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    Apparition 2

    Stella had enjoyed the Valentines dance, and received a couple of roses she was pleased about. She couldn't help but think she should have spent more time with Fleur. On the other hand, exams were fast approaching, and while Stella wasn't anywhere near as nervous as she'd been about last year's...
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    Open Hello, Yellow

    Stella made her was down the stairs quickly, backpack on her back and more books under her arm. She was heading to the library to study, and then to class. She really wasn't expecting a rambunctious young Gryffindor to come barreling up the stairs yelling her name. "Hey! Hello, I'm Stella. I...
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    Open Yellow rose for Stella

    Stella always enjoyed the rose-filled bustle of Valentines day, but this year it still put her a little on edge. She wasn't secure enough in her renewed relationship with Zoe to be sure what to write to her, or what she'd receive in response. She was eating alone this morning, not bothered to...
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    Apparition 1

    The Christmas holidays had been fun, as always, but Stella was happy to be back at Hogwarts again too, to see her friends and learn new things. It felt like there was less disconnection between the two now that her sister was settled at Hogwarts as well. This semester they'd be starting...
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    Open LGBTQ+ Pride 2049

    Last year’s Pride had been full of mixed feelings for Stella, unable to get her fight with Zoe out of her mind. This year, everything had changed again. Things weren’t fully mended between them; maybe they never would be, but where there had once been only hurt there was hope now. She had her...
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    Open Yellow Rose Stars Shine

    Stella had talked to Zoe. They’d finally talked, and suddenly everything seemed brighter and more promising. There was still a lot more to do; their relationship wouldn’t heal overnight, and the things they’d said could never be unsaid, but at long last there was hope. Things wouldn’t be the...
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    Open A Rose Bridges the Gap

    Stella smiled as she took the rose and note. “Thanks, Alice.” Then she unfolded it, and her smile froze. This was . . . this was more than she could have hoped for. When Stella had written her note to Zoe, she’d been so anxious that her friend would reject her entirely. The idea that Zoe might...
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    Open A Rose Bridges the Gap

    Stella had a plan. This feud with Zoe had gone on far too long, and she hoped that she could finally end it. She’d sent a rose. She hoped it worked. But in the meantime she didn’t know what to expect from her effort, and now that it was rose day she was horribly on edge. She ate her breakfast...
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    Y33 Dueling Match #2

    Stella greatly admired her little sister's drive to try everything life had to offer, particularly the things Stella wouldn't have dared to try herself. She knew how nervous Nell was about the duels, and Stella hadn't really been able to reassure her, because she was almost as nervous herself...
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    Open Let the flames begin.

    Stella was oddly pleased that Fleur had decided to sit next to her, out of all the many people she must know at this gathering. Maybe she had better friends than she'd thought. On that note, Stella looked up, and with a jolt saw Zoe at the far side of the bonfire. She must have just arrived, or...
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    Open Let the flames begin.

    Stella smiled at Fleur, already feeling a little overwhelmed by the growing crowd of people, but glad she had come. "I'd love some marshmallows, thanks." Stella wasn't usually particularly enthusiastic about marshmallows, but roasting them over an open fire was a lot of fun, and made them taste...
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    Open Let the flames begin.

    Stella had been a little hesitant when Fleur told her about the bonfire; her fellow prefect had seemed rather uncertain about its status regarding the rules, and as a new prefect Stella definitely didn't want to break any rules, even inadvertently. Then again, a bonfire did sound like a lot of...
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    Bi-Weekly Update!

    I'm so excited about the Tristan/Vivian plots! I've been watching and hoping for Tristan's downfall for so long . . . 👀
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    Closed Cookies for Your Thoughts

    Stella smiled, vaguely amused by Chante's hastily clearing away crumbs. She didn't really see anything to apologise for in that; she was only eating her own cookies. "No worries," she said, glancing into the basket curiously. The cookies weren't just animals, she saw now, they were magical...
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    Stars Fallen

    Stella glanced through her telescope again while Norton was setting up his, trying to calm herself with the sight of the peaceful stars so she didn't make a fool of herself in front of him. When she looked at him again, she had assumed a more normal expression. "Oh, where do you work?"...