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    Flower Delivery & Sign Up

    SIGN UP LIST Alice Holland Apollo Bixby Emma van Houten Iris van Houten Paige Thompson Stanislaw Kurek Lysander Summers Jacob Kingsley Jenna Jusantrea Rose Lockwood Amethyst Michaels Avaria Lockwood Elliot Briar Nicole Fisk Ryan Fisk Katy Miller Alexis Kramer Leda Layton Elio Zephyr Majora...
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    About a Week or So

    Hey Folks, So, unfortunately my grandmother passed away today. I'll be headed to France pretty soon where things will be busy, but additionally things are just gonna be rough for the next week or so. We knew it was coming, but you know. In any case, I'll probably be about doing bits and pieces...
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    I hope it doesn't take too long to get resolved!
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    Holiday areas are now open!
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Yuleball :frantics: !
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    Yuleball is open: Yuleball is open!

    Yuleball is open: Yuleball is open!
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    January was wild

    Welcome back! I'm glad things have calmed down for you enough to come back to us!
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    Uni Needs Me...

    Best of luck maria! Starting uni is very exciting!
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update Kait!
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    Australian Adventure

    Have an awesome time!
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    House ghost apps will close tomorrow! Be sure that if you want a chance at a house to apply for one now before its too late. If we don't get enough apps we won't be divvying up the ghosts.
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    Personal Emergency

    Take all the time you need Rowan
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    Family Road Trip!

    I hope you have a great time!
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    Your HNZ Dreams

    I had a dream last night, where I woke up checked my phone and noticed that I had message from Cyndi saying something like "emily there's a huge site problem" and I then actually deadass woke straight up at that moment, in a dead sweat and checked my phone for real and of course there wasn't a...
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    Bi-Weekly Update

    Winners of the Costume contest: Best Overall: Theodore Hoshino as a Wasteland Wanderer Best Magically Enhanced: Elliot Briar as a ghost Most Scary: The Westwicks as spiders Best Group/Couple: Stanislaw Kurek and Allison Beckett as sharks Most Ridiculous: Sigurd Rumblehorn as Sigurd in a Hat...