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    Closed Early Start

    Ivy knew it was important to be prepared from the start, so the very first day of the new semester, she could be found in the library, studying. She hadn’t even had any classes yet, but Ivy knew that it could be good to study a bit beforehand so you knew what they would cover in class soon. That...
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    Yule Ball

    Name: Ivy Ashworth Partner: -
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    Would you rather....?

    Only be able to type, I already prefer it to writing a lot. Would you rather smell something bad all the time, or hear an annoying sound all the time?
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    SDA Event Y37 | Spell Demonstrations

    Ivy hadn't wanted to sign up for a club initially, but in the end the SDA had seemed too interesting to ignore. The idea of learning how to use defensive spells and techniques outside of classes was too intriguing, and Ivy had been looking forward to the first event for a while now. She headed...
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    Open Time and Space

    Ivy sighed as Flynn continued to argue with her on the Minister thing. Of course he wasn't entirely wrong, but he seemed unwilling to admit that Ivy wasn't entirely wrong either. She scoffed when he said the Minister could be completely useless at magic. "No she's not." Ivy said with an air of...
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    Mate, Date or SLATE

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    Name Three Game!

    Belle of Beauty and the beast, Henchman, Princess Name 3 HNZ IC couples who are currently dating
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    too true :c TPBM is currently hungry
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    Rate the Sig

    7/10 It looks a bit simple and I can't read the bottom text very well. It's also a bit too big for me!
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    Open Time and Space

    Ivy sighed as Flynn told her to stop. With how their interactions had gone so far, she guessed she couldn't blame him for not wanting her apology. But what else was she supposed to say? She felt awful for him, but there was no way to make that clear to him without giving another apology. She...
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    Y37 Costume Contest

    Ivy Ashworth as a cowboy
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    Open Time and Space

    Ivy's dismissive comment had felt clever as she said it, but as Finn replied to her she felt cold. Oh. Did he mean-? Well, of course he did. What else could that mean? Ivy blinked at him for a moment, then stammered. "Oh, I.. I'm sorry." She said, feeling her cheeks heat up. She had no idea what...
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    Student Defense Association

    Name: Ivy Ashworth House: Gryffindor Year: 2nd
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    Second Years

    Name: Ivy Ashworth House: Gryffindor
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    Open Y37 Club Fair

    Ivy nodded and signed quickly. "Would you say that people in your club have an advantage in some classes?" She asked. "Like Defence? Because you practice that?" It was how she intended to sell the idea of this club to her dad. It would be nice if it was actually true. @Sydney Townsend