War of The Children


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Tin wandered around Bleak Street these days alone without too much to do. The times had changed alot since the days when he served his masters the Silverback Family but little seemed to change Tin. He had taken to drinking a variety of potions that helped him keep his youthful appearance longer than what would've been natural.

It was quite an odd thing for a House Elf to do however many had often considered Tin to be an odd elf. Looking around Tin was often on patrol of children since his master had never liked them wondering around Bleak Street. This was a place meant for adults not little brats that often disrespected the magic they had been given. To keep Bleak Street children free, Tin would often use his elfish magic to cause trouble and help get the children expelled from the area.

Tin's eyes widened as he saw a shifty child walking along the street towards an old hag that was minding her own business. Tin needed to help the hag before the child walked right into her. With a SNAP! of his fingers he caused a pile of garbage to start flying towards the child. It quickly screamed as a smelly old potion landed in it's face and ran away crying. Tin noticed the child dropped something long and skinny as a thought crossed his mind.

Had the stupid child dropped a wand so carelessly? Tin had once craved the possession of such an item however all of his past attempts had been stopped. It was honestly quite a miracle the Ministry hadn't come for him considering his previous crimes. Wizards however often attributed such things to other wizards instead of the seemingly loyal and innocent Elves.

Tin ran out towards the stick and for a moment allowed himself a brief surge of happiness as he saw that it was indeed shaped like a wand and was brown. This happiness disappeared once he picked it up and saw that it was made of chocolate. "Bad Tin!" he said to himself as he tossed the chocolate wand back onto the ground. He was a fool to think that his dream of owning a wand would actually come true.

Agatha Bathory

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Bleak Street was one of the few public places Agatha often frequented, whenever she had the opportunity to do so. The atmosphere that pervaded it's air was uncomfortable for some, such as the average witch or wizard, but to the hag and other creatures or dark wizards alike, it felt almost homely. Here, no one spared her a second glance whilst she remained in her true form. The pale, mottled skin, the hair that clung to her face, the long curved nails and yellowed teeth were all a fright to most, but the hag was easily able to blend in with human society through the use of beauty potions. The only trouble with Bleak Street was that it, unlike Obsidian Harbor, lacked an Apothecary or Menagerie, which made it difficult to purchase ingredients or rifle through creature clippings she couldn't ordinarily obtain from the wilderness. Certain herbs grew in the wild that she could use whilst brewing, but not everything was so readily available. An upside to the street though, was it's neighbouring shopping district of Brightstone, a busy community with a fresh batch of children each year. Youth were so tender and delicious, but it was difficult to lure them away from adult eyes.

Fortunately, some children wandered from their guardians on their own accord, and lost themselves down the twisting path of Bleak Street. This was the case today, for a very lucky hag. Agatha stood by a tall stone building, the hood of her cloak thrown over her face to shade her grotesque features while she watched the small boy gradually approach in the corner of her eye. He was close, almost enough for her to reach out with a clawed hand and touch him, but the unexpected appearance of flying trash got to him first and he ran away in tears. Scowling, the hag lifted her head to search the street, looking for the culprit. A sudden movement caught her attention and her eyes focused on a small elf diving toward the chocolate treat the boy had dropped in his haste to escape. How curious it was to see an elf try to obtain what he thought was a wand. Non-wizards were not allowed such things. "Curious little elf, wanting a wand of it own. Such things are not meant for your grubby hands." Agatha cooed as she stepped toward the elf, dropping into a crouch to level with him. Her head tilted to one side, fascinated by the creature that was normally supposed to serve. He must have been the one to fling the trash. None of the other witches and wizards in the vicinity had so much as lifted a hand. "You owe me a child."

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