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    What are you watching?

    Ahh i love umbrella academy! i love the second season 💕
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    What are you watching?

    I'm watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! I had just finished Good Luck Charlie a couple of weeks ago! I'm also watching K.C Undercover haha I have been procrasinating with watching shows instead of doing school work... smh lol
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    Word Association Game

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    Happy, happy birthday Zach!

    Happy Birthday! 🥳
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    Spam-A-Lot! Your one stop shop for spam!

    My weekend has been good! Went out of town for the weekend for my dad’s birthday. Glad to get away for a bit. I have bought a few gifts for friends for christmas! My mum has the house up and ready for christmas haha 😂
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    Unsorted RPs

    Yeah, I think them meeting on the group thread should be good! :D Oh yeah, I can defiantly see them bonding, especially over imaginations! Would you able to start their thread? You can send it to me whenever, no rush :D I love Giulia's character already! :D
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    Happy birthday, Marga!

    Happy Birthday! 🥳🥳
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    Unsorted RPs

    That sounds like an ideaaa! This dudebro band plot needs to happen i reckon! haha Oh yeah, I can see what you mean! Yeah, that sounds like a plan! Sounds good to me! I can start one thread and you start the other? Which one would you like to start?
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    Unsorted RPs

    Yesss I'm totally down for this band plot idea! I think that would be a cool idea! And i think your sortee would be a perfect fit to be friends with Nolan :D Okay sweet! I thinking maybe we could start a thread sometime on one of the breaks between Manaia and Nolan before they go to Hogwarts...
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    Closed Sweet Nights

    Samantha laughs a little as she is being twirled around by Ren. She smiles as she thanks him, being happy to be in his arms. Samantha smiles a little when he mentions about taking her away, "Yeah, you can" Samantha replies with a smile, as he had asked her if he could take her away somewhere...
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    Unsorted RPs

    Hey Ruben! Ooo I think a RP between Grayson and Nolan. I like the idea about them slowly bonding over music, I think that would be an interesting thing to do. Nolan would probably still be friendly with Grayson at first, even if he was annoyed at Nolan at first. So that could be cool! Love the...
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    The Bi-Weekly Update

    Thanks for the update, Kaitlyn!
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    Unsorted RPs

    Hey Kadi! I think that these are awesome ideas! Though I think Charlie and Caleb may have slightly more in common, as Charlie isn't really athletic - he prefers to be sitting down, not moving a lot and be on his video games haha. But I'm sure that Charlie would be happy to talk and explain...
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    Happy Birthday!!!!
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    Unsorted RPs

    Hello everyone! So I have a few unsorted characters that I would like to start rping more with! So I thought to offer you my unsorted characters Charlie Jacobs | Magical | 11 Years Old Charlie is one of the youngest cousins of the Jacobs Family Tree. He was born and raised in Auckland, New...