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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Closed Apologies Meant To Change The Future

    Lily smiled, she hoped Hilda had one, she seemed like the kind of person to have one handy at all times since she was a Ghost finder. " Great, I'll be able to tell you soon, we hang quite often. " Lily said in a excited time. She giggled at Ruben's wink and shook her head. Sh knew he would have...
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    Closed Climbing away from fear

    Lily laughed at Terrell, " Really. Have you tried one? " Lily asked curiously. It must have been funny seeing someone's reaction to a earwax flavoured sweet. She turned to face her friend as he spoke to her. " Nope, what about you?" She asked , hoping deep inside her that he might stay.
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    Closed Keeping up

    Lily didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Terrell before he went home for the holiday. She wanted to make sure everything was good and that he arrived safely. She went up to the owlery with a letter in hand ready to send it to her friend. Dear Terrell, I hope you a had wonderful trip home and...
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    Closed Apologies Meant To Change The Future

    Lily listened as he spoke, she understood why it wasn't a good idea... But she still had a thought. She could ask Hilda if she had a cloak, because she knew Hilda wouldn't tell a single soul. " I get it, but I have a friend Hilda. Maybe she has a cloak and I'm certain she won't tell anybody. "...
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    Happy Birthday Kait and Lauren!

    Thank you so much :wub: :D
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    Old School Week Alone with a view

    Lily smiled, sometime she wished she could do more Fluffy. She took Fluffy in her one hand and op-ed her pocket with the other and placed the little ball of fur on the mitten. It was cold in the tower so Lily suggested " It's freezing up here, do you want tonget some hot chocolate in the...
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    Old School Week Great day for a swim

    Sure! Lily was thankful that Sofia had two swimsuits, Soaf had a one piece costume and Lily too. They ran toward the lake and Lily threw her towel on the grass before jumping into the lake. The water was perfect. She noticed a boy stare at them and shouted " Wanna join?"
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    Closed Continued Growth

    Lily smiled and stepped into the house, It was a nice and cozy place. Lily nodded at Branson when he said that his mum and siblings were out. " Oh okay " Lily reacted. She smiled and waited for Bran to lead the way " It's bigger than it looks from the outside. " Lily said referring to the house...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Flower Delivery & Sign Up (Y36)

    Sorry I do what happened to the colours SIGN UP LIST Alice Holland Apollo Bixby Paige Thompson Lillith Montgomery Lysander Summers Vader Hume Cyzarine Haden Ajaccio Skey Ruben Right Hunter Robinson Rosemarie Chatwin Elliot Briar Brooke Townsend Emily Madison Connor Holland Knox Ivers Marie...
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    Old School Week Alone with a view

    " Oh, well that's a little bit... Uhm. Gross, don't you think? " Lily said with a little smile. She was happy with a pygmy puff, they didn't need much. " Sometimes. Mostly he just sits on my shoulder, but when it's cold I like to put him in there. I even put one of my mittens in my pocket as a...
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    Closed Apologies Meant To Change The Future

    Lily shrugged with disappointment, she kinda hoped they could ask around for a cloak. " Okay. " Lily said pointing slightly. She listened to Ruben and shook het head wildly " Nah Ah, I'll be just fine to observe. " She said a little too loud, she looked around to see if anyone was looking toward...
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    Old School Week Alone with a view

    Lily smiled at the girl and asked " Is he still a baby? " She liked visit g the owls. " That's nice, I use the school owls. " Lily said pointing toward the owlery. " I do, Let me just get him out of my pocket. " Lily said take g the pink pygmy puff out of her pocket. " His name is Fluffy. "...
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    Old School Week Alone with a view

    Lily smiled at the girl, she was impressed she had never known someone her age that plays guitar " Wow, well let's make that two things in common! " Lily said then realising she didn't specify what she was talking about " Not the guitar though, I absolutely love nature and helping animals. And...