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    New Kid on the Block!

    Hello! Welcome to HNZ, good to have you with us I'm one of the Admin here, and ready to answer any questions you have (none of them will be stupid, trust me)
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    Character Aesthetics

    I've been a been a bit bored today so I ended up making some Liusaidh Fergusson Shane Ackley Vader Hume Mazikeen Roe Ajaccio Skey Einar Haines
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    Welcome back Tamara!
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    Happy Birthday Steph!

    Happy Birthday Steph! I hope you have a good day!
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    Daily Prophet Article

    By Aaliyah Olaf WEREWOLVES IN OUR WORLD Ministry of Magic officials are trying to determine the identity of the person or creature that murdered a woman in her own home, where her body was left undiscovered for three days. Olive Layton, mother of two and self-employed potioneer was found in...
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    Get to know you!

    Labyrinth - its an old game but its a whole lot of fun.
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    Happy Birthday Clairey!!

    Happy Birthday Claire!
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Hello! Welcome all to another BWU! We've got quite a number of things to get to today so let's just jump right in! End of Week 4 As ever this year has been racing on by, and we are now towards the end of week 4 and soon into week 5. We'd encourage all professors to make sure their classes are up...
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    Bi-Weekly Update!

    Archived It's time for some new news, so we're archiving this to get it out of the way. Please make sure to check out the news and updates section for the most up to date site news. If you have any questions about this piece of news, please reach out to an administrator. ~The HNZ Site Staff
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    Going home

    I'm really glad you made it home Marijke :hug:
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    Y35 Duelling Sign-Ups

    Ajaccio Skey - 2nd Year Daintree Vaskevold - 3rd Year Padme hume - 3rd year Aonghas Fergusson - 4th year mazikeen roe - 6th year Shane Ackley - 7th year Simon Vanity - 7th year
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    The Valentines Dance will close this evening at around 7pm GMT

    The Valentines Dance will close this evening at around 7pm GMT
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    Taking a Break

    Best of luck with school. Real life comes first. We'll be here when you get back.
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    That would be great!
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    Graphics Request

    That is perfect! Thank you so much Kris! Request Completed & Archived Your Graphics Request has been successfully completed and as such has been archived. Feel free to place more graphics requests as you find need. ;)