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    Open Two spirits become one. - aka a part giant wedding

    She knot together her eyebrows as the person beside her told her that the groom was a shy person before. It would be fun to know his fate. Eva studied the groom before acknowledging the person beside her. A man in his early thirties. The blonde woman smiled and whispered back, "Do you know the...
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    Open Two spirits become one. - aka a part giant wedding

    Eva was spared that summer break when she was invited to a colleague's wedding. Although she had two wedding options to go, she decided warmer is the best. She offered her brother an invite to be her plus one but he decided making an informative investigation was more important than having fun...
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    Multiple Request

    Actually love them all. Thank you
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    Open Christmas Breakfast

    There wasn't plenty of student around in the castle at the time. The holidays had rolled last week. Eva would think this is the first time she have seen and heard the castle in a such quiet level. It was the perfect relaxation for the mind. The Professor of Arithmancy observed the students who...
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    Happy Birthday Maria!

    Mariaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
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    It's Time

    Evalyn Mildred Selwood is the Arithmancy Professor at Hogwarts New Zealand who teaches fifth, sixth and seventh years. She's a former Detective Constable at Wellington Police Department. Eva comes from a British political family, her dad is an MP and her mum is a Lord Mayor at their hometown...
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    New Language Settings

    I'm so lost. Is there a way to turn it off or on?