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Friday had been slowly exploring the school. She had of course heard about it from her siblings but of course there was knowing and there was being there. The gryffindor had put on warm clothes and come outside, she'd explored the gardens which looked sad, and she'd gone near the forest, deciding to wait a couple of day before she just broke all the rules. But in her exploring as she went towards the lake she spotted a little, memorial. She looked at it and frowned. Someone had died....her siblings hadn't mentioned that. The school was bound to have had incidents but, to have someone straight up die at the school.....that felt a little....much. She spotted someone else, a first year not from her house, but the girl wasn't too far away. "What do you think happened?" she asked.
Artemis Vasilakis was already searching for another place to paint, and explore at the same time. This place was just so different compared to Greece! Although, wearing cooler clothing in September was a little strange, but she would get used to it. But there was a lake here and it seemed like such a good place to paint! Artie thought over it in her head, but kept walking. That is, until she heard a voice that made her shift her head toward the owner. Oh! Another first year, like her, but not in her house. Artie thought it would be rude not to go over and see what she was referring to, and then saw that it was some sort of memorial. The Hufflepuff pursed her lips together, "I have no idea... But someone died here? I thought Hogwarts was safe!" Artie put one hand on her hip, "Maybe not so much if they have a memorial right here on the grounds!"
Friday smiled a little at the reaction the other girl gave, trying to think of the best words to now say and try to move this conversation into perhaps friend territory. Of course there were a few steps in-between, but she was willing to do a lot to get a few friends. ”Well, it was probably an accident…,” she said, not wanting to imply that someone had been murdered or something on the grounds. ”I bet the school is safe, you just gotta careful to not be alone all the time,” Friday mused, knowing that she didn't want to be alone all the time. She extended her hand to the girl. ”I'm Friday,” she introduced herself, bracing for any comments on her name and already thinking of ways to take it lightly.
Artemis thought that the Gryffindor had a point. It could have been an accident, just a really bad one that the student could not recover from. It was sad, and Artie wondered what the student was like. Would he have been a nice guy? A terrible person? Would he have kids that they would be going to school with now? It was hard to say. "I rather not be alone then! Cause that might be scary if something happens by accident and well, I become a memorial too." Artie didn’t know the story, but she smiled more when the girl extended her hand, and then said her name. She reached out to shake it when it clicked. Wait, her name was Friday? "Wow, that is so unique!" Artie beamed, and added, "I’m Artemis! All of my siblings are named after the Greek Gods and Goddesses! Except Hades, my parents left him out. Does that mean you have siblings with the other days of the week?"
Friday was glad that she was managing to become this girl's friend. She knew it was perhaps a slightly different way of doing it, but she could be friends with her. "Well, in any classes with Gryffindors we can sit together, then we won't be alone in those ones," Friday replied. Friday raised her eyebrows at the girl, Artemis' name. It seemed that her parents were like hers, in that they had gone with a theme for naming kids. "Naming a kid Hades might be a bit harsh, like writing their history before it gets started," Friday replied before nodding. "We do, my brother, Monday, and then my sisters, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday," Friday explained, though it was fairly obvious. "How many siblings do you have?" she asked, wondering how many greek gods and goddess' artemis parents had gotten to.
Artie nodded, glad that she could sit with someone she knew for the upcoming classes. She thought over which classes she had, and smiled, "I think we will have Charms this semester, and Astronomy next semester! And then there is flying but I don’t think there’s a classroom for that." Artie hoped not anyway because flying was about flying, and nothing else. Why learn the history of it? At least, she figured that would be more like extracurricular activity for people that did not want to hop on broomsticks. Artie thought that her name was really cool, and her siblings. However, she did catch that there was one day missing. Tuesday. "I actually have 11 siblings. I’m the second youngest, but the youngest girl. I did notice that with your siblings, there wasn’t a Tuesday?" It was just a shame that Artemis did not know what happened there before asking. "We have Apollo, Zeus, Athena, Hestia, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Hera, Hermes, Persephone, Hephaetus, me, and finally Ares."
Friday smiled easily, ”Well, let's sit together in those classes, apart from flying,” she said, feeling pretty happy. She had someone to sit with in almost all her classes, she just needed someone in ravenclaw. That would be the most difficult one, she was sure. Friday had always thought she had a lot of siblings but really, in comparison to Artemis, she did not. ”Oh god, that must be...awful,” she said, having a couple of siblings complicated things enough, being one of 12 could not be fun. She had to imagine some of them were twins. They had to be. ”How...what's it like? I only have five and that can be awful,” she asked, so curious as to what life was like as one of 12 kids.
Artie nodded, agreeing. She was glad to have made a friend, someone she could sit next to when she was there with Gryffindors! She needed more friends in every other house too. Artie just shrugged and smiled, hiding the fact that her parents were once really bad people and isolated her oldest brother, who was by far the coolest of her older brothers! "Well, some are still in Greece, and some are here. Many are like, you know, muggles and stuff! Going to muggle school and muggle college. Just a few of us are magical." Artie beamed since she was glad she had magical powers, like some of her other siblings. "My big brother pays for our schooling. Um, it can be loud and exhausting, but since I'm not the oldest, or among the oldest, I never had to deal with infants! I do have a little brother, Ares. He might be going here soon?" Artie shrugged. "What about your siblings? Are you guys close?"
