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1/2050 (11)
Cyrus and Ruth were out for an afternoon in the park, which was sort of fun, but Cyrus soon realized he was a little too grown up to play on the playground now. He tried a few things but they weren't as fun as they used to be, so he eventually ended up on the swing, looking up at the clouds in she sky as he idly swung back and forth. As Ruth approached, Cyrus didn't look at her even when he spoke. "I think you should ask the hat to be in a different house than Ravenclaw." He said quietly, not quite daring to look at her as he suggested it.
Cyrus had been more stuffy than usual since coming back from Hogwarts, but Ruth tried to pay it no mind. After all, him coming home meant he got to be the center of attention for a while, and Ruth could just go about her business in peace. Of course, she'd get the stray comment about not being as dedicated as Cyrus, but it was so much easier to just shrug and say 'he's just soooo much smarter than me' and let everyone focus on him instead. She went to stand on the swing, but Cyrus's comment made her abandon her plans of swinging with the vague recklessness of a kid who thought they were big and tough and instead just idly pushed herself backwards and forwards as she pondered. "Why? I know I'm not as smart as you, but like, what if the hat thinks I'd be good there?" She frowned, turning her head to look directly at him. "Am I going to bother all your super cool nerd friends?"
Cyrus tried fo focus his attention on a particularly fluffy cloud in the sky, but he still winced at Ruth's words. "You are smart, and Ravenclaw doesn't only value intelligence its-" He cut himself off before he could ramble on about it. "I heard the hat takes your wishes into account." He said instead, the tip of his foot trailing patterns in the dirt underneath the swing. "And I believe 'super cool nerd friends' is a contradiction." In truth, he didn't have that many friends, in his house or outside it. Not that he was going to tell Ruth that fact. He fell quiet again, fully aware he hadn't actually answered his sister's question.
In all honesty, Ruth had been at least a little prepared for this. Their parents had talked to her after Cyrus had gone to Hogwarts (and Ruth had complained about not getting to go), going on about how they were growing up and needed their own spaces to be their own people, and so on and so forth. At least, she had a feeling it was something like that. "Wow, yeah, see no wonder you're in Ravenclaw," she instead said sweetly, stretching her legs out in front of her and rolling her ankles. "You want me to tell the hat to put me somewhere else." She made sure to look slightly downcast at this - as prepared as she was, it wasn't the best feeling in the world to know her brother didn't want her around. Ruth wasn't averse to going into a different house, in fact she was sure she would manage just fine somewhere like Slytherin. A little bit of a pout went a long way, though.
Cyrus smiled slightly when Ruth said it was no wonder he was in Ravenclaw, though he wasn't entirely sure if it was meant as a compliment or not. He glanced at her, shoulders sagging a little. "I know it sounds awful, I'm sorry." He said, grimacing slightly. "But I think it's would be better for us both, you know I'm..." He paused, considering his words. "Not very good at being social." He finally said. "In truth, I haven't really made good friends yet or anything, and I know you will more easily..." He trailed off and shook his head. "I just think it would be good to have our own space." He said quietly. "It doesn't mean I'm not glad you're joining me."
At the very least, Ruth would probably have to thank their parents in private for at least pre-emptively softening the blow. Sure, she didn't want to be in Cyrus's shadow forever, but when she didn't really know what she wanted, it was the most comfortable place to be. She did, however, turn her head in surprise to find out Cyrus hadn't made many friends. Okay, so he wasn't the most...naturally friendly or outgoing person, sure. Even so, Ruth was a little shocked. "You what? Wow." Cyrus was kind of stuffy, but Ruth still thought highly of him. "No, okay, how about this. Iiiii promise I'll ask the hat to put me in another house," she started, even though she had a feeling she wasn't Ravenclaw material anyway, "if yoooou promise to try and make friends with your roommates." She offered up a pinky with a gentle smile. It was childish, and Cyrus would no doubt complain, but Ruth would make the most of it for the little time left before she followed her brother to school.
It had been sort of embarrassing to admit to Ruth he hadn't made good friends yet, and her reaction didn't help. He felt his face flush and he scowled slightly. "It's not like I don't know anyone." He said quickly. "Just... not that well." He admitted with a sigh. He grimaced slightly at her final offer, but then nodded. He saw her hold up her pinky and he wrapped his own pinky around hers without comment. "Alright." He said quietly. "I'm sure you're going to do great at Hogwarts, you know."

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