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  1. Helios Obasi

    Open Y46 End of Year Feast

    Helios was very ready to go back home, he was so pleased to be done with the year, done with everything that was brought with this school. he wanted to just spend time with his sister, in the safety of the house. He didn't want to have to pretend to be good at it, pretend to be okay with all the...
  2. Helios Obasi

    🌹 Rose Giving Friendship is accepting each other for who you are

    Helios looked at the rose, and was a little surprised that the rose had no thorns on it. He took it and the note and was careful to open it, holding it in a manner that this girl wouldn't see and then looked at it. Oh Aroha. That was nice. He felt touched at the note and the gesture - it didn't...
  3. Helios Obasi

    🌹 Rose Giving Friendship is accepting each other for who you are

    Helios didn't think that a rose giving was particularly safe, but he knew he wouldn't get away from it. He just also hadn't sent any. Seeing no value in doing that, for all he knew the person he was trying to send something to was allergic to roses, or just didn't like them. In turn he expected...
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    Helios Obasi 2nd year
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    Hogwarts Monthly

    Helios Obasi Intern
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    Second Years

    Helios Obasi Hufflepuff
  7. Helios Obasi

    Open Y46 Start of Year Feast

    Helios had argued hard and long about whether or not he needed to go back to school. Helios had been pretty adamant that he didn't need to, that he could be homeschooled or self-taught if necessary, but his sister had been firm. He picked a got spot at the hufflepuff table, avoiding being too...
  8. Helios Obasi

    Hogwarts Monthly Y45/S2

    Helios was very excited to be in his first issue of the monthly. He had been working on it hard, and had thought it would be a good idea to spread the word about it. The hufflepuff hurried into the hall, though he did so at a pace that wouldn't cause him to fall and hurt himself. He found a copy...
  9. Helios Obasi

    Open Y45 End of Year Feast

    Helios couldn't wait to see his sister again. he was looking forward to being home, to being in the safe and normal. He couldn't wait to just spend a good amount of time doing things his way, dealing with things his way. Not having to think or worry about anything else at all. Helios knew he had...
  10. Helios Obasi

    Open Hufflepuff House Meeting Y45 S2

    Helios was just waiting for a moment when he could retreat back inside, where it was safe or safer. The plans were a bit foiled when he was joined by Noah. He gave the boy a tight smile, he liked him, the guy was nice, but he was wrong about it being safe. "It's not," Helios replied plainly. "I...
  11. Helios Obasi

    Open Hufflepuff House Meeting Y45 S2

    Helios was looking forward to the year ending. He was sure it would be a good use of his time to be at home and try to get his sister to see that the school was dangerous and that he should not need to attend it. He could be homeschooled, homeschooling was safer. He knew his sister had the time...
  12. Helios Obasi

    Closed Unseen Dangers

    Helios nodded. "Well, like you have a certain amount of students passing through every year, at boarding schools they stay for the whole year, and any number of things could happen, from falling down stairs, to lakes, to a bad cold, if the school was having a death a year then yeah, someone...
  13. Helios Obasi

    Closed Unseen Dangers

    Helios nodded, "There's been one confirmed death in the lake, and another couple in general," he said. "Statistically speaking, it probably isn't too uncommon for deaths to occur at schools, but there should be precautions for preventable one," he said. Helios didn't think it matter if the...
  14. Helios Obasi

    Closed Unseen Dangers

    Helios gave a little nod in agreement. "Agreed," he said since he didn't understand why there wouldn't be more protections against the lake like there were with the forest. "People would likely claim it's because people are more aware of the dangers of a body of water than a wood," he said. "But...
  15. Helios Obasi

    Closed Unseen Dangers

    Helios gave a noise as if it was obvious that he would want to do this intensive, that he would've thought it all out when it was vitally important. He shrugged, "Because it is rare to have something happen, the school is lax about it." he said. "The current minister has been trying but so far...
  16. Helios Obasi

    Closed Unseen Dangers

    Helios was very glad that he was finally getting the time to just explain his cause to someone. He had been looking for people to bring to his cause, and given that he was sure more people should want it. Should care about it. Helios had brought his clipboard with extensive notes. He was dressed...
  17. Helios Obasi

    Open Safety Concerns

    Helios nodded. "Well yeah," he said. "There are multiple kids touching at it, with no hand cleaning stations, and what if I grab a chocolate cookie, get some chocolate on my hand and accidently then get it on an oatmeal biscuit, and then someone else comes along who has a chocolate allergy and...
  18. Helios Obasi

    Open Safety Concerns

    Helios was stopped by one of the smart kinds of his class. A slytheirn. he nodded his head, and then paused and seemed to think about it before half nodding. "Well, I'm looking for a professor, but I'm fine," he said. "The music is too loud, the food and drink is just all out with no one...
  19. Helios Obasi

    Open Mornings Are Not For Me

    Helios nodded with a smile, happy that Aroha seemed on board and keen, so that was good. "Sure, I'll wait at the side of the pitch for you," he agreed, since he would maybe go along to the class but was going to refuse to participate in it.
  20. Helios Obasi

    Open Safety Concerns

    Helios was not particularly keen on parties, and this ball was no different. He was wearing the suit that his sister had packed for him, but was glancing around the room in some deep concern. The music was definitely too loud, everyone was too close together, all the food and drinks tables could...