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Being a third year meant that they were among the older set of kids. Almost. Or was that fourth year? Perhaps that was fourth year. That would not take long considering it felt like yesterday when Terror Zhefarovich was sorted. He had to update his parents on the first few days of adjusting, but soon enough, he was finished sending an owl on its way and went over to the north towers so that he could get a good look at the view. He had his arms crossed over his chest. The weather was sunny, so he was not fussed about being out when he could get burned easily. Though, he would be trying out for Quidditch soon enough and see how that would go for him. Slytherin was hard to get on though because of the amount of students, but Terror needed something to help stay in shape. And being a chaser would do that. Being a beater would have been too easy. Terror leaned against the cool wall as his red eyes remained locked on the students enjoying the weather below.
Savannah spent a lot of time in the North tower and surrounding areas. They were unlike most of the other places in the school, this was a place not too many came to, if only because it took so long to get to it. But Savannah liked it. It was very difficult to find peaceful places in a school that was always so busy. Of course, she took advantage of it. Savannah was enjoying the weather too, the airiness of the room helping her enjoy it. it was winter, but the school was warm, and the sun was out, so she'd wander up to the tower. She immediately noticed the other person there. Her eyes narrowed at them. He was familiar, but Savannah didn't care about the students in her year. She wasn't careful, and the door to the north tower slammed heavily behind her. It wasn't exactly what she'd intended to happen, but perhaps she could get the attention of the boy and maybe encourage him to go away.
The Slytherin knew that someone was heading this way, but it was only confirmed when the door slammed rather loudly. His red eyes blinked as he let out a sigh, "Was that dramatic entrance really necessary?" Terror turned around to face the one responsible, and immediately knew her from his courses. Right, Ravenclaw. It was just a shame that she was insignificant enough for him not to know her name. Then again, she might think the same way about him. It might be best to put it to the test. "You seem to want to be alone. Do you want me to leave the north tower?" Terror figured that he would get to the point of the whole attitude with slamming the door closed. There were only a few reasons why someone would. Either it was an accident, or they sought the attention of those in the room. He assumed the latter, and surely, she would confirm it for him.
Savannah, for once, hadn't actually meant to cause the door to slam as it had. She had just walked in and that had happened. She did however give a little shrug. Savannah wouldn't apologize for it, though, that would just be pointless. What was done, was done. The teen considered that the boy was actually offering to leave. She did want him to go, but after slamming the door, maybe it wasn't the time to add to it. "If you can be quiet then I don't mind sharing this room," she said with a slightly sharp tone. "But you are sitting in my spot, so, if you could move out of the way," she added.
Terror wondered who this girl was to have such a mouth on her. Honestly, he was intrigued. She even told him to move out of her spot, which he just folded his arms across his chest and smirked broadly. After all, what could she do to make him bend to her demands? "I heard you loud and clear, Ravenclaw." However, he made no moves to move out of her spot, nor did he stop talking, as if to tell her that he was doing the very opposite of what she wanted. "However, I will make you a counter offer. How about, no?" Terror made sure to use a taunting tone with her, so that he could get a rise out of her. Push her buttons to see what she was made of.
Savannah felt like she had enough Hogwarts experience to know the answer to her statements would be no. And sure enough, he called her her house despite the fact she was sure they shared classes and then said no. She gave a little scoff. "That's not really a counter offer, is it?" she replied with a slightly annoyed tone. "I was trying to be nice, sharing the space with you." she retorted, beginning to take a few steps towards him. She was trying to at least be a bit intimidating towards him, make herself seem bigger than she was.
Terror noticed how annoyed she was becoming, which made him smirk. People reacting was what drove him to keep pushing buttons, and now, he wanted to see what she would do. Even more so when she took a few steps toward him. He kept his red eyes on her, and made no such move to even budge. Not even an inch. Considering his height already, he was not threatened at all. "Really? Here I thought you were slamming the door and making commotion as to make me leave. So, if that entails as 'nice' to you, I really want to see you attempt to be mean." Terror didn't know that this was the girl that actually insulted Cassius once upon a time, but perhaps the latter got over it.
Savannah rolled her eyes at him, with her frustration remaining high. She had slammed the door by accident and had hoped to be able to persuade him without having to say anything, but he wasn't budging. Especially as he seemed to want it more. "I don't think me saying yes to your question about you leaving would've ended with you leaving," she said while taking another step towards him. She didn't really have a plan, she wasn't much of a fighter really. "I think you should just head back down to be under the lake or shift a little and keep quiet," Savannah spoke carefully, clearly carefully picking her words though her tone with sharp with each. She was just hoping to threaten enough to make him leave.​
Terror could most certainly read how frustrated she was becoming, and it was fascinating to him on why she would react. Then again, making people react was just half the fun. He needed to poke her a little more to see if she would snap. See what she would do. "Well, if I heard a logical reason, I would. Just because I am a Slytherin and a Zhefarovich doesn't mean that I am unreasonable." Terror could not resist smirking a little more as she even took a step forward. Did she want to get physical? His toughest opponent was often Cassius, but he became so blind by rage that it was easy to predict. This Ravenclaw? She was hard. "'Under the lake' you say? That sounds like you want me to drown and die. That is rather rude for someone you've never conversed with prior to now. Bet your parents are so proud of how you behave."
