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    Perfect Match

    That ship has sailed. :r Juniper x studies
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    Open New Year

    Arinna was at the lawn with a letter she was writing for her brother. It was a new school year and she was settling fine as always. The fourth-year Ravenclaw was just about a low profile though she wanted to try SDA for that year. Leaning against a tree, she sighed as she thought of what else to...
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    Closed Frustrations and Friendships

    It was one crisp Saturday afternoon. Arinna was up in the North Tower, drafting a letter for her brother, Ari. She had just finished her classes and taken a break before attacking her homework. She planned to get them done after dinner. She was perched on the window sill of the tower. There was...
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    Costume Contest

    Arinna Desai as Kimberly Hart/Pink Power Ranger With mask on Mask off Arinna to Pink Ranger
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    Graphics Request for Alexis! [C]

    Banner Request Form Character's Name: Alexis Sage Kramer Celebrity you're using: Jessica Lowndes Images on banner: SET A: a b c d SET B: a b c Text on banner: Alexis Kramer *Colour Scheme: pastel with a splash of Ravenclaw *Other: Can you make the eyes blue if the green eyes would be upclose...
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    Graduation 2046

    Arinna marveled at the place as soon as she stepped into the Great Hall with her mother. She knew that her big brother went to school there but she never thought it would be that huge. She looked around at the sea of people while looking for her favorite person - Ari. The raven-haired girl...
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    Other Students List

    Arinna Desai/First Year/Salem Cassiopeia Sparkes transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts Scotland fifth year Slytherin