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Fraser Fergusson

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10/2046 (12)
Fraser had decided to at least give the photography idea a chance. He knew that if he got on to the quidditch team he might just immediately drop it, but for now, his dad had seemed pleased that he had a second hobby, one that couldn't come under the umbrella of quidditch. Fraser had gotten a new camera for his christmas and was exploring hogwarts taking pictures of walls, of windows and every little insect that he came across. He was just taking pictures of anything, sure that they would be just fine, that they would be amazing pictures. Photography couldn't be that hard after all.
Terror Zhefarovich was feeling a little bored. He needed something to do, and so far, no one was fulfilling that need of his. After sending a letter to his parents, he was descending the castle while debating on what he was going to do for the day. He was heading through the corridors when he saw a Gryffindor student taking pictures of...everything. It made him cock his head to the side. How pleasant would it be to set that camera on fire? He did know the spell now... No, let's wait a bit. He approached the Gryffindor and put on a curious facade. "Are you going to be on the yearbook or something?" Terror asked.
Fraser looked up and took a picture of the boy that approached him. "Oh hey, Horror," he said with a warm smile. The words from the pitch from Horror were still playing in his head. So he just shrugged. "Just trying out a new hobby," Fraser told him, since he didn't think he'd be good enough for them, and was mostly just looking for something that he could do, something else he could focus on beyond just quidditch. "How was your break?"
Terror was about to take out his wand, but stopped when the boy addressed him as Horror. Well, there went that plan. He knew that Horror would likely have it out for him if he were to frame him for doing this to a possible friend. If it were an enemy... No, Horror could fight his own battles. He barely managed to catch what the lad was saying before asking how his break was. "Break was fine, but let me correct you on something." Terror did not continue pulling his wand out. He folded his arms across his chest, "I'm his older twin, Terror. Are you and him friends or something? Although, not close enough to not tell us apart it seems." Even he knew that it was extremely hard to tell them apart unless one got in Horror's face and noticed how his left eye had both purple and red in it.
Fraser hadn't realised Horror had a twin, or that the twin was older. He didn't know much about him. But this was Terror. An older twin. "Not really...maybe," he answered to the question, he wasn't sure if Horror would count him as a friend and he didn't really want to oversell what his relationship to Horror was when with his brother. "We sometimes practicing quidditch," he added as an explanation. Though he wasn't sure how much this would help it.
Terror did not quite think so. If Horror never mentioned this one, then he would not be very close at all. But then he mentioned that they practiced Quidditch together. Terror looked him over and said bluntly, "Different houses, practicing Quidditch, but I've never seen you on the pitch during games. Are you not on the team?" Terror had no idea that this boy tried and tried again, but did not make the team. Gryffindor was a little rough with all of their athletes, but Slytherin was similar. "Not mention, you are a bit rude. You never introduced yourself."
Fraser shook his head. "Oh sorry, I'm Fraser, Fraser Fergusson," he said moving to hold his hand out to Terror as an introduction. He just hadn't really realised that he hadn't introduced himself. Fraser had just been getting over it not being who he thought it would be. "I'm in gryffindor," he then added, perhaps unneeded. It wasn't clear if the boy would care as to which house he was in.
Even though Terror did not care much on who this boy was, he was just annoyed that Horror never mentioned him. So, the twins no longer shared everything that was going on with them. Terror would have to remember that. This lad was also a Gryffindor. "Ah, Gryffindor. Interesting pairing to practice. Or do anything with. Glad to hear that the history of the two houses no longer run as deep." Terror referenced the old, ancient battle between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Then again, that was likely no longer a thing anymore. "So, since we are here, what do you think of my little brother, Horror?"
Fraser nodded slightly not entirely sure what Terror meant by interesting pairing, or the history between the two houses. He didn't know there was any, or at least, he hadn't been listening when he had been told. The question about his brother made Fraser stop, trying to think of how best to describe him. "He's pretty cool," Fraser said, "Good at quidditch, very direct," he added, before going to say something else and then stopping himself from doing so. "It must be really cool to have a twin brother. I have a brother, but he's not my twin,"

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