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Monday Weeks

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May 16, 2044
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Hazel eyes fluttered open, and the ceiling of the familiar hospital wing flooded his vision. It took him a few moments to remember what happened. Monday Weeks had not had a good night's sleep in months. It was hard to say when the last time he slept more than three hours a night. His spells started to falter. He felt that his essays and memory were slipping. His time with Aine Thompson was embarrassing to say the least. It made him feel like more of a failure than ever before. His thoughts went down a dangerously dark road. A road that could have ended with him six feet under had he not gotten help. And it was all thanks to Valerius Bianchi that he had realized that something was even wrong with him.

The night before, Monday had arrived to their dorm to find it in a disarray. After failing several spells, his experience before, his lack of sleep, all of it caused his mind to snap. He broke apart. And he was taken to the hospital wing to get treated. Monday had to talk to a psychiatrist to deal with his obsession on trying to be perfect, and learn to ask for help when he needed it - which he went years without wanting help, thinking he did not need help, and now, his mind and body suffered from it. He was slightly skinnier. He look absolutely sickly. He covered it up for months before, using clever make-up tricks. Now, his face was clean and bare.

Monday sat up in the bed, and immediately felt just so tired and exhausted. His body was screaming for him to rest, and relax. It was hard for him to even listen to it. He was curious whether or not his sisters or friends would know about what happened to him. Valerius would, certainly. He was the one that brought his friend over. Monday knew that with time, he would learn to take better care of himself, be stronger, and not try to shoulder literally everything on his shoulders. Monday needed to take a few steps back, and know his limits from here on out. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair, which had a bit of orange and pink in it, and felt that he really needed something sweet.
Aine felt awful for having been so willfully ignorant. Of course she'd noticed that Monday was looking worse and worse as the year had gone on. But she had had no idea that it was this bad. She didn't even know all the details, just that Monday was in the Hospital Wing. She'd barely heard half the story before she was running down to go make sure he was okay. Which she should've done ages ago, she was the closest to him and she should have done something. She had no idea what she could have done, really, but surely she should have been able to help somehow.

She practically stomped through the Hospital Wing to where her closest companion was lying and was immediately struck with a fresh surge of guilt. And the fear about what could have been, or if it could be worse. "Christ," she eventually whispered, looking him over with a fresh sense of shock. She figured she should probably say something, anything. "You look like s**t." ...maybe not that. "Sorry."
Valerius wasn't sure how this could have played out differently. He'd tried not to boss Monday around, but maybe if he'd been more forceful... he'd tried to let Monday work it out, trust in his friends strength, tried to be content bringing more snacks to the dorm and stealing Monday away from things when he could. It hadn't been enough, and Valerius was at war with himself. Part of him kept saying he'd tried, and the other part was cussing himself out for not doing more.

He was outside the wing, getting some air while Monday rested, when suddenly Aine was flying by, not even noticing him against the wall. He gave it a few moments before he pushed himself off and followed her in, hands in his pockets. He relaxed- even if only slightly- as Monday was awake. "Poetic," He replied lightly, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Good to see your eyes open." He offered himself, looking from Monday to Aine to Monday again. "So... do I dare ask what happened?"

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