Sofi Ayre

. S O F I . A Y R E .
We can learn from the past, but those days are gone
We can hope for the future, but there might not be one

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Sofi is a variant spelling of Sophie, which means wisdom. Ayre is of English origin and means graceful or noble.
She does not have any nicknames.

Wand Type: Curly 9 Inch Swishy Willow Wand with Billywig Stinger Core
Birthday: 16th June 2050

House: Hufflepuff (Sorted Y46)

"Know that your ambition could've served you well in Gryffindor or that curiosity for Ravenclaw, but it is clear, that for you the easy option, the obvious option, is the right option.....Hufflepuff,"

The journey to Hogwarts had been a good one, and Sofi enjoyed taking in the new sights, sounds, and magic at Hogwarts. It was a truly magical place like nowhere she'd been before. Sofi hadn't been so keen on the Sorting Ceremony and having to stand up in front of so many people, but she held it together as best she could. Her heart was pounding with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation. The Sorting Hat rested on the stool in front of her. She took a deep breath, trying to steady her nerves as she waited for her turn. Once her name was called, Sofi stepped forward, feeling all eyes in the room on her. She approached the stool and took a seat, the hat slipping down passed her ears, throwing her into darkness where she felt oddly safe.

Background: Sofi is a muggleborn from Auckland. Her childhood was marked by the separation of her parents when she was four years old, which left a lasting impact on her. She lives with her mum and her relationship with her father is strained. Despite longing for a close and loving relationship with him, her dad is showing to be more and more unreliable and distant as time passes, leaving Sofi feeling abandoned and neglected. Adding to her struggles, Sofi feels overshadowed by her mother's new family, which included a new baby brother and stepfather. Her mother, while well meaning, often seemed preoccupied with her new life, leaving Sofi feeling overlooked and alone. To make matters worse, Sofi endured years of bullying from her older sister, who projected her own frustrations about the situation onto Sofi. At Hogwarts, Sofi purposefully avoids Morrie.

Personality: Sofi has a complex, gentle and empathetic nature. She lacks confidence, is shy and anxious, she often finds it challenging to assert herself or make the first move in social situations. Sofi is kind and friendly to everyone, a reliable friend, and always willing to lend a listening ear or offer support to those in need. However, she is often left feeling like she doesn't really know who she is or where her place is in the world is. Despite being a good friend, Sofi finds it very difficult to overcome her anxiety make friends to be good to.

Likes: Music (especially Finnish metal bands like Nightwish to the Brazilian band Sepultura) ah don't get her started on her metal, or do, it might break her out of her shyness. She also likes Astronomy and halloumi.
Dislikes: Morrie, all cheese except halloumi, fainting or being sick!

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