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  1. Ethan Alexander

    Open Old Stomping Ground

    Ethan was still stunned as the centaur spoke and was only broken out of his surprise when he noticed the odd way he spoke. "That's me....a wand carrier?" he said in agreement even though he was sure his confusion was apparent. At the next accusation he could feel his face get warm, he was caught...
  2. Ethan Alexander

    Closed Day Dreaming

    Ethan felt relief once she confirmed he had done the right thing and woken her up. "Mind if I join you?" he asked. "I can keep you awake at least." he joked, even if his voice came out dead pan like usual. "I'm sure you're not the first person to do it." he offered to make her feel a little...
  3. Ethan Alexander

    Open Can't Beat a Classic

    Ethan was nervous about going into the tent but at least going in with someone else made it less daunting. He took Marnie's arm and was grateful for it. He couldn't see very well in this costume which might come in handy shortly. He was content to let Marnie finish her rant about flavors. He...
  4. Ethan Alexander

    Open Can't Beat a Classic

    Ethan blinked as Marnie went off again. She always had a lot to say and he appreciated that about her since it meant he didn't have to. He was curious when she mentioned her brother and he wondered if he'd ever fight with Harlow, even if she couldn't even hold her own head up last time he'd seen...
  5. Ethan Alexander

    Open Old Stomping Ground

    Ethan kept his eyes on the ground in front of him. He knew the way by heart by now and was more concerned with watching his step. But as he turned the last corner he finally looked up and stopped dead in his tracks. For a moment he was totally stunned. After countless trips into the forest and...
  6. Ethan Alexander

    Closed Day Dreaming

    Ethan was frozen in place as he watched Senna slowly wake up. There was no point in pretending he wasn't the one trying to wake her. "Hey Senna." he said, mimicking the way she had greeted him. Except he didn't think he sounded quite as tired. "Sorry if you didn't want to wake up." he said...
  7. Ethan Alexander

    Open Can't Beat a Classic

    Ethan jumped again when Marnie joined him. She asked him several questions but he knew by now that it was best to wait till she was done before trying to answer any of them. He hesitated for a moment after she offered him a jelly bean just to make sure she was in fact done. "Hey Marnie." he said...
  8. Ethan Alexander

    Open Can't Beat a Classic

    Ethan knew it was probably lame to keep wearing the same costume over and over again but he didn't really care. He thought it was cool and that was all that mattered. He also liked how the mask made him feel like he could walk through the crowd of students completely unnoticed. Not that many...
  9. Ethan Alexander

    Y46 Costume Contest

    Ethan Alexander as Mothman again
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  11. Ethan Alexander

    Closed Day Dreaming

    Ethan felt weird being back at school. He was looking forward to his classes and getting to work with Professor Burleigh some more. But for the first time he felt like he was leaving more at home than he had waiting for him at school. At least he didn't have to worry about exams this year which...
  12. Ethan Alexander

    Lost the plot

    For Ethan and @Cecras
  13. Ethan Alexander

    Open Old Stomping Ground

    Open after Verity posts with Cecras Ethan knew that the forest was technically forbidden and even though he had even gotten caught once, he wasn't about to stop going in. He was a sixth year after all, and in all his years he had never even found the slightest thing that would cause him alarm...
  14. Ethan Alexander

    Open Keeping Connected

    Ethan was very used to owls at this point and if he was being honest he didn't always pay attention to them the way he should. They were still animals after all. He was in the middle of feeding them some treats when he heard someone else break the silence. In the time it took for him to turn his...
  15. Ethan Alexander

    Sixth Years

    Ethan Alexander Ravenclaw
  16. Y46 Accio

    Y46 Accio

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  18. Ethan Alexander

    Open Keeping Connected

    There was a time when Ethan wrote a lot of letters. But they had been to his mom and he had never been sure if she had gotten them. She rarely answered and when she did she never really responded to the things he had told her. It hurt if he thought about her too much but he was usually too busy...
  19. Ethan Alexander

    Open Y46 Start of Year Feast

    Ethan's eyes felt heavy as the sorting ceremony finally came to an end. Harlow had kept the whole house up the night before and as much as he was going to miss her he was looking forward to a good night's sleep for the first time in weeks. It made him sad to think of how big she would be the...
  20. Ethan Alexander

    Open Things Change

    Ethan hadn't noticed how out of it he was until he heard someone speak and he realized he hadn't even seen her. He blinked and looked down and saw a girl around his age. He vaguely recognized her from school and he was pretty sure she was in his house. "Oh..." he said slowly. "Yeah I guess." He...