A Slow Dip Back In

Hi all, I'm slowly reeling back into roleplaying! I'll only present a few characters I'd like to focus on roleplaying with for now, but if there are any characters that aren't on display that you'd like to roleplay with, please don't hesitate to lemme know and we can sort something out!


ABIGAIL PAYNE - 7th Year, Prefect, Artist

Abigail is in her final year at Hogwarts, and I absolutely would love to do some threads with her before she leaves school. Abby is really into art and is considering of persuing it as a career once she leaves school. The Gryffindor has grown a lot during her time at Hogwarts. When she first entered, she was shy and a bit timid, but over time, she has slowly grown out of her shell and has made a couple of friends. I'm honestly up for anything with her, threads with her friends, helping younger students in a way, anything really! I'd love to focus on her a bit more before she leaves!


CONAN BURKE - 5th Year, Shell Enthusiast

Conan is in his fifth year at Hogwarts, and I've honestly barely done a thing with this guy. He's the younger brother of Nolan and Molly Burke. The boy is really into all things shells and the sea. Conan hasn't given up his interest in shells, and he doesn't plan to give up on that interest anytime soon. I'd like for him to interact more with his friends, as well as maybe make a few new friends. He's always keen to try new things, though sports is not his strongest thing, so he'll fumble really badly if you influence him enough to try out a sport. Honestly up for anything for this guy, he really needs some attention and love!

MARLEY OWENS-LEE - 3rd Year, Beater, Crafty

Marley is in her third year at Hogwarts and she is absolutely loving it! She's a beater on the Hufflepuff team and is enjoying it all! She's still very crafty and massively into art during her spare time. Marley is very easygoing and wants to have a good time. You would hardly see her sad or mad, it would have to be very bad for her to have those feelings. Marley wants to have a good time at school as well as spend time with friends. She's always up for learning things and pretty much learns things quickly. She's also up for mischief and pranks, so she'd be easily influenced into doing those things, she wants to have fun and have as much time with her friends. I'm pretty much up for anything for Marley! Some crushes would be interesting too, but not a need at the moment!


THOMAS FITZGERALD - 1st Year, Introverted, Loves Plants & Animals

Thomas is in his first year at Hogwarts, and so far he's struggling a little bit. He hasn't really made friends at school and he's always homesick. He misses his dad a lot. He usually spends his time in the Hogwarts garden as it always reminds him of home or in the owlery a lot of time, always sending letters to his dad, letting his dad know what he's up to or checking up on his dad. Tommy is really into plants and animals. He pretty much knows a lot about them. I would love for Thomas to have some friends, maybe a mentor (could be an older student or a professor) that can somewhat guide him in life, and help his terrible social skills!

- 6th year, sports crazy
ELIZA REYNOLDS - 4th year, geeky
FIONA BURKE - 2nd Year, loves adventure
PROFESSOR ELEANOR SCHMIDT - Arithmancy 5-7 Professor, Bubbly
SAMANTHA JACOBS - Ollivander's Asst, Likes to Help People
NOLAN BURKE - Uni student (Music), Loves Music
MOLLY BURKE - Uni student (Nursing), Talkative

*Happy to roleplay these characters, but I'd like to focus more on the students!

And that's pretty much it on the PD! I'm pretty much open to any sort of ideas, and would love to discuss them! Slowly getting back into it so I may be a bit picky with a few things! (Though that may be a lie because I'll most likely will agree to the ideas anyway lol!)
If you have any characters that need siblings or need someone to create a family with, hit me up! always am up for creating characters!

Anyways happy plotting!!!​
Hey Maria! I have a couple of ideas if you're interested.

Abigail x Demetrius - Bit late in the year for new friends for seventh years but I thought I'd mention this anyway just in case it interested you. Demetrius is my seventh year, loves magical creatures so if Abigail was potentially doing some magical creature artwork of some sort he'd probably think it was the coolest thing.

Thomas x Rosalind - We actually started one with these two we could potentially revisit? We didn't get very far, it's here if you're interested in continuing it. (I was about to write something about these two both really loving plants when I was like, hey wait this is familiar lol)

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