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New profile posts

Good job on prefect, weirdo.
I'm telling everyone you fell asleep in toast.
Helli do you want me to get two sets of the school books so you don’t have to go to the book shop and can go to the quidditch shop instead?
You do realize, don't you, that if you had thought to tell me you hated potions sooner that you could have sat with me and I'd have let you bottle my potions? Or done yours too? I'm good at potions. Now you've lost my vast wisdom!
Jacob Kingsley
Jacob Kingsley
Pendleton always has an eye on me, and I'm sure he'd love a reason to send me to the Headmistress or worse...my mom.
Sapphire Michaels
Sapphire Michaels
Ah but he trusts me! I think. Could've just said I started tutoring you or something.
Welcome to the team our newest-newest employee! We will see you during your next holidays for training! Excited to have you on board!