Friday could not imagine how terrible it would be to end up with a magical sibling and yet never actually be magical yourself. She would never have spoken to her siblings again if that were her, in either combination. "That must suck for them," she said, in reference to the non-magical ones. But the older brother in this scenario also seemed to look after the siblings like hers did. "Yeah! We're all magical though," Friday replied with an almost boastful tone. "My oldest brother takes care of us too, he's too over-protective really,"
Artemis would have to agree. The siblings she had that were not magical, it did suck because they didn't get to use real cool magic like she could! Like the other ones could! "Right? And they have to deal with boring things like... English, Grammar, and History!" Artie scrunched up her nose at some of the muggle subjects. She didn't like them, but there was History of Magic here, so she wondered how good that one would be. "Oh that is so lucky! I bet your parents might even be jealous that they didn't turn out magical too!" Artie didn't know how her parents felt, but she no longer spoke to her mom or dad. "Over-protective? What does he do? Mine pays for our education but he isn't as around as he wants to be."
Friday nodded eagerly in agreement, but she knew even these classes she wasn't going to put that much effort in. She'd put in just enough to maybe get by, but nothing more than that. The Gryffindor was just uninterested in lessons, she didn't like studying and concentrating was hard. She shrugged. "I don't know, I've never asked," she said, not going into the details about her parents since the question didn't need for her to do. "Are yours?" she asked. "Well, he's at school, and the only boy to all sisters, so he just wants us to be safe, you know?" Though clearly from what Artemis had just said she wouldn't know.
Artie didn't think the jealousy thing was something parents would ever admit to, but even kids could notice things like that. So, if she didn't, her parents were not jealous of their kids! She shook her head, "They thought the magical world was too dark for a while, so they were mixed feelings I think. I get different stories from different siblings." Artie doubted that her parents wanted to be magical. Even now, they were not going near brooms, scared they might take off into the sky. "Oh! That would explain it!" Artie giggled, "I'll just triple what my brothers feel about the girls. Oh, he won't mind if you are making friends, right? I mean, I'm a good person unless you are mean to someone. A Gryffindor second year once threw a water balloon at me so I covered him in paint."
Friday frowned a little, the magical world wasn't dark at all, no more than the muggle world. She knew that things were dangerous everywhere, it didn't matter what one did. Or what world one was in. Things were sometimes just bad. Friday giggled softly with Artemis, though she was reminded of the fact this girl had a massive family. So of course. She shook her head. "It'll help that you're a girl," she told her, "He's mostly fine with that," Friday knew that girls could be worse than boys at times, that they could be mean and awful. "Gryffindors can be really mean," Friday said, knowing of course that she was a gryffindor.​
Artie smiled more - as if that were possible - when Friday said that it helped that she was a girl, and that her brother was fine with that. Artie sort of wished she had an older brother here, but transferring schools could be difficult. Not only would the schools might not allow it, but also because one would be leaving all of their friends behind. That would be terrible! "Do you have siblings in all of the houses? Or any siblings in your house so that you aren't alone?" Artie asked, genuinely curious. "I mean, can't all people, technically? You are a Gryffindor and you are really nice to be talking to me!" Artie would also argue up and down that some people were just prone to be mean. No matter the house. But, was there ever a mean Hufflepuff? That was hard to picture!
Friday shook her head. "All but Slytherin," she said. She had expected herself to be the slytherin, but she'd been wrong. "I have one sister in my house with me," she admitted but she wouldn't talk about how she thought her sister was a little weird. "I'm just the exception, that's all," Friday was quick to assure Artemis. Since all the gryffindors she had met had been pretty terrible, so surely yes she was the exception to it.
Artie nodded along, though she wondered if they would ever see a Weeks in green. She didn't mind Slytherin. Her oldest brother was one and he was still amazing and cool! Especially while playing! "Well, there might be time for others, right?" Artie smiled since at least Friday was not alone in her house. She had a sibling with her. Obviously older because they were first years and there was only one Weeks sorted. "Really? None of the others are nice in our year? That's sad to know..."
Friday nodded at Artemis' statement, "Yeah, and the worst part is, some of them will pretend to be your friend and then be like so mean behind your back." Friday told her, though it was a complete fabrication, she just didn't want this girl to speak to other gryffindors, have a good time and think that she was lying about it. She had to be sure this girl thought they'd be mean.
Artie's mouth formed a little 'o' at the sheer thought of someone wanting to pretend to be her friend, and then be mean behind her back! That is so rude! "People will do that? Wow, I am glad that I met you to let me know!" Artie truly did not suspect a thing, and fell for what Friday said like a fish with a worm on a hook. Now, she had a reason to avoid more Gryffindors! Well, maybe not her relatives. They were nice. "Do you want to hang out in the castle? I feel like getting a few snacks!"
Friday was extremely lucky that Artie believed her. But she gave a nod as the girl spoke, to make sure she was doubling down upon what she'd just claimed. "Oh yeah!" she said, before nodding in agrement. "Yeah! Let's get some snacks from the kitchens," she said. already moving a little away from the sad rock of long since dead boy. "What kind of snacks do you like?"
Artie could not wait to raid the kitchen. Friday asked what sort of snacks that she liked, and Artie had to think about it, since there were so many! "I really like cookies and cupcakes as snacks. Maybe chips and nuggets. Basically junk food." Artie could not help it, but she was just 11. She walked next to Friday and smiled. It was so nice having a new friend. "I hope they have your favorites too, whatever they are!"

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