pheeb's student

  1. Circe Parris

    Circe Parris

  2. Acre Zephyr

    Acre Zephyr

  3. Hortensia Abernathy

    Hortensia Abernathy

  4. Majora Valentine

    Majora Valentine

  5. Lily Carter

    Open Pink pillow

    Gold, white, crutches, pink sofas and old books. Lily loved the Bosbaton Lounge just as much as any other school room. Maybe they were principled, maybe it just was, but not just that, but the only one - Lily is sensitive at this school. She liked to think that this was the right place to hide...
  6. Juniper Steele

    Juniper Steele

  7. Alec Tricity

    Alec Tricity

  8. Wendall Layton

    Wendall Layton

  9. Isla Zephyr

    Isla Zephyr

  10. Tres Bear II

    Tres Bear II

  11. Elio Zephyr

    Elio Zephyr

  12. Magdalena Rosendale

    Magdalena Rosendale

  13. Agnieszka Norgaard

    Agnieszka Norgaard

  14. Quentin Burdock

    Quentin Burdock

  15. Elsa Faith

    Elsa Faith

  16. Ilija Olaf

    Ilija Olaf

  17. Taerin Kendall-Wu

    Taerin Kendall-Wu