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Mr Tybalt Archer and Miss Rhiannon McGowan would like to invite all of their family and friends, and colleagues to their wedding. ((all healers, as well as any friends are invited to the reception, family and close friends to the wedding))
You're literally like the best partner a headboy could ask for, seriously. Couldn't have picked anyone better.
Hey princey. I'm gunna miss your stupid face.
Are you back at Hogwarts?!
All Accio threads will be closed on Friday 7th August! Get your pictures in before it is too late
Love is measured by how deep you are willing to fall for another. If we had to measure what you mean to me, there would be no expression of measurement long enough to capture it.
What does Professor Styx eat for breakfast?
Hi Jenna :) I think it's been too long since we had a chat.
Miss you
Avaria Lockwood
Avaria Lockwood
Is there another brightstone this semester? I can't remember... maybe we can meet then? Or you can come over for lunch over break, I can cook for you...
Elio Zephyr
Elio Zephyr
I don't know. I think there is? I sort of lose track of time. Can I stay with you over the next break?
Avaria Lockwood
Avaria Lockwood
Of course you can! You can stay in my room with me.... I should probably tell Vader though, I've just been sleeping in his bed when he's home. I don't want him to worry. Maybe a big sleepover with all of us? Or do you just want it to be me and you? Is Rowan coming?