maria's character

  1. Carmen Diaz

    Carmen Diaz

  2. Carlos Diaz

    Carlos Diaz

  3. Joshua Lynch

    Joshua William Lynch

    JOSHUA WILLIAM LYNCH ☆☆☆ BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Joshua William Lynch PRONUNCIATION: JAHSH-oo-ə NICKNAMES: Josh, he also doesn't mind any other nicknames DOB: 5th February 2045 (05/02/2045) BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn NAME MEANING JOSHUA - From the Hebrew name יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshu'a)...
  4. Ethan Jacobs

    Ethan Robert Jacobs

    ETHAN ROBERT JACOBS ☆☆☆ BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Ethan Robert Jacobs PRONUNCIATION: EE-thən NICKNAMES: Eth DOB: 6th February 2037 BLOOD STATUS: Mixed Blood NAME MEANING ETHAN - From the Hebrew name אֵיתָן ('Eitan) meaning "solid, enduring, firm" ROBERT - From the Germanic name...
  5. Joshua Lynch

    Joshua Lynch

  6. Jefferson Jacobs

    Jefferson Oliver Jacobs

    JEFFERSON OLIVER JACOBS - BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Jefferson Oliver Jacobs PRONUNCIATION: JEHF-ər-sən NICKNAMES: Jeff DOB: April 4th 2000 BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood SEXUALITY: Heterosexual OCCUPATION: Misuse of Muggle Artefacts (MoM, England) NAME MEANING JEFFERSON - From an English...
  7. Melina Reynolds

    Melina Reynolds

  8. Thomas Adebayo

    Thomas Adebayo

  9. Jefferson Jacobs

    Jefferson Jacobs

  10. Theodore Roberts

    Theodore Roberts

  11. Sarah Cohen

    Sarah Anne Cohen

    SARAH ANNE COHEN - BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Sarah Anne Cohen PRONUNCIATION: SEHR-ə NICKNAMES: N/A DOB: 18th March 2020 (18/03/2020) BLOOD STATUS: Half-Blood SEXUALITY: Bisexual OCCUPATION: Preschool Teacher NAME MEANING SARAH - Means "lady, princess, noblewoman" in Hebrew ANNE - French...
  12. Sarah Cohen

    Sarah Cohen

  13. Marley Pattinson

    Marley Evelyn Pattinson

    MARLEY EVELYN PATTINSON ☆☆☆ BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Marley Evelyn Pattison PRONUNCIATION: MAHR-lee NICKNAMES: Mar, Marls, Lee DOB: 13th May 2048 BLOOD STATUS: Unknown (Marley does not know her blood status, due to her biological parents giving her up for adoption) NAME MEANING: MARLEY...
  14. Marley Pattinson

    Marley Pattinson

  15. Natalia Bloomfield

    Natalia Ligaya Bloomfield

    NATALIA LIGAYA BLOOMFIELD - BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Natalia Ligaya Bloomfield PRONUNCIATION: nə-TAHL-ee-ə NICKNAMES: Nat, Talia, Lia DOB: 29th August 2033 BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood SEXUALITY: Pansexual OCCUPATION: Babysitter NAME MEANING NATALIA - Means "Christmas Day" from Latin...
  16. Ethan Jacobs

    Ethan Jacobs

  17. Natalia Bloomfield

    Natalia Bloomfield

  18. Conan Burke

    Conan Keegan Burke

    CONAN KEEGAN BURKE ✩✩✩ BASIC INFORMATION FULL NAME: Conan Keegan Burke PRONUNCIATION: kow·nuhn NICKNAMES: Con, Coco (Molly calls him this) DOB: 10th August 2046 BLOOD STATUS: Mixed-Blood SEXUALITY: Bisexual (Conan doesn't know this yet) NAME MEANING CONAN - Means "little wolf" or "little...
  19. Elizabeth Rogers

    Elizabeth Rogers

  20. Florence Bellerose

    Florence Bellerose