Savannah narrowed her eyes at him, especially as he named dropped his own family. As if that would pull some sway. It sort of did. She now knew what tree she was barking at, and knew what it meant. He had power and influence that Savannah did not have, could never have. She was jealous and disliked him more. "A Zhefarovich? I think that means you'll be completely unreasonable," she retorted, putting a scoff in her voice. "Oh please," she rolled her eyes at him. "My parents are so proud of me, more proud than anyone in your family will ever be of you," she lied, in reality Savannah sometimes wondered if her parents even noticed when she was at school. They barely took note when she was there. They were useless and she knew they didn't love her but he didn't know that.
Terror took in every little aspect this girl was throwing at him, and he was enjoying every second of it. He lived off of people's reactions to his own actions. It was too good to pass up, and he wanted to poke the bear more - so to speak. "Ah, so you have heard of my family. Your background is magical then, that's perfect." Terror didn't have to resort to other methods to poke her since his family name spoke for itself. People with muggle backgrounds were a little harder, so he used other tactics to get in their heads to freak them out. Her retort made his red eyes narrow slightly. Now, where did that come from? Something about that tone she used where he did not believe it, but he didn't know the extent of it. "You seem like you are a bit defensive there. But you could be right. My father blames my brother and me for turning his hair gray. His expectations of us are low. Just make it past the third year." Terror shrugged his shoulders, and smirked subtly, "I wish I was a Legilimens so I can see what you are thinking, Savannah. You are a little hard for me to read."
Savannah wasn't sure if she felt better or worse that he was figuring out her family was magical. She didn't see how that was perfect in any case. But if he was like his family, it was probably just that he had certain views upon magical families, and non-magical families. But she was defensive and had maybe gone a little harsh with what she'd said. Seemingly though, he took it a little in his stride and turned it back to her. "Why do you need to see what I'm thinking? That's so gross,"
Terror would have never thought that someone would say that reading minds was gross unless they were thinking of inappropriate things. And he severely doubted that would be the case here. He just shrugged it off, as if it were no big deal, "Like I said, you are a bit harder for me to read. Most are a bit obvious, but you... You are a really defensive and I have no idea why." Terror didn't like when people weren't obvious to him. Then again, it was just another puzzle to solve - should he want to that is. "Does it have something to do with your homelife? Or, more specifically, your parents?"
Savannah liked this boy less and less, which probably felt like it should be hard given that she hadn't liked him at all to begin with. He just wanted to read her, wanted to understand her. "Have you ever considered not psychoanalyzing people you've never spoken to," she spoke sharply, her arms crossing over her chest. Not realising really that she'd done and said that as he had hit the nerve on it's head. "Don't be such a freak," she added, trying to insult him and annoy him, and get him to just back down.
Had he ever considered not psychoanalyzing everyone? No, he had not. Terror shrugged his shoulders, "Why would I not do that? I do prefer to know what I am handling right in front of me. Plus, pushing buttons is my specialty." Terror let it slip that he basically thrived off of pushing people, and gaining their reactions. So, this girl gave him the entertainment he needed. Rather than tell him what was going on, she went to the insulting method. So, was it? Or did she find what he said was wrong and resorted to that? It was hard to tell. "With a father like mine, I can never stop being a freak," Terror chuckled, but took a step back. "But I think I might just leave you alone now. I've been entertained enough, to which I thank you."
Savannah's frown continued to deepen at what he said. "Well, wouldn't being able to read minds be cheating," she said, although she didn't really think it matter, this boy was just weird, and too weird for her to ever want to be near. His father wasn't someone she knew, of course his name was familiar but she didn't know the ins and outs of that family and therefore didn't know who his father was. Though it seemed like she'd done enough, or said enough that he was done. She was happy to let him leave. "Great," she retorted,moving to almost step out of he way to let him leave. If he was done with her, she wouldn't say no.
Yes, being able to read minds would be cheating, but Terror was not above playing dirty. No, he would if it came down to it, and he would love to keep going. Terror double checked to make sure that he had his things, and stepped around Savannah to walk off. "I'll get you figured out soon, Savannah Walters." Was that a threat or a promise? There was no telling with Terror. He could give her what she wanted, like it was a gift that he could hand off. It was fun though. He looked forward to more of their encounters.

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