagine if the ghosts were the professor's spies? That would be crazy. Fiona nodded. She always wondered what other ghosts' previous lives were like. Were they fun and exciting or miserable and sad? Who knew! "Does a ghost portrait exist? Maybe I made it up but being a ghost portrait would be fun! Like you could just fly out of your painting and float around the castle, and then float into another painting and so forth. I think that would be a fun adventure."
"Oh, that would be terrible if they were spies for the professors," Aroha noted, enjoying the way Fiona's brain worked. "I wish we could find one and ask them. Though even then they might not give a straight answer. I wonder how you get the truth out of a ghost?" Aroha wondered out loud, her curiosity piqued. "Ohh a ghost portrait! That's brilliant! I want to be that when I'm gone. That'd be so much fun. Go in an out of paintings and scare students? I want in for sure," Aroha declared. She was enjoying the exploration, and her new found friend's conversation.
"It would be a complete disaster! We honestly wouldn't have any fun because we'd have to be on our best behaviour" Fiona says with a shake of her head. Sure maybe there would be some fun things they could do, but that would be boring if they kept following the rules. "We should totally find a ghost and ask! But you're right! They might not give a straight answer, which would be super boring!" Fiona continues to speak, nodding in agreement at what Aroha is saying. "Scaring students would be so funny! Seeing the looks on their faces, it would be priceless!" Fiona laughs with a shake of her head.
"Oh, true, I hadn't thought about that," Aroha commented. Being a spy sounded fun in theory, but if you just had to spy on students that'd be boring. "I hope we find a ghost. That'd be sooo cool. I want to see if my hand can go straight through them!" Aroha said with a laugh. "Yeah, it'd be so much fun! No ghost could scare me, though," she then bragged. "I'm unscarable. My brother tries to get me sometimes, and he just can't do it. Jumps out from behind corners and stuff and it just doesn't work." Aroha was inordinately proud of that fact.
"Me too! Hopefully finding a ghost around here shouldn't be too difficult" Fiona said with a nod. She had seen a few ghosts float around the school. But not many, which had surprised Fiona as she had thought that maybe there would be a lot more ghosts around, but she hoped eventually maybe they'd find one around. "Wow! Are you really? That's cool! I scare my older brother, Conan, sometimes, and he gets scared easily! It's so funny seeing his face! But I occasionally get scared"
"Yeah, I'm sure we'll find at least one," Aroha said with more confidence than she felt. She just really wanted to encounter one and have a kōrero with them. Aroha felt pleased than Fiona was impressed with her. "Yeah, my younger brother's the same. He tries to scare me, then I get back at him and he just jumps." Aroha paused in thought. "I guess I get scared sometimes too. I once watched one of those scary muggle movies. It was really old, but it had this creepy girl with long black hair and she'd crawl out of tvs. And if you saw her, you'd die in seven days. It was pretty freaky." Aroha knew she shouldn't have been watching that movie, that she was a bit young, but she'd been intrigued.
Fiona's jaw dropped as her roommate explained to her about a creepy muggle movie she had watched. "Woah! That sounds a bit creepy. Would creepy stuff happen within those seven days before you died?" Fiona asked, intrigued by this creepy muggle movie. "Did your parents allow you to watch it? My parents wouldn't allow me to watch creepy movies, but I'd totally do it in secret if I was able to" Fiona asked as she continued walking around. Fiona then wondered about the secret passageways. She wondered where those would be hidden.
"Oh yeah, there'd be this super creepy phone call that people would get with a weird screeching on the other end. I don't remember if much else happened, but the girl who'd come and get people was really scary with super long hair so you couldn't see her face." Aroha paused, trying to remember more details and failing. She shrugged. "Yeah, I wasn't supposed to, I was at a muggle friend's house and while everyone was asleep we secretly watched it." Aroha felt brave about it now, but at the time it had been really frightening. "Man, I wonder if those secret passageways are anywhere near here. Do you think if I hit the right stone something will happen?" Aroha asked, hitting a random stone brick before getting an answer and shaking her hand as it hurt. A nearby portrait snickered at her and Aroha shot them a glare.